Thinking that I dare not she stomped on Zhou Yous foot with resentment said arrogantly and sent me home Zhou You laughed triumphantly and played

With the rebirth of a captain who has been far away from the mainstream life circle, a hero grows up again.
A domineering life does not need regrets. A brilliant life does not need to explain business.
It is just incidental. As long as it is an adventure and treasure hunting, there are various conquests. In April, in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, an American guard-class marine salvage ship converted into a civilian salvage ship is moored in the waters away from the port city of Cartagena.
This is a famous tourist city in Colombia and even known as the most beautiful city in Latin America.
The long historical landscape and beautiful natural scenery attract many tourists.
The number of tourists here every year even exceeds that of Bogota, the capital of Colombia, and Medellin, the most famous capital of sin.
The boat ran twenty nautical miles to the depths of the ocean where the city on the shore was almost invisible. There were sixteen sailors, six security guards with guns on the salvage boat, plus six management personnel, a total of twenty-six people. All of them concentrated on driving. On the second deck below the cabin, they all stared angrily at a white young man who could no longer see his original appearance, listening to the captain Evan Zhou’s lecture. Evan Zhou’s Chinese name is Zhou You.
The young man has a big bald head due to long-term work at sea.
His scalp and face are tanned, so he can’t tell his real age.
If it weren’t for his handsome height and burly figure, plus his cheekbones, he would not be so high.
He and the local Indian There is almost no difference between people, but it is precisely because of this shape that he is welcomed more warmly than white people in Colombia, a South American country. The chicks here love him very much. This style makes him enjoy his life here. But now the ship’s None of them found him attractive at all but one feeling in each of them as if they were facing an angry devil because they’d been standing on this hot deck for half an hour and had endured him for half an hour without stopping.
Although most of the people on the boat were white, no one dared to resist his prestige, because everyone who dared to provoke him fell under his fists. On this boat, he was the king. With a dry tongue, he took a sip of Colombian dragon wine from the jug hanging on his waist, and the anger in his heart dissipated. Since the treasure of the San Jose shipwreck was discovered by the Colombian government at the end of November last year, this area has attracted countless people from all over the world. Treasure hunters hope to use the east wind of the San Jose to discover something here. The Caribbean Sea became the ocean line for Europe to develop the Americas four hundred years ago, and later became the largest pirate den in the world.
It has always been the target of treasure hunters from all over the world.
According to the survey There are nearly three million shipwrecks all over the world, and more than a thousand ships with salvage value.
A small half of them are concentrated in this sea area. Although the Colombian government has found the exact location of the San Jose, they still have questions about how to salvage the treasure completely.
There isn’t a complete plan yet because they don’t have the skills to salvage the wreck The technology is such a huge treasure, and they don’t want to share it with others, so they just sent warships to guard this sea area for the time being. They didn’t drive away the salvage ships from all over the world, as long as they don’t attack the San Jose. The two nautical mile cordon was set. The Colombian government is eager to have as many salvage ships as possible. These salvage ships tossing in this sea area not only bring some security problems, but also drive the local economy.
According to the consumption of 10,000 per ship per day Calculated in US dollars, hundreds of ships can bring millions of dollars in transactions every day. This is not a small amount for the local government of Cartagena, and their salvage operations are also strictly monitored by the Colombian government.
Whoever discovers something, of course they also want to get a share of it, but these salvage ships are of course unwilling to give their harvest to the Colombian government for nothing, so they are playing the game of robbers and thieves with each other every day.
Their ships travel around for a few days. A shipwreck treasure was discovered before, but in order to keep it secret, they only worked no more than five hours a day and only carried out one salvage operation because they were afraid that the patrolling Colombian police would discover their actions, but Williams, a traitor, appeared inside them.
Taking advantage of the opportunity to go ashore to buy food, he secretly bought a mobile phone and leaked the information.
His behavior naturally aroused the resentment of the remaining twenty-seven people. Every punch and kick made him change beyond recognition because All of them will lose a lot of their bonuses for leaking the leak. After cursing, Evan Zhou was also tired, glanced at the white youth at his feet, and said that the company had sent an order.
Since Williams leaked our salvage information to Ocean Search Company, so they naturally hope to get a share here, otherwise they will leak the information to Colombia, which will make us lose even more, so we have reached an agreement, and the remaining one-fifth of the treasures that have not been cleaned up We left it to each other and their advance team arrived in Cartagena but the salvage ship doesn’t arrive until tomorrow and we left Colombia after returning to Cartagena to refuel but today it’s going to be the same as usual except for me and security chief Ethan It is strictly forbidden for everyone to go ashore, and everyone’s communication equipment will be returned to everyone after leaving the Columbia Economic Zone.
Do you understand? Chuckel, come up and wait a while, and you will be responsible for communicating with the oil depot. A ship is a small collective or even a small society.
Due to the special nature of the work, the management of this ship is implemented in a military-like management model. Everyone returns to their jobs after hearing the order.