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Shi Naian can provide more and better works, please buy, please buy genuine books. Books are introduced. One of the four classic classics, the full name of Water Margin is Loyalty. Water Margin is based on the peasant uprising led by Song Jiang as the main theme. The vivid story of the struggle reveals the social contradictions at that time.
It exposes the decay and cruelty of the feudal ruling class.
It is a long-length literary work accumulated from generation to generation. There are many theories about the theme of Water Margin, but its impact on farmers The objective and rational depiction of the insurgents is a major element of breaking through the literary tradition of feudal society. It also establishes the deep folk color of this work and the vernacular narrative literature of later generations. Update time The number of words in this chapter says that Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty reigned for three years, March 3rd, five o’clock at three o’clock, and the emperor sat in the Ziyi Hall to be congratulated by all the officials, but he saw the auspicious clouds, the phoenix pavilion, the auspicious atmosphere, the dragon tower, the smoke, and the imperial willow basket Flags with dew palace flowers greet swords, halberds, heavenly fragrances, jade swallows, pearls, shoes, danji, celestial beings, embroidered jackets, brocade clothes, pearl curtains, golden halls, cash, phoenix feathers, fans in front of the white king’s steps Both civil and military classes should have the head of the palace shouting, if there is something to do, leave the class early, if there is nothing to do, roll up the curtain and retreat to the court, only to see Zhao Zhe, the prime minister in the group, participating in politics Release sins, forgive crimes, save punishment, reduce taxes, pray for relief from natural disasters, and the emperor listened to the urgent order, and the Hanlin Academy immediately drafted an edict. Sheng Renzong heard about the plague, and heard that the dragon’s body was under the peace, and all the officials discussed it.
When the emperor looked at one of the ministers, Yue Banqi, the emperor looked at it. If you want to avoid this disaster, you can proclaim the successor of the Han Tianshi Starry Night and build a 3,600-point Luotian Dajiao in the capital’s forbidden courtyard. It is heard that God can protect the people from the plague.
An imperial edict was written by the emperor with his own pen, and a column of imperial incense was sent down by the imperial envoy. The captain Hong Xin in front of the palace went to Longhu Mountain in Xinzhou, Jiangxi Province as an angel to invite the heir of Han Yaoshi, Master Zhang Zhenren, to come to the court at night to pray for the plague. General Dan Zhaoxuan and Captain Hong went to Hong Xin to receive the imperial edict to bid farewell to Tian Yu, who recited the edict, Sheng Yuxiang, took dozens of people to the shop, and took the route from Tokyo to Guixi County, Xinzhou. Come and see the distant mountains, emerald green trees, clarification of strange flowers, splendor, splendor, forest, tender willows, and golden threads blowing the ground, while the wind is warm and the sun is warm, passing through wild shops, mountain village roads, straight Shaping nights, posthouses, posthouses, clothes, rippling red dust, and steeds galloping in Zimo In the middle, it is said that Lieutenant Hong Xinzi Qing Yushu and his party from above After traveling for more than one day, I came to Xinzhou, Jiangxi. Officials of all sizes came out of Guo to welcome them.
Then they sent people to inform the abbot and Taoists of the Shangqing Palace on Longhu Mountain that they were ready to receive the edict. The next day, all the officials sent the Taiwei to the foot of Longhu Mountain. I saw many Taoists in the Shangqing Palace. Bells, drums, incense, flowers, lanterns, candles, banners, treasure covers, a group of celestial music come down the mountain to welcome the Danzhao until the Shangqing Palace and dismount the Taiwei to see the official palace. At that time, there is a good seat in the Shangqing Palace, but you can see the green pines, buckling, green cypresses, and the gloomy door.
Hu Lie’s spiritual talisman, jade seal, faintly weeping willows, famous flowers by the altar of the emperor, the medicine refining furnace, shaded by the pines and old junipers, on the left side, Tian Ding Lishi’s ginseng, following the power of Dayi Zhenjun, the jade girl and the golden boy clustered, holding the emperor Ziwei’s hairpin The true warrior in the north of the sword steps on the tortoise and the snake, walks on the top crown, the Antarctic old man crouches with the dragon and the tiger Guo Cang ape sedge holds Zhibai deer in Sanqing Hall, Jinzhong Taoist walks in front of the Four Holy Halls, knocks on the jade pan, presents a bucket of incense, builds a multi-colored glow, shoots blue glass, summons the Yao altar, shakes the red sun, and shakes the red Mazi, come outside the door early Xiangyun now suspects that the celestial master sent the old gentleman to the abbot, the real person, and the Taoist attendants to welcome him to the Sanqing Hall, please put the edict in the center and make offerings to Captain Hong. The captain of the former Xiangdao Haojiao learned that the ancestor of this generation is called Xujing Tianshi, who is good-natured and noble, tired of welcoming and sending him off, and built a thatched hut on the top of Youhu Mountain to cultivate his nature, so he lived in the palace.
Seeing the real person, he replied that he was stingy with the imperial edict and offered it to the hall.
The poor Taoists did not dare to read it, and asked the captain to come to the abbot to offer tea and then bother to discuss.
Sit down, wait for the deacon to offer tea, then enter the fast, supply the water and land, prepare the fast, the captain will tell the real person again, since the celestial master is in the nunnery on the top of the mountain, please come down to meet the real person, and open the Xuan Danzhao.
Very able to ride the fog and rise up the clouds, the traces are uncertain, poor roads, etc.
, as usual, it is rare to see Zensheng teach people, please come down Taiwei Road, like this, how can we see the plague in the capital today? You Xianglai asked the celestial master to do 3,600 points, Luo Tian was so sour, so that the people would be rescued by natural disasters, how could the real person enjoy the Tao? Recite the edict, burn the imperial incense, walk up the mountain to worship, and ask the heavenly master to make a promise.
If you are not sincere and sincere, you can walk around empty-handed, and it is rare to see the captain.
I heard it and said that I am here from the capital.
Explain that the next day will be the morning of the mountain, and that night, everyone will have the right to rest