They set up a shed to go to Kip Corey said with a smile you can find someone to take care of these chickens Liu

The coffee beans he grows are the faith in the hearts of all coffee lovers, and he is willing to recharge his faith. The wine he brews is a work of art that all the rich are vying to collect The place where the saplings and flags flutter is his territory.
Mobile payment makes thieves unemployed.
His existence makes African poachers unemployed because he is the legendary chief of Africa and the legendary farmer. If you think the African farmer is not bad If so, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo. Guys who drink calcium milk, please collect it Such a day is suitable for staying at home. After all, this day is a bit cold, especially in April in the northeastern cities. This day is really suitable for eating hot pot at home and then sleeping beautifully. However, there is still such a saying in the Northeast that there is a big gold chain, a small watch, and three small barbecues a day.
This is because a song has spread, but it also tells the true meaning of life for many Northeast people, regardless of seasons, men and women. Barbecue They all love it very much. Basically, in Northeast China, barbecue, hot pot, stew and dipped pickles can be listed as four famous foods, so even if it is still raining outside, it can’t stop foodies from eating barbecue. It’s just the proprietress of a barbecue restaurant today. Just a little worried. The four young men in the box ordered a lot of skewers.
I heard that there are still people celebrating their birthdays, but they don’t order wine. One person holds a couple of calcium milk to drink. What does this mean? Whether you want to order wine or not, these four young men order a lot of dishes.
All kinds of grilled skewers and spicy fried small seafood are full of a table. If you just order this, you have to serve them a pot of pimple soup. Normally speaking, even if you eat barbecue in a lively manner The atmosphere of drinking calcium milk should be very good, but the four people in the private room are somewhat gloomy now.
Sitting in the east, Chen Cheng, wearing glasses, picked up a mutton skewer and licked the third child directly. He really decided to go. Why didn’t I see that Africa developed? The third child in his mouth is Liu Rui, who is sitting opposite him. The overall image is pretty good, but the head is tied with gauze. Liu Rui picked up a chicken head and glanced at the sitting Chen. Cheng’s second son, Sun Baofeng, who is very well-built and has beads hanging on his neck and wrists, immediately believed his second son’s words and paid him thousands of dollars.
Even if he could get reimbursed, he would suffer.
As soon as I play it, I live everywhere.
In fact, I have already had this idea, but I have always been hesitant. This time something happened.
It’s not interesting to work there.
I can’t blame me. In fact, I still see it very accurately.
Sun Baofeng feels a little guilty. Said it wasn’t it? The second brother can really see the peach blossoms on the third brother’s face when he goes out to see the popularity.
Although he took the initiative to install the electric car, he can be regarded as a female driver. Why do I think it’s the same as the joke? Old Zhou Zhou Xianhao said with a smile hey-hey The skills are a little weaker, but the fourth one, you just say that after the elder brother has arranged the store for you, has your intermediary business boomed a lot? Sun Baofeng said with a smile, this is true. I can also sell the third brother’s house for less money. Zhou Xianhao said with a smile, but third brother, you have thought about it, the house is really for sale. You have worked so hard for so many years to sell the house. It’s a pity to sell it anyway. I decided to go to Africa. It’s useless to keep it. If it’s empty, I’ll rent it out to others.
I’m too lazy to live in it.
Why don’t I sell it for money? The way to get rich, but the basic environment there is also really bad. Boss Chen Cheng said it again. You think you were playing around last year.
After a round, you think the life there is very beautiful. Only when you live for a long time do you know where it is.
What’s going on in today’s days, brother, I’ve really thought about it for a long time, planning to set up a small coffee garden in Kenya and plant some coffee trees. After a few coffees, brother, I’ll take it all in. Liu Rui said with a smile, go out while I’m still young. Go for it.
If you really make money, everyone will go to my place. If you don’t make money, I’ll come back to take advantage of you and the second brother will forget it for me too.
It should be okay to go out this time, although he did. Those who often go off track are considered reliable Sun Baofeng rolled his eyes, although I said that if you run to the southwest, you will have gold and peach blossoms, that doesn’t mean you should go abroad, we are all in China, the four of us can get together a few times a year, even if we are the boss Didn’t you have a chance to come back once a year when you were stationed in Senegal? If you really went to Kenya, it would be very difficult to go back and forth.
Who stipulates that you have to get married if you have a partner? It’s not that Liu Rui gave him a look. I’m so superficial. I just wanted to break through. It was because of her that I stayed in the provincial capital.
Otherwise, I would be similar to the boss.
What are you doing? It’s not so easy to find a job in China.
The graduates every year are a bunch of gangs. Compared with them, I’m not much more competitive than me, and you guys give me the bottom line. I don’t have anything to fear.
Try it. Change your way of life. Life is all about tossing.
I want to be self-willed.
If it doesn’t work once, it’s a big deal to start over from the beginning.
Chen Cheng nodded.
If you have this kind of thought, it will become the four of us. The four of us have been talking together since college. It’s true that you left so abruptly, you are really reluctant. Uncles and aunts, don’t worry. Although you didn’t say it, we also know what you are worried about.
I’m busy with work.