They stood in a corner of the square and didnt gnaw too much but Feng Zhao as a lord didnt have such a good temper

Start the scan for those who are physically incapable of independent viability and will be assigned to a safe city.
The scan is successfully judged to meet the independent living standards. An emotionless voice rang in his ears.
Feng Zhao stood a little confused on an altar, and in front of him was a gorgeous light curtain.
Is it crossed, and all human beings crossed together? After scanning, please click to view the initial attribute. The initial point is full value. His message name is displayed on the light curtain. Physical quality and magical power perception are too low. It is not recommended to fight abroad.
It is recommended to develop the territory and stay at home.
Sure enough, he is not only handsome, but he is mediocre.
He has worked day and night and has no time to exercise before catching up with this time travel.
It seems that he must survive in the early stage. Caixing is randomly generating the initial talent. After the generation is completed, the talent is psychic. The only psychic can listen to the whispers of all things in the world. If you don’t give me the whole super talent, you’re sorry for me. Feng Zhao still wanted to bargain, but the altar he was standing on has collapsed. What comes is a weightless fall, please work hard to manage your territory and live well Listen to the sound in your ear, feel down-to-earth Feng Zhao settled down, looked at the three strong men in front of him, headed by a middle-aged man stroking his head He said naively, Lord Lord, the three of us, father and son, are refugees from nearby who want to join your territory, and please take us in. My territory, Feng Zhao, swept around the empty lawn. The only building on the lawn was the small wooden house behind it. I don’t even want to live, but there are still people who want to join me.
There is a refugee who wants to join your territory. Do you agree? I’ll take you in. You all have tools and are ready to work.
Thank you, sir. Farming, logging, mining and other basic labors are familiar but not proficient in name Ma Chuangzi, a professional farmer, age, loyalty, skills, primary labor, name Ma Guangzi, a professional farmer, age, loyalty, skills, primary labor.
These three farmers are undoubtedly the father and the two sons. Seeing the three farmers and women coming with two axes, two iron pickaxes and two sets of construction tools, I always feel a little richer than him, the lord, and looked down at his clothes. He was dressed in a gray non-attribute sackcloth with straw sandals on his feet. Except for a gray and black lord’s manual hanging around his waist, he has nothing on his body and looks very downcast. Now start the lord’s teaching, and the teaching is not bad. Feng Zhao nodded and followed the prompt to start the construction operation.
The first step is to open the Lord’s manual and take Take out the blueprints and place them in the open space.
Feng Zhaozhao did it. Opened the manual, took out a blueprint with the word “market” written on it, and aimed it at the open space. When a phantom appeared, he lightly released the blueprint, turned into a streamer and flew out, and the foundation was laid.
Then It is very simple to build a market with the materials donated to you at the beginning.
Feng Zhao called three farmers and asked them to bring over a few wooden boards on the ground. Start building the phantom. The required materials have been marked.
Just install it and it will be done in less than half an hour. Congratulations, you have obtained the market teaching. After the completion, there will be no more guidance. Please come and live well. This is the end Feng Zhao felt that he was slapped by this vicious society.
How to run a business, how to develop arms, how many battles, and how much to fight? Situation Territory-level villages, people, troops, no heroes, no buildings, market prosperity, people’s hearts and resources, and no penniless territory. Look at your initial supplies, silver coins, copper coins, dry food, a rabbit, etc., a rabbit. Feng Zhao lowered his head in a strange way and looked at the lively rabbit on the ground. The white crystal-clear fur was a pure white lop-eared rabbit.
The cute ears covered the side of the head, and the big eyes blinked. Looking at him, he was fluffy and cute.
I only heard that If you start with a dog, how can I become a rabbit? Forget it, you won’t get much meat, so I’ll keep you as a pet for a while.
One piece of dry food is enough for one person to eat for a day.
The four of them are too. It can last for two days, but it is necessary to find enough food and water sources. Feng Zhao was planning in his mind. He glanced at the dark and dilapidated house.
The lord’s hut-level village-level durability feature provides one silver coin per day. The protection period is divided into days and hours for novices.
The lord’s hut is externally invulnerable