They left right there and hurriedly stopped to hear this sound where Cui Lin couldnt see Li Yimings mouth curled up into a sly smile

Chapter 1 Young Master of the Li Family Hey, isn’t this the Young Master of the Li Family? I’m so young, please greet Young Master Li and please give me a reward from the Young Master, then the sneering punks shouted, standing in front of the punks It was a young man. This young man was wearing a gray robe.
Although it was washed a little white, except for a little dust stained on the corner of the clothes, he looked very neat and tidy.
The young man looked at the sneer of the gangster in front of him without any dissatisfaction on his face. Instead, he was stunned.
Nodding his head, he said well said, well said, the reward will naturally be rewarded, this is the young master’s kindness, and he handed over ten copper coins as he spoke, the little bastard took it over proudly, and weighed it casually, as if this is As it should be, I would like to thank Young Master Li for rewarding my younger brother, and now I’m leaving without looking back.
The young man cheerfully nodded and watched the little bastard named Liu leave, as if the other party was the young master.
And he is like a servant, and at the same time, the passers-by who stopped and looked around laughed and left. Have you ever seen such a scene? Ask those who left with a smile, what is going on with this brother? Isn’t that boy a young master? Why is he so stupid to return the money to that little bastard? The passerby who knew the situation laughed and said, “You are a foreigner, but everyone in Dongshan County should know Yang and Li’s family, right? This is Li.” The young master of the family left without further words after speaking. The stranger nodded when he heard the words, so it was the Li family, so it was no wonder that he said the same and left without looking back. When they were leaving, a lame old man limped over and came to the young man, bowed and said, Master, why are you out again, quickly follow me back, the young man saw the lame old man, frowning on his face in a daze Finally nodded and followed the old man to a small alley, young master, someone bullied you again The young man shook his head in silence, young master, they robbed you of pocket money again The young man remained silent and shook his head, the old man saw the young master’s look a little bit There was a trace of guilt in the stunned expression, and he sighed deeply, pulling the young master limping towards the alley. One hundred years ago, the Li family climbed to the highest peak in family history under the hands of the current patriarch, Li Xiaoyun, and became the head of the top ten families. However, with the sudden disappearance of the patriarch, Li Xiaoyun, the descendants of the Li family have either suffered accidents and been injured for no reason.
Generation after generation, no one who can become a talent, fell out of the top ten families of martial arts, not to mention, they were almost wiped out under the pressure of many enemies accumulated in the past, and finally they were saved under the protection of Princess Yanghe. The family is immortal, but it has been reduced since then, but the glory of the family has long been dimmed, and this young man is the eldest son of the current patriarch Li Tongyuan, Li Yiming.
I don’t know if the blood of the Li family is already outstanding or what. Li Yiming has been quite intelligent since he was a child. The genius has practiced the martial arts passed down from the Li family to a level far superior to that of his peers at a young age, but it is not the same as those of these generations.
The descendants of the Li family are the same. When Li Yiming was ten years old, he fell into a dry well by accident.
Although he was not seriously injured because of his martial arts, he became a little dumbfounded when he got out of the dry well.
The doctor diagnosed him as a gain and a loss.
Although the insanity is not serious, it is very difficult to continue to practice martial arts and become a talent. The news is that the son who is about to become a talent has been reduced to this end.
The head of the Li family, Li Tongyuan, who thought he had a chance to rise, suffered an old injury on the same day.
He died in three days, leaving only Li Yiming and his mother’s younger brother, Li’s mother, Li Liushi, the daughter of a teacher in a small private school in Yanghe City.
After death, relying on the remaining savings of the Li family and being a female celebrity, the two brothers were brought together. Four years later, Li Yiming was also fourteen years old, and Li Yiming’s younger brother was named Li Yizhan according to Li Tongyuan’s name before his death. A four-year-old child, Li Yiming walked along the alley with the lame old man for a long time, and then he came to a small door and opened it to go in.
Li Yiming shouted foolishly and cheerfully, “Mother, I’m back, just as the words fell, a woman left. It was Li’s mother, Li Liu’s family, who came out. Although Li Liu’s clothes were very simple, she couldn’t hide her beautiful face, but the hard life in the past few years had also stained her temples with a layer of frost, making her look older than her actual age. Mother Li looked at Li Yiming kindly, caressing his face lightly, said Yiming went out again, didn’t he get bullied? Li’s mother raised her head when she heard the words, and then her eyes darkened when she saw the lame old man behind Li Yiming, and said slowly, Lao Hu, please go find this child and say hello to him.
You are a wife, a villain, but your housekeeper.
How should you be a housekeeper? Mother Li sighed lightly when she heard the words, and was waiting to say something, but Lao Hu bowed and bowed, and went outside to Mother Li Seeing this, he stroked Li Yiming’s head and said, Yiming, go back to the room to rest.
After speaking, he sighed and turned around and walked in. Li Yiming stood there blankly, watching Li’s mother walking in. There is Li’s mother’s work.
At the female red place, it is obvious that Li’s mother is about to start working again.
At this moment, Li Yiming’s eyes flashed brightly, looking at the calluses on his mother’s hands, he couldn’t help showing a struggle in his eyes, and finally the struggle returned to calm, and turned his head to look at the butler Hu. The direction to go A trace of complicated emotions appeared on the face, mixed with a trace of inexplicable meaning.
Although the Li family is a great family, although it has fallen, it still leaves such a courtyard. Li Yiming also got a room.