This feeling made Ye Qingcheng want to stop especially It was the delicate clavicle next to the suspenders the large piece of jadelike skin made

Summoning the Snake King has been repaired for collection Chapter Preface Love is difficult on the road 101 Love is difficult to overcome Who is sad and lovelorn people who meet by chance are all passers-by’s guests Chapter Summoning Snake King travels all the way through mountains and rivers, and the wind and village of his hometown is finally reflected in the present. Looking at the green mountains on both sides The pine forest sniffs the gradually familiar air. Ye Qingcheng can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia. Hey, isn’t that brother Qingcheng from our Fengcun? Two cowherd boys, one big and one small, greet each other from a distance. The villagers of this village, Ye Qingcheng waved to them Brother Qingcheng, you go home quickly Your father was bitten by a snake and was poisoned The big man shouted loudly Ye Qingcheng shook off all the worries of leaving school and stopped talking Don’t wipe your sweat, Ye Qingcheng kicked open the gate of the courtyard, and the person who didn’t see him made a noise first.
Dad and grandma, Ye Qingcheng came to the main room, and saw his father half lying on the bamboo chair, his face was a little white, but his lips were a little blue.
Qingcheng, your brother went to gather herbs, but he hasn’t come back yet. I’m afraid it’s too late.
You should make some other preparations.
Grandma sighed and said what? Speaking of dizziness, I took a closer look at your dad’s left foot. There are two fine holes. Combined with your dad’s symptoms of poisoning, it must be a poisonous snake that bit your dad. The midday snake saw that it was almost noon when your brother went to gather medicine and didn’t come back. I can only do this. Grandma was worried and said that you should prepare the lime first, and then draw three concentric circles of different sizes from the inside to the outside with the middle of the village as the center of the paddy field, and fill the circles with incense sticks.
Later, I will meditate in the middle and chant spells to attract the king of snakes. Come out, go, go, if there are people watching, let them stand outside the largest circle and wait for a while. When the snake comes out, everyone must not make any noise, let alone make loud noises, or the king of snakes will be annoyed. It will call on the snakes all over the mountain to attack the crowd, and the consequences will be disastrous.
Go quickly, I’m ready to come, Ye Qingcheng, after listening to it, immediately go to find the lime line, there are many poisonous snakes, scorpions and other poisons in Xiangshan Mountain, people are often poisoned, people in the village will ask grandma to treat them It has been around dozens of miles, but this is the first time that such a big battle like today Ye Qingcheng knew something urgent, came to the courtyard, filled a bucket of lime, ran to the entrance of the village to confirm the center, and drew three concentric circles according to the words. Surrounded by a lot of people, one by one, they didn’t know what he was up to.
Ye Qingcheng told about grandma’s plan to attract the Snake King and the precautions, and immediately went to prepare Xian Xiang’s grandma’s plan to perform the snake-attracting technique. The news seems to be long. The wings instantly spread throughout the entire village, most of the villagers came to watch the excitement, and even people from neighboring villages hurried over. Waiting for Ye Qingcheng to insert the incense stick and light it, three circles away were already filled with dense crowds of people. No less than 500 people just opened a path about one meter wide. At this time, grandma was walking towards the circle with a futon in her left hand and a cane in her right.
Ye Qingcheng hurried over to help grandma.
Stand in the center, put down the futon, sit cross-legged, and say that the snakes on each mountain are ruled by snake kings.
Snakes generally don’t hurt people unless they are attacked by people. This meridian snake actively attacks people. It breaks the rules of the snake world. The snake king will To punish it, I am now chanting the spell to ask the snake king to come forward and order this meridian snake to find herbs to heal the wounds. Everyone, please move out of the way.
No matter what you see, don’t make any noise. The aisle more than two meters wide, grandma nodded and signaled Ye Qingcheng to stand behind her, and the surrounding villagers immediately quieted down, but seeing the lit incense sticks, the green smoke soon filled the whole mountain village like a fairy, grandma folded her hands together, closed her eyes, and muttered something Then she got up without needing a cane. She walked from the inside of the field to the outer circle, and then from the outside to the inside in a circle, walking faster and faster, so that people seemed to float up. The surrounding villagers only heard the whistling wind in the circle, and then Ye Qingcheng saw grandma walking away. Sitting on the futon at the center of the circle, even though she ran fast, she still looked calm and composed.
She chanted a mantra, and the disciple burned a stick of golden incense, two sticks of silver incense, and three sticks of yellow treasure incense.
Please, I don’t know when it was clear and hot just now, the sky suddenly darkened, dark clouds rolled over, and gusts of cold wind blew, the leaves of the surrounding mountains and forests rustled, I don’t know why, the cattle and sheep grazing on the hillside were panicked and the birds Flocks flew into the distance and screamed in terror.
The mist and the green smoke from the incense sticks entangled together.
The whole paddock was shrouded in a thick mysterious atmosphere. Suddenly, a flash of lightning flashed across the sky, and a big snake about three meters long and the thickness of the mouth of a bowl flew into the air. Flying with black and white stripes all over the body, the snake’s head is connected by rings, and the blood-red cockscomb is bigger than the fist of a three-year-old child.
The black clouds rolling around the body are even more ferocious. In the next moment, the cockscomb snake appeared in front of grandma. It turned out to be a cockscomb snake.
The sharp-eyed people in the crowd exclaimed loudly that it was not a cockscomb snake. Cockscomb Snake, someone turned pale with fright, it is Ziwu Cockscomb Snake, a knowledgeable elder said loudly, the surrounding villagers backed up a hundred meters after hearing it, and it was too late, and then it was almost too late. Throw it towards the Ziwu cockscomb snake, the yellow talisman catches the wind and turns into a ball of flames, and goes straight to the snake’s head. Grandma took out another piece of blue talisman paper, and quickly drew a few times on the talisman paper with her fingers, while quickly chanting the spell and slapped the venom like lightning