Thinking of this San Yuexue said how about changing the place There are still a lot of people in this place isn’t it Hearing the

Welcome to the toy box, please collect, please recommend, a juvenile murder case that shocked the whole country occurred in China.
The juvenile was judged by the court as suffering from a serious mental illness and sentenced to life imprisonment. The case turned on a turning point.
Several witnesses proved that the juvenile was not mentally ill. The media news was blocked and no reports were made. They will be punished by the law, but no one knows exactly which prison they will be locked in. Two newcomers came to the unknown prison at 1:00 tonight. One is a new prison guard and the other is a notorious death row prisoner.
With restless and weird souls, everyone in this prison has committed heinous crimes. Some are quietly squatting in the corner and scratching weird patterns with their nails on the ground. Some are biting their fingers and staring at the newcomer.
The inmates don’t know until their fingers bleed. Every death row inmate here feels the same. The only similarity is that it’s cold and suffocating.
What’s in the prison? Although everyone is quiet, they always feel dangerous.
The young policeman looked at the death row prisoners in front of him with surprised eyes and asked if they were all death row prisoners.
Prisoners, they don’t know what’s going on in their minds, they’re all lunatics, especially the white-haired one, as we all know, the national law stipulates that the mentally ill are not punishable by death, but as a certain philosopher said, the truth is like the calmness of the sea, always hiding the invisible The same is true for deadly undercurrent laws.
For example, when a psychopath becomes a murderer who slaughters thirty-eight people in a row within three days, he will also die. Regardless of whether the outside world knows it or not, he will secretly disappear in this world, but before he disappears, he will die. Fortunate to be the research object of an institution, and the prisoners in this prison are no exception. This is their temporary residence before being deported. Whether it is a crazy murderer or a cult leader who has brainwashed thousands of people, gather here.
They all appear very ordinary, just like Ye Yin Yulin, when surrounded by aliens that cannot be understood by normal thinking, no matter how special a weirdo is, it will appear very ordinary. In this prison where aliens gather together, the boy squatting in the corner has become an abnormality among abnormalities.
The loose white hair hanging in front of his forehead, the thick dark circles under his eyes and the lifeless eyes constitute his most striking signs, and there seems to be something desperately struggling in the depths of his pupils. Although the feeling of resignation is faint, it can be felt at a glance. The terrifying energy contained in it, anyone who looks at it will know that it is not normal.
This prison is safer than other places.
Both the iron bars and the door hinges are made of the strongest steel. Thoughts, but even if the security is so strict, the cell where the young man lives is still more suitable than others Two guards in full armor. This is only because his crime is too special and dangerous. Compared with other prisoners, his crime must be measured by another standard.
In other words, the risk factor has exceeded the threshold because the crime is to murder his parents and his brother. They all killed the younger sister who was only 10 years old, so the young man became a sinner condemned by society, public opinion also called him the most ruthless murderer in history, and everyone called him a young man with no heart.
The name of this kin-killing demon is Su Ming.
Everyone in the prison knows that this guy is really a human. In the guard room, the young policeman flicked through the files, and his fingertips rested on Su Ming’s photo. The thick, thick eyebrows on his face were wrinkled into the Chinese characters. The old policeman was noncommittal. He didn’t. Knowing how such a person exists, should it be said to be sad or scary? Judging from his resume, Su Ming is both excellent in character and learning, has a harmonious relationship with his family, and the family is in good condition.
He has caring parents, a lovely younger sister, and a big brother who protects his shortcomings. He should be a perfect and happy person. The family really wants to explore. I am afraid that no one can understand what the prisoner is thinking.
The family relationship over the past ten years is like a disguise. He commits the crime without any hesitation and has no regrets. The forensic doctor can’t see any emotions conveyed from the crime scene. Only the murderous intent of the prisoner is chilling to the bones, and I don’t know how he, who was covered in blood, showed that relieved smile when he stood in front of his parents’ corpses. Now, even the motive of this case is a mystery. There is a bed in the cell, but Su Ming is squatting weirdly. Sitting in the corner of the cell, index finger twisting the white hair on the temples, playing with the white hair on the sideburns, staring straight at the prison camera, eyes as cold as winter, staring at Su Ming’s abyss-like eyes through the camera, the new policeman even has the discomfort of being strangled by the neck next door Young people around the age of 10 live in the cell.
Their bodies are covered with performance art-like suture marks. The slender wounds are all over the exposed skin. The black lines on the exposed skin present a special arrangement, which makes people feel depressing. The tattooed man seems to have a strong interest in the year-old Su Ming.
I heard that you killed your parents.
How did you do it so well? The other party’s malicious provocations can’t even make Su Ming’s drooping eyelids lift a little.
His eyelids made him look like he would never wake up, and the eyes he looked at his inmates also had a scalpel-like coldness, as if he could completely dissect the other party with his eyes, and unreservedly dig out the secrets deep in the other party’s heart Su Ming hates it being brought up by others, although no one would think he is a normal person after doing that kind of thing, but only Su Ming knows that he is not mentally ill, doing so is all necessary, and the fake parents only see their brothers and sisters as test subjects. Who can understand the pain when one’s own life is faked? The relatives who have been with him for many years are in the end enemies who want to kill him