Thinking of a person who is too high and too forgetful or has he been assimilated by the wizard the universe and the heavenly way

When a great witch who experienced the Lich War came to the wizarding world, he suddenly found that the door to immortality had quietly opened Recommend Chapter 1: Tragic Traverser In the endless chaos, there is no sky, no earth, it can be called chaos Entering chaos for the second time, but his condition is not good, even horrible, comparable to the innate spirit treasure, his body has long been disintegrated and annihilated, leaving only a remnant soul protected by the treasure, wandering in the chaos, that is, wandering aimlessly, knowing the other It started but I don’t know where it ended, where it wandered, and when it wandered. Lin Feng also wanted to know that if God gave me another chance, I would keep a low profile and low profile again.
If I had to add a deadline, I would say it would be forever.
Everyone is a time traveler, why is there such a big gap? Looking back and summarizing my time travel life, Lin Feng is depressed and wants to vomit blood.
The time travelers from other families are all time-to-day air battles. Destroying an immortal and killing a person who is known as the ancestor of Taoism is too embarrassed to greet people.
Why is it his turn to become so sad? He didn’t die in the battle, but he was killed by his own people.
After watching the tens of thousands of protagonists in previous lives, they have never heard of such an unlucky and tragic existence. As a result, Lin Feng, who woke up again, immediately wanted to find a noodle and hang himself.
Three without a single dog, no car, no house, no savings. I don’t know if it’s the favor of the gods or the favor of the great god.
I got a stone-shaped treasure and was brought to the prehistoric world.
A member of the family travels through time every year, and today, Lin Feng, who came to my house to become a time traveler, needs no explanation for his tough life.
In addition, the supreme treasure, the Monument Monument, can be described as chaotic. Punching Wuzu Kindergarten, kicking Yaozu Nursing Home in the prehistoric It can be said to be very famous. It is known as the first Wu Hunyuan stele under the twelve ancestors of the prehistoric witch clan.
Lin Feng himself named the stele-shaped treasure.
As for what this treasure is and what level it is, to tell the truth. I don’t know, because so far he can’t refine this treasure at all. What surprised him is that he was a top-notch witch before and changed to Taoism. In the era before the saint came out, apart from the Twelve Witch Ancestors, Monster Clan Emperor Jun Taiyi and those mighty innate powers, he could be said to be standing at the peak of the prehistoric world, and the Witch Clan had the Twelve Witch Ancestors to suppress him, or else at least in other places It is also the existence of an old ancestor, but just like this, he still can’t refine the Hunyuan stele, so you can imagine how amazing the level of this treasure is. I’m afraid that even Sanqing Daoist’s Tai Chi picture, Pangu Fan Zhuxian Sword, can’t compare with Yu Hongjun. The fortune jade plate in his hand and the legendary Pangu ax are not clear.
He dare not appear in front of Hongjun.
The Hunyuan stele is only a preliminary recognition of the master. Lin Feng can’t exert its power at all. The only effect can only be to assist Lin Feng. Every time Lin Feng comprehends and observes the Hunyuan Monument located in his sea of ​​consciousness, it will be very rewarding. The reason why he stood out from the bottom of the witch tribe in just a few years is to know which of those great witches has not practiced for countless years. He is born with his feet and is even more extraordinary. It is Feng Linfeng who tells his origin.
His mother is from the Jumang tribe of the Wu tribe.
His father is the Wuzu ancestor of the Jumang tribe of the Tianwu tribe. So his father named him Lin Feng. In fact, he originally wanted to be called Mu Feng, but the name was squatted, so he could only be called Lin Feng.
The consequences of being high-profile and tough, Lin Feng has tasted the direct separation of the monster race in the Lich War.
Five demon saints dealt with him, and even among the five demon saints, Ji Meng, the first demon saint among the top ten demon saints of the demon tribe, and Jiuying, the ninth demon saint, made him fight hard for thousands of years, and the final result was miserable.
Emperor Jun Taiyi of the extreme monster clan and important figures such as the queen moon god Chang Xi directly fell.
The vitality of the entire monster clan was severely damaged. The high-end combat power was nonexistent.