Thinking of how many times the master deliberately teased him to tease him but he couldnt resist he could only feel helpless and let the

The content uploaded by the user begins with interstellar pharmacist author Qing Yundan copywriter Tang Xin is the first pharmacist in the federation. Indicates that he has not only beaten gangsters, he can go up the hall, he can go down the kitchen, he can also enter the bedroom. Reading instructions. Good looks, high force, loyal dog. Liang Shuangjie Sweet Emotions Not Tangled My throat hurts every time I say a word She just passed her twentieth birthday and her hair is already graying with long hair Consolingly, Tang Xin raised her hand and rubbed her apprentice’s head with difficulty.
She spoke slowly, little idiot. The most powerful pharmacist in the federation is lying here.
I don’t know if the doctor is good or not. Why don’t you hire the second most powerful pharmacist in the entire Federation? Maybe it will work? No, maybe it will definitely cure you.
I often say that medicine can cure diseases. The stupid apprentice found his forehead, but found that he could not lift his arms with all his strength, so he gave up and comforted her softly. My whole body is wrong.
It was born in the womb. It is terminally ill. I can live to twenty thanks to my own study of medicine and tasted all kinds of herbs. But people, there is always a limit. Can continue to develop new prescriptions to make myself live for two more years.
When I’m damned, I still have to die. The apprentice couldn’t help crying and crying, Master, what should I do if you die? I was born with only poor genes.
Kicked me out at the age of two If I hadn’t met you, I would have frozen to death outside and starved to death.
You are such a nice person, you will surely live to be a hundred years old.
I started to study medicine by myself when I was eight. Since I was fifteen, I have been walking outside alone.
You are ten years old this year. At the age of six, you still can’t take care of yourself.
I’m so useless to teach you. Tang Xin put on a straight face on purpose and rambled about the notebook I left for you.
If you have time, read more and learn a few more prescriptions.
Keep more medicine powder by your side for self-defense. Put more thought into everything and don’t trust others who have said a long paragraph. Tang Xin is tired and stops to rest for a while.
She knows that she is going to die. She is very calm. The only thing she can’t worry about is this stupid apprentice who is only four years apart, but has a different mental age. There are too many genes ranked from high to low, most ordinary people are grades, and she was born with the lowest grade, and her parents are terminally ill.
Together, this daughter must be short-lived. I don’t spend too much affection on her, so I won’t be too sad if she dies. So Since she was a child, she was sent to other planets to let her fend for herself. The couple gave birth to several healthy children. Since she was a child, she understood that her biological parents are unreliable. Who can rely on whom? Like a twelve-year-old child, she can’t let go of her. Not only is she always with her, but she also makes an exception to teach her medical skills.
My parents have long since ignored me.
I’m not living a good life. You are too used to relying on me.
After I leave, I gradually get used to it. My life will get better, my consciousness is getting blurred, my eyelids are getting heavy, Tang Xin closes her eyes, and her hands gradually let go of her master and apprentice hugging Tang Xin, crying loudly The second most powerful pharmacist in the entire federation hurried over to find that it was already late Sighing in vain, the apprentice held back his grief and held a funeral for his master.
On the day of the funeral, countless people heard the news and rushed to see Tang Xin off. Slowly opened her eyes, she wondered how she could still wake up because of a fatal disease, only her neck hurt badly, there was a full-length mirror in the room.
But the person in the mirror has beautiful black hair and purple strangle marks on his neck.
Then he looked at the place where he woke up. There was an overturned chair and an untied rope.
It was obvious that someone had hanged himself, but the knot was not tied. On the way, he fell to the ground. The upper body of the ghost Tang Xin hesitated, suddenly her head hurt, a lot of memory fragments appeared in her mind out of thin air, Tang Xin sorted them out one by one, and finally understood what was going on. The owner of the body was also called Tang Xin, twenty years old. Luckier than her is that the Tang family where the original owner of the super gene belongs is a big family. The family rules are strict. Give it to the best one after leaving home, and the others will fend for themselves. Whether it is good or bad depends on their own ability, but fortunately, all the descendants of the Tang family, regardless of their bloodline, will also receive gifts from the patriarch when the next generation reaches the age of 20.
Opportunity to participate in the next round of competition for the position of the next Patriarch Even if a person is a super gene at the age of 20, he has already become a third-level warrior, while the original owner is a bit more talented and only has a level-two strength She has no privileges, her mother is dead, and no one can help her find a way out The last 20-year-old girl married a 60-year-old man