This frightening scene made Li Xiao break out in a cold sweat how could he think more about jumping into the river with a fierce

The man in front of his eyes loosened his blue veins, pinched her shoulders, shook his hands, pushed her down, and fell down softly. Ye Ranqiu felt that his shoulder blades seemed to be broken, and his legs were burning hot. Even if he moved a little, the pain was unbearable. Only then did he realize that he was What’s going on? She was born in a family of Chinese medicine and opened a Chinese medicine clinic. After graduating from medical university, she was sitting in the medical clinic just now.
I bought her an old antique called the five-jewel necklace, saying it was passed down from generation to generation by the ancestors, and now it’s her turn to keep it. Looking at the golden antique in her hand, Ye Ranqiu bites her mouth as soon as her brain gets hot, wanting to see if it’s real. Jin who knew that this bite would be a bad dish, this circle seems to be poisonous, she didn’t know anything when her eyes were dark, and when she woke up, she looked like this at this moment Seeing her staring at her, the man grabbed her hair and lifted her whole body up, Ye Ranqiu felt a pain in her scalp, Ye Ranqiu wanted to scold her mother, but before she opened her mouth, the man clamped her neck with his hands, Ye Ranqiu, didn’t you always want to Marry this king? Today is your bridal chamber with this king. Why is this king satisfied? You pretended to be dead. His cold hands gradually began to exert force.
Ye Ranqiu also gradually began to breathe.
She couldn’t care less about the severe pain in her shoulders. Resisting, but her body is very weak, the force falling on the man is like tickling, his fingertips exert force, his eyes are cold, and he enjoys looking at the lamb waiting to be slaughtered in his hand, seeing the man is about to die, and suddenly the man smiles bloodthirsty, don’t worry It’s fun to let you die so easily, and it’s fun to live. When you drop your hands, you throw Ye Ranqiu out. Ye Ranqiu collapses and breathes weakly.
This body is really too weak.
Ye Ranqiu said maliciously that the princess is no longer a perfect body, such a broken flower and willow are worthy of marrying this king He lowered his voice with a cold smile, is it a matter of what this king said? Ye Ranqiu, you beast man, but you said that you did not hesitate to murder this king’s biological mother in order to marry this king.
This king will let you know what life is better than death. He waved his sleeves and walked outside.
Who is coming? Princess Ye didn’t know how to check.
She was locked up in a cold courtyard and grounded. No one was allowed to come in and out according to the king’s will.
After all, he left without looking back and disappeared into the dark night. Ye Ran Qiu’s body has been tortured to such an extent that she has only one breath left.
She can only allow herself to be carried into a cold courtyard and thrown on a dilapidated wooden bed. The man who tortured her just now in the dynasty that exists in the world is called Li Xiao, the fourth prince of the current dynasty, King Yu, and her future husband, and she herself is the niece and daughter of the queen mother of the Yongxin Hou Mansion. This marriage is nothing but her. It is a chess piece used by the Queen Mother to win power.
On the night of her wedding, she was bullied and bullied by Li Xiao.
If it wasn’t for the existence of the Queen Mother, she would be a cold corpse by now. Ye Ranqiu’s whole body was piercingly painful, her consciousness gradually blurred, her eyes slowly closed, she couldn’t hold it anymore, and fell into a deep sleep.
Five years later, the cold courtyard is no longer the desolation it used to be, full of various herbs. The bright sun shines down, the flowers are red and the leaves are green, full of life, accompanied by immature children laughing, a chubby little girl is chasing a chubby little boy, brother, please return the shuttlecock to me, the little boy is naughty and running ahead Shaking the shuttlecock in your hand, if you want a shuttlecock, come and chase it. If you catch up with your brother, you will return it to you. Ranqiu reprimanded Jingua helplessly and quickly returned the shuttlecock to your sister, or be careful that your ass will bloom.
Goldmelon Yinguo is the baby name Ye Ranqiu gave these two children. The boy is called Jingua and the girl is called Yinguo.
Being scolded by his mother and being scolded by Ye Ranqiu, he immediately became discouraged and handed the shuttlecock to Xiaoyinguo She was a quiet and gentle girl, she took the shuttlecock and patted the ashes on it, pouting sullenly, suddenly a man scolded Ye Ranqiu from outside the wall, this bitch has been imprisoned in the cold courtyard for five years, how dare she send a letter to the queen mother Telling stories in front of me, I think she is tired of work, brother, I am afraid that Xiao Yinguo will be frightened by this fierce voice, and she is a bit timid by nature, she shrinks into her brother’s arms at once, Little Jingua hugs her sister tightly, don’t be afraid Where is the elder brother? The two children looked at the gate that had been locked for five full years. It was the first time they heard such a ferocious roar. They were a little startled at such a young age. They only heard the clang of the gate and were directly kicked by Li Xiao. At the moment of opening, Li Xiao stood in front of the door with stern eyes, Ye Ranqiu, you get out of here, this scene, in the eyes of the two children, was like a demon descending into the world, so frightened that Xiao Yinguo screamed and directly stepped into her brother’s chest, Xiao Jin Gua was brave by nature, hugged his sister tightly with one hand, pointed at Li Xiao with one hand, and said angrily, do you have long hands, kicking the door is really uneducated, this scene instantly stunned Li Xiao Does Ye Ranqiu live alone? What’s the situation with these two children who are hugging each other? Two children, two children about three or four years old, their pink faces flushed like a ripe little apple, their arms like tender lotus roots, their chubby appearance is too attractive, facing the two in front of them I don’t know why this cute little person has an inexplicable soft heart