They will also not let you go you are not afraid so you are still young Lu Haitao smiled smugly behind me there is a

Ye Xiu was sitting under the big banyan tree in the old house, drinking tea while reading a book, unconsciously playing with a piece of Tai Chi stone with his right hand. If you know that he has brain cancer, then no matter what book he reads, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Brain cancer is such a terrible word. The first time I heard this word from a doctor, Ye Xiu felt as if he had been overwhelmed. The hammer hit the sky, dizzy and dizzy. After a brief brain shutdown, he began to resent and start to feel wronged.
Why is the bald, big-bellied uncle next door able to hold the little girl chic while I am so young and so handsome, but I have brain cancer? During that time, when he saw a hundred flowers in full bloom, he felt ugly and cursed in every possible way, but it didn’t reduce the tumor in his brain by half, on the contrary, it tended to spread. From then on, it was hopeless and silent until now. Three years of limited savings.
Parents are struggling to support their brother and sister to go to school. It is very unlikely that they will have any more money to treat him. On the other hand, the most important point is that the doctor said that the tumor is in a dangerous location and oppresses the nerve. The risk of surgery is very high.
Even if it is successfully resected, it is very likely to injure the nerves and leave sequelae.
He does not want to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He lives like a dead dog with crooked mouth and slanted eyes. Living like a dead dog is not half fun. It is better to die with dignity than that. The good years left quietly Ye Xiu and his girlfriend Liu Wei confessed everything and proposed to break up There is a family whose parents run a small business and accompany their younger sister in the third year of No.
1 middle school.
For the time being, he doesn’t want to let his family know that he has a terminal illness. Not only will it cause trouble for them, but it will also affect his younger sister’s exam preparation, so Ye Xiu didn’t go to the county town to be with his relatives, but quietly returned to the village.
Living in the old house left by his grandfather, Ye Xiu’s family naturally has a house in the village, but there is no grandfather.
This old house is quiet, backed by a mountain, facing a lake, and has excellent geomantic omen. The walls of the house are all made of mountain stones.
The embellished stone walls and the slightly blackened blue tiles covering the roof exude an original and quaint taste everywhere.
Ye Xiu used to think that all of this was quite earthy, especially after comparing it with the city’s feasting and feasting, but now he feels that he lives here. Sui Yue Jing Hao, the doctor said that if he didn’t have the surgery, he would have at most three months to live in this secluded small courtyard.
Ye Xiu thinks it’s pretty good.
In the courtyard, there is a hundred-year-old banyan tree with lush branches and birds singing. Chirp, this day, Ye Xiu set up a stone table and bench under the tree, and sat here drinking tea, reading a book, and playing with the Tai Chi stone.
He said it was a Tai Chi stone, but it was actually an ordinary mountain rock, but there was a natural Tai Chi pattern on the surface. It is light brown, and it is so smooth that it is almost covered with pulp, Grandpa.
During his lifetime, he was a well-known Fengshui master and an old Chinese doctor who liked to collect old things.
The ancient books in front of him and the Tai Chi stone in his hand are all grandpa’s collections, similar to the Beiming Zhenjing, there are more than a hundred copies in the box. Shu Taishang Alchemy, Yellow Emperor’s Twelve Sutras, Dragon Elephant Exercise, Tiger Leopard, Lei Yin, Zhenwu, Eight Duan, Jindong Xuanzi, Thirty-six Forms, etc. Ye Xiu chose the Beiming Sutra because he likes to watch martial arts and remembers the middle section of Tianlong Babu One of the kung fu I learned is called Beiming Shengong.
Out of curiosity, I chose this Beiming Jingjing. Fortunately, this book has pictures and words that explain it very thoroughly. He didn’t find it difficult to study it, but he followed the method taught in the book to meditate for seven consecutive days, but he didn’t get in touch with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.
Ye Xiu couldn’t read it either. Most cultivators with less practice need to use the art of breathing and breathing to generate a sense of qi in the meridians before they can get started.
However, this is not the case in the Beiming Foundation Building Chapter. Introduce the aura of heaven and earth to break through the twelve heavenly palaces, thirty-six orifices, and one hundred and eight points of the human body. The aura of heaven and earth is integrated to complete the foundation building. Therefore, the most important first step is to sense the existence of aura of heaven and earth.
This is Ye Xiu’s practice. It’s the first day of the Beiming Yin Qi Jue, but still can’t feel the existence of spiritual energy. He flipped through the books and wanted to give up. Anyway, he was just passing the time. Could it really be successful? If this book is true, grandpa would have cultivated into a fairy As for passing away at the age of seventy? Suddenly, Ye Xiu felt dizzy in his head, a fever in his nose, the tumor in his brain was doing evil again, he habitually stretched out his hand to cover his nose, but forgot that he was still holding a stone in his hand When the nosebleed dripped onto the fish eyes of the Tai Chi Stone, it disappeared instantly like dripping on a sponge.
Then Ye Xiu felt the stone tremble violently and almost let go of his hand. When he looked carefully, he saw the yin and yang Pisces on the Tai Chi Stone began to spin more and more.
The faster and faster the rotation, the faster the black and white fish eyes gradually overlapped to form a vortex as they spun rapidly. The vortex became deeper and farther away, like a black hole, which made people frightened.
Is it turning or the yin-yang fish is turning? I can’t tell clearly. Suddenly, an extremely strong gravitational force came from the vortex.
Ye Xiu immediately passed out.
Maybe it took a long time, maybe it was just a moment. When Ye Xiu woke up, he found himself lying on the ground. He smelled an extremely strong aroma of herbs in the grass. He sat up and looked around.
This is the backyard of a family surrounded by walls built with rocks.