They just smiled and listened quietly to the two little ones The child lay obediently in the cradle sucked his fingers looked at his father

The onlookers said that the flowers were stuck in cow dung and the cabbage was kicked by pigs. On the day when Jiang hired him to become king, everyone said that King Fuyuan, who single-handedly supported the little emperor to ascend to the throne, was a good-blooded man who defended the country and loved his wife like his life Standing under the peach blossom tree in the Wangfu, shyly wearing a jade crown to him, looking at him with radiant eyes, watching the crowd say that the cow dung has become good and fat, and the pig has become fine.
You can tell from the fact that the heroine has always been so sweet.
Use a very pretentious sentence to summarize the main context of this article.
The heroine conquers the hero.
The hero conquers the world. The main character, Jiang Ping, He Tingli, and the supporting characters, and other sweet favorite articles.
Chapter 1. It’s March in Beijing. It’s not too hot, especially in the morning when it rains lightly, and the cool air is even more serious. It’s icy and cold in Yuntian Hou’s mansion. It’s not a short distance from Mrs. Hou’s Qingmei Courtyard to Aunt Fu’s hometown.
The crane is wrapped in a small shawl and holding the maid’s hand, walking slowly.
The pale pink skirt follows. The footsteps swirled a little above the ground, revealing the white embroidered shoes embroidered with intertwined lotus flowers. One could tell at a glance that they were made of the best embroiderers and the best materials. It’s also refreshing and refreshing.
There are a few small white or red wild flowers here and there scattered in the grass. At a glance, it’s a beautiful sight. The maidservant is outside the house and heard Mr. Sun praise you. Is the maid biting her lip and looking at her side, no hurry? In the eyes of the girl who is moving slowly with lotus steps, the water spirit is in the eyes. Mr. Heiliang praised you for playing the piano well. Comparing with the big girl, it is even more like the sounds from the outside world.
How can it be so mysterious? Crane Tingli retracted his hands into his sleeves to watch in fear of the cold She laughed softly with a kite-like voice.
I didn’t think I played it very well, but it really looks like that in comparison. It’s still better than a big girl. The maid pulled her sleeve and shook her face slightly. Unstoppable joy, Mi Mi, why do you always like to compare me to her? He glanced at her, pretended to reproach her, said something to her, then took her hand and tucked it into the sleeve.
It was cold and the two held hands together. It will be warmer together because she always loves to be with you.
She pursed her lips and hummed in a low voice so that you don’t like to hear me. I’ll go back and tell my aunt that my aunt loves to hear. Head to see the scenery on the side of the road. Yun Tianhou is a serious scholar with a poetic and picturesque temperament.
He has a special emphasis on gardens.
Every flower and plant in the mansion is personally designed by him. Together, they have an indescribable charm. Every season is beautiful.
You like the two pots of camellia planted by my aunt so much. The servant girl told my aunt about Mr. today’s compliment. Maybe my aunt will give you a hairpin in her hair if she is happy. The corn is still there. I muttered about it, but it doesn’t matter if my aunt doesn’t give it to you.
You can go to Lord Hou at night to ask for Lord Hou’s baby. You must obey what you say.
Hugh’s broken thoughts were stern and he pinched her ears. Why did I insist on taking the camellia as the head flower? When did I say that, I think you must look good with that flower.
After all, you are so good-looking.
If you don’t want to listen to the servant girl, stop talking Sir, I am happy that class is over early and it is still far away from lunch time.
Don’t worry.
Mr. Sun is a female teacher who teaches piano. She is strict and doesn’t like to laugh at piano skills, but she is one of the best masters in the entire capital. In the palace, all the high-ranking officials and dignitaries scrambled to invite her back to the house.
Hou paid a lot of money to hire her to teach Strelitzina the piano.
Before the class, Yun Tianhou begged for a cup for herself with a few words, and now Mr. Sun even more It’s an obvious preference for Strelitzia, but there are many criticisms about Strelitzia, remembering that Mrs. Sun told Mrs. Hou that Strelitzia was not serious about learning the piano before class, and she had an ugly face.
The teaching yard is Yichun Building, which is quite far away from Qingmeiyuan. It is an attic like Houfu Music Square. There are all kinds of musical instruments in the attic, which has a better atmosphere and is more convenient.
Back to Qingmeiyuan and turned her home into a piano room.
The reason is simple and a bit funny.
It’s because Qingmeiyuan is farther away from the hometown where Crane Tingli is. I want her to walk a few more steps.
What are you laughing at? Millet is here again, in the mood of chanting, blinking her eyes to see her bright red up and down mouth rubbing and rubbing, she looks like she is about to let out some words at any time, I laugh this year, the colors of spring are so colorful and beautiful, and now I just happen to go to the lake and walk around the cranes and scorpions, and quickly grab her If you want to appreciate the scenery with your heart, don’t say anything. The Hou’s mansion is the mansion bestowed by the emperor when the old Hou Ye was alive. The old Hou Ye made great achievements in those days. He was a wise man who was admired and admired by the entire nobleman.
The mansion bestowed by the emperor’s grace is also one of the most luxurious and spacious pavilions in Beijing. The pavilions, flower gardens, waterside pavilions, and corridors are less than three points inferior to the gardens in the palace. It is a pity that Yun Tianhou is an honest man without his father’s courage and strategy. It is precisely because of Yun Tianhou’s duty not to attract wind that the Holy Majesty no longer has too much fear of the Hou’s Mansion, and now he is still loved and cherished. He came out of Qingmei Courtyard, walked down Qingshiban Road, and then turned a corner.
You can see the largest pond in the mansion when you turn a corner. It is shaped like a crescent moon.
The water surface is green like emerald. A wisp of wind blows over it is sparkling.
Even the fountain for washing pens is like a pool of stagnant water