Things are ready Qin Ao unceremoniously took the brand new room card and put it in his pocket If I found out that you kept a

Invisible Gunpowder Chapter Invisible Gunpowder Gu Qingxi looked calmly at a pair of male and female spotlights on the wedding stage. The spotlights kept flickering. The man was as handsome and handsome as ever.
The black Armani custom-made suit set off his tall figure and was wrapped in his arms. The petite woman in the white gauze dress. Everyone in the hall knows that the man who is as expensive as a king is her husband Gu Qingxi, and the two eyes that that man is looking at her at this moment are cold and piercing, and the slanted thin lips carry a chilling disdain for Gu Qingxi. Lifting the corners of his lips, he calmly returned a sweet smile, picked up the wine glass on the table and toasted the two people on the stage.
If Qin Ao thought that his behavior and attitude could still irritate her, then he was very wrong.
During his untrue three-year marriage, his countless infidelities have already made her numb to the point of nausea, okay? A slightly feminine man’s voice sounded the wine glass in Gu Qingxi’s hand, and she was hit hard on the ground, killing her hand. She almost threw the cup away, raised her eyes and glanced at Qin Yu, who was staring straight at her, and Gu Qingxi’s eyes, which were as deep as a lake, narrowed slightly, a trace of undisguised disgust flashed across her eyes, on such a happy day as Qin Er Shao’s marriage, you Throwing your own woman to your elder brother to take care of it seems that you are really used to relying on him in everything What’s wrong, besides, I can’t be negligent, sister-in-law, do you mean that Qin Yu was originally Gu Qingxi’s university senior and was once her strongest suitor? Hate, I don’t need you to greet Gu Qingxi, who doesn’t want to get entangled with this hooligan, just got up with a glass of wine and walked towards the lounge In the embrace of the two, the two sometimes looked at each other with congenial eyes, staring at each other like no one else, as if the protagonists of this wedding were the two of them, as if the two of them were the protagonists of this wedding. It has been three years since Qin Ao used his never-ending fiddling to give her endless humiliation, making her really feel exhausted. At this time, she really wants to think about it quietly and seriously. He mentioned it for three years.
Gu Qingxi walked alone into the special lounge attached to the wedding hall, sat gracefully on the off-white leather sofa, raised his hand, drank the spicy wine in the glass, put down the glass, closed his aching eyes, and leaned on the sofa, thinking Calm yourself down and think about the stakes of the divorce.
There was a soft knock from the lounge door.
Gu Qingxi looked up vigilantly.
Qin Yu was locking the door with his hands back. His eyes locked on her like a prey. Gu Qingxi frowned, Qin Yu, what are you doing with the door locked? The man smiled evilly and looked at her. He unbuttoned his coat and walked towards the sofa.
Don’t be silly, Xixi, don’t you understand what I mean? If it wasn’t for the marriage, you thought I would really marry Anya.
The person I love has always been you. Look at you so lonely.
How could I not come to comfort the shameless Gu Qingxi? He suddenly got up, bypassing the man with obviously impure intentions and striding towards the door. The men in the Qin family are all overbearing and shameless hooligans.
She can’t be provoked, can’t she hide? Qin Yu stretched out his long arms and easily grabbed Gu Qingxi’s slender body. Gu Qingxi looked at her with a cold face Gu Qingxi, what kind of chaste girl are you pretending to be? Did you forget that I broke your film back then? Shut up, you scum! The man who slapped the man whose eyes were already on fire suddenly became angry from embarrassment. Qin Yu dragged Gu Qingxi to the sofa with all his strength, threw her onto the sofa with a heavy blow, and then rushed forward like a wolf, crushing her under him. I’m right. Wrong? You bastard, you are already mine, but you still shamelessly insist on marrying my elder brother. If you can’t keep him, it’s fine. Then make way as soon as possible and let the woman who can hold him subdue him.
Why still? The woman who clings to him and doesn’t let him keep hurting others, he sleeps with my wife, why can’t I sleep with him, Gu Qingxi’s lungs are about to explode under the pressure of that heavy male body, her breathing is seriously blocked, her whole face turns red involuntarily, but After being caught, he raised his hands high and had no strength to resist. Qin Yuguang said that it was not enough.
Facing Gu Qingxi’s unyielding and hateful eyes, he sneered and took out a syringe from his pocket to hold Gu Qingxi down. Without hesitation, he poured the medicine into the delicate flesh of her arm. What did you hit me again, you scoundrel, get the hell out of here immediately Gu Qingxi suddenly thought of the humiliation she received three years ago, frightened and angrily kicking her legs, trying to throw the man off her body, but it was a pity that she found that her arms were free The pinhole began to tingle rapidly, and the head immediately fainted.
Don’t say you forgot what this is.
Didn’t you try it three years ago? Baby, why do I have to treat you like this every time? Don’t you know that being nice is cute Qin Yu Forcefully tore apart Gu Qingxi’s delicate peacock blue gown, a piece of whiteness bloomed in front of his eyes like cream, and suddenly a string in his brain was broken There was a disgusting feeling in his stomach, those angry black eyes gradually lost focus, and he could not help but slowly close them. The successful man quickly took off his clothes, pulled off the belt, and pressed the woman under him. The silky touch made him really fascinated by this moment. I really want to be desperate for everything. The door of the lounge was kicked open with a bang. Qin Ao stood in front of the door with a cold expression on his face. The flashing lights beside him frequently took pictures of the two naked men and women on the sofa. The close fitting shape of the two attracted countless surprises. Qin Yu immediately jumped up and put on his belt.
My God, this is cuckolding President Qin! Gu Qingxi is too much, why can’t he be so lonely?