Think today is our last night in this dormitory Think this dormitory will never belong to us again Think that there will no longer be

The author, Uncle Kongcheng, recorded the college life of two boys playing games together in the male dormitory of the university. The funny and hilarious university life. Six brothers and three pairs in the university dormitory. This is our nickname for each other.
Listening is not for listening to the radio, and it also has a very surprised expression. The computer file disk name game capacity contains all the game disk names. Other capacity contains software, songs, movies and some miscellaneous things. The disk name is Europe and the United States.
The capacity does not explain the disk name Asia. The capacity does not explain the name of the disk. The capacity of the same sex continues to explain the name of the disk. The capacity of the animal continues to not explain.
One day after the lights were turned off, Liu Xu was hungry.
We searched the dormitory for a long time and found a bag of instant noodles. Liu Xu was overjoyed. The instant noodle bowl Wen’s own bowl is now an ashtray person My bowl was eaten last month and hasn’t been washed Xiao Zhao’s bowl is in a corner of the earth The house chicken’s bowl Liu Xu is determined not to use it in the end Following Xiao Zhao’s suggestion, pour the water into the bag and soak Liu Xu in the bag directly, pour the seasoning into the bag, then go to pick up the water bottle and find that the bottle is empty, then go to the next door and turn around, there is no boiling water Liu Xu is about to collapse Zhaoyou suggested to use tap water to soak tap water. Liu Xu doubted it was possible, but it would take longer. Liu Xu poured tap water into it and sat down with a bag of instant noodles waiting for us to find Liu Xu when we got up the next day. Still carrying the bag, waiting for the editor to recommend the world champion, Li Xiaofeng, recommending that there is a kind of love between men called brotherhood, and there is a kind of communication between men called Warcraft.
Because there is no class, parting is sad, and crying is the most girly way to express it.
No matter how much time we each have, it can’t compare to the silly years together. Wedge Lao Gao bought the first computer in our dormitory. Everyone gathered around. In front of the computer, the chicken with the memory configuration is awesome. The hard disk is awesome. Liu Xu is talking about the integrated graphics card.
Afeng is talking about the mouse.
Xiao Zhao said that the computer seller told me that this is the Pentium processor, the most high-end processor at present. Lao Gao said that the computer seller said this is Benji. Liu Xu asked Ben. Liu Xu suggested that you don’t install games.
You can’t even watch a movie on a computer.
Xiao Zhao said what movie to watch. Lao Gao asked me how many pictures there are. He said yes, you still have movies. Lao Gao was very surprised.
Take out the box, open the combination lock of the box, open the mezzanine of the box, take out a few CDs, take them to Lao Gao, put the disks into the CD drive, everyone stares at the monitor, starts to read the CDs, and starts playing. Our breaths start to snap and the pupils start to dilate and out comes a dog on our head We started to sweat. This is the first time we watched a movie in the dormitory. The taste was too strong.
After watching it, we commented on the chicken. I’m so worried, you guys should buy a computer too.
We can play games online. What kind of games are you playing? I beat Ah Feng every day and said chicken. I asked about the bed. Xiao Zhao said that the chicken lay on the bed and moaned.
He took out a crumpled newspaper from the bed and threw it out. Your sister, I bought a new newspaper.
Xiao Zhao said I haven’t Look, borrow it, you can still read it.
Chicken stretched his waist. What is it on it? What did you do to my newspaper? Sorry, the toilet paper ran out and temporarily requisitioned your newspaper. You know what chicken said, but this newspaper seems to me just now Also watched it a minute ago you were still watching it so everyone in our class knows that a chicken handjob only takes a minute and after that I like to wipe it with Xiao Zhao’s newspaper and become a chicken After using Xiao Zhao’s newspaper to handjob It only takes a few minutes to turn into Xiao Zhao’s jerking off to a chicken.
It only takes a few minutes to wipe it with newspaper after the shot.
Finally, it only takes a few minutes to become Xiao Zhao’s jerking off to a chicken after using newspapers to increase the fun. Later we know the game that Lao Gao talked about. We are all obsessed with the dormitory, so we all use the same reason.
This semester, we have a class to write a thesis to apply to our family to buy a computer.
In fact, we only have one class this semester. The computer just bought back and learned that the school temporarily added an optional course until the end.
This course really wrote a thesis.
Later we realized that this thesis is so small and insignificant compared to high-number physics engineering mechanics. I haven’t been to class. Lao Gao spends the whole day studying on the computer and puts a notebook next to it.
After each round, he has to read the words in his mouth. I took it over and saw that the name of each gun, the shortcut key, the price, the bullet capacity, and the lethality of each gun are recorded in the notebook. It’s fine if you’re serious about high maths.
I said don’t fucking improve your maths, okay? Because there is no military theory in the class, Lao Gao told us at the beginning of the sophomore year that he must continue to insist on not passing the physical education class this semester. He successfully passed the physical examination twice before, which made Lao Gao full of confidence in his own strength.
At the end of this semester, Lao Gao Gao looked at the sports scores of the subjects on the report card.
Lao Gao asked us when our school’s sports scores changed to the score system. Is it still the 100-point system?