Thinking thoughtfully about what to say and seeing off Yi Yi Li Qingqing sat in the car in great frustration without saying a word full

Cute Lolita Tsundere male god will never allow a female partner High-ranking male and female protagonists form a team together to break the conspiracy and cage people Who said there are no absolute friends in the mall Double pets Slow and hot couples have a small abuse label Chi Haibin, Li Qingqing’s supporting role, Tao Xiaotao, Cheng Hui, and other business wars and spoiling Chapters Help me find this person Armani’s suit perfectly sets off his tall and good figure, showing the arrogance and confidence of a king with his gestures. Chi Haibin is 32 years old this year. On the surface, he is the president of a well-known hotel chain.
In fact, his identity is not even Cheng Hui’s deputy.
I don’t know that after ten years of hard work, from a self-made boy to a business tycoon who now owns dozens of hotels, it is obviously superficial to describe Chi Haibin as young and promising.
Cheng Hui probably guessed Chi Haibin’s intentions. Following the place Chi Haibin pointed at, he casually glanced at the helpless boss. This is already the third woman you asked me to investigate this month. There are so many people who have no money to see a doctor. Why do you always treat this young man? Cheng Hui is two years younger than Chi Haibin.
He is Chi Haibin’s right-hand man and Chi Haibin’s good brother since he was a child. Without Cheng Hui’s support and assistance, the seaside hotel would not develop like this. Shunli, when there are no outsiders, Cheng Hui will always take off the restraint mask and become Chi Haibin’s best bad friend.
This is different. If you look carefully, Chi Haibin will naturally not mind that Cheng Hui doesn’t take his boss seriously.
Still smiling, eyes as dark as the night sky are full of tenderness, as if caught in a candy-like sweet memory. Cheng Hui picked up the newspaper and sat opposite Chi Haibin, carefully reading the article.
It’s not long, but it’s also full of emotion The tear-jerking provocative line coupled with a profile picture of a woman wearing a fitted dress gives people a feeling of pity.
Selling one’s body to save one’s mother is so clichéd.
Young looks to win the sympathy of the audience, even if the intention is good, it can only be sensationalism and other public opinion.
When the money is raised and the body is sold, it will naturally disappear with the voice of people’s opposition. Cheng Hui is not He thought there was something special about this woman, and even felt a little disgusted with this woman. Cheng Hui casually threw away the newspaper and said disdainfully that it was not the same. Said lightly, no sympathy, no sympathy Haibin, do you count how many people we have helped since the opening of the seaside, and how many people are willing to give charcoal when we need capital turnover most? Money is not something you can’t do, it’s such an exaggeration, selling your body to save your mother is ironic Chi Haibin glanced at the woman in the newspaper and didn’t think that this report was her original intention become so martial It’s broken, maybe it’s not what you imagined, Boss, you fell into it with a side face, it’s not like your style, I’ve checked out a woman for you before, at most, you’re just donating some money to encourage them. I didn’t see you take any action. This is the most violent and went directly to the old society. You almost planted a grass on your head.
Although you are in a hurry to get married, you won’t be tempted because of this, right? Cheng Hui looked at Chi Haibin in puzzlement. He was a child Following Chi Haibin like a follower, his first love brought a devastating blow to Chi Haibin, and it also made him never believe in women. In Cheng Hui’s eyes, Chi Haibin has always played around with women and never met them. He has a crush on a woman, let alone say such a thing, if it wasn’t for the boss who wanted to stabilize a relationship before going public, he wouldn’t be so eager to find a woman for you to check, and you can check where there are so many nonsense Chi Haibin is still elegant and refined There is a smile on the corner of the mouth, but the eyes are full of murderous intent. The hidden knife in the smile probably means this.
I will give you the answer tomorrow.
Cheng Hui replied very wittily, I don’t worry if you are in such a hurry this afternoon. It’s a jade statue that exudes a gentle temperament, as if an angel accidentally fell into the world for more than ten years. Cheng Hui has never discovered that Chi Haibin has such a tender side. Haibin will tell you honestly that you definitely know this girl.
Let’s be poor, go, go, Chi Haibin didn’t hide his joy at all Chi Haibin waved away Cheng Hui after two years and finally found you Exciting, Li Qingqing looked at her sleeping mother, carefully looked at the newspaper specially delivered by the nurse, and a trace of anger flashed across her big black eyes. Li Qingqing frowned, quietly picked up her phone and walked out of the ward.
I dialed the number of my best friend Tao Xiaotao, holding back my anger, and deliberately lowered my voice in the corridor. What a good thing! Let me hear that Tao Xiaotao is not pretending to be stupid, otherwise he would not have stayed in the newspaper office for three years without making any achievements. What do you think, this is how you want to keep it secret and help me raise money? What kind of nonsense did you write in the newspapers? You sold yourself? It’s not that I have some influence in the newspaper and you can make the headlines. It’s all my fault. Qingqing, don’t worry. I’ll take a close-up of you tomorrow and retouch the picture.
Your appearance can cause a sensation no matter what.
Your mother’s surgery fee is absolute. With Luo Tao Xiaotao, Qingqing, you are hiding it from your sister because you don’t want her to come back from school in Korea? The doctor said that the chance of success in the operation is very high, after all, the power of one person is too small