They dont have any more soldiers Wang Chongdao but what does this have to do with us seizing the world Wang Xudao the princes of

The green leaves outside the window are rustling and fluttering with the wind.
In the midsummer season, there is a hint of coolness. Chu Yun walked into the classroom, found his seat and sat down in a hurry. He felt a little dizzy in his head. To prepare for the college entrance examination, he often stayed up late to review and couldn’t get a rest. Nervousness made his mind a little swollen, Chu Yun looked at the examination paper, his eyes became hazy, he couldn’t hold it anymore, he fell down on the table and fell asleep, senior brother, don’t sleep, master is calling you, in a daze, Chu Yun heard someone pushing himself He also called himself Senior Brother, what is the situation? He opened his eyes in a daze and found that the surrounding environment had changed. A white-haired old man was wearing ancient clothes with a stern face. He looked at Chu Yun and snorted coldly to express his anger. Where is my exam paper? Chu Yun’s face turned pale.
He remembered that he fell asleep during the college entrance examination. He missed the exam. I’m afraid the college entrance examination will fail the exam. Brother, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.
The bamboo slips fell all over the floor. He looked at Wang Xu. The desktop was in a mess, but he still couldn’t find his paper. The old man’s expression was even worse, as if he had eaten a fly. Exuding a mighty aura, like a saint, looking down on the world, it’s impossible, my paper, he looked at the old man, why even the invigilator has changed, and still wears such weird clothes The seventh generation of Guiguzi, Han Ling, has been a teacher for eight years.
There is a younger brother, Wang Xu.
A majestic message came to Chu Yun’s mind. He opened his mouth in surprise, showing an incredulous expression. Could it be that his soul has passed through and is still attached to the person named Chu Yun? He sorts it out. The following information Qin Wang Yingzheng unified the six kingdoms, claiming to be the first emperor, and carried out a brutal massacre of the nobles of the six kingdoms. He wanted to prevent the nobles from recovering the country.
Sculpture went to Mopan Mountain Guiguzi to live in seclusion.
Because of his talent, he was accepted by Guiguzi Han Ling as a disciple, so he was able to escape the catastrophe.
In the second year, Han Ling accepted Wang Xu as his disciple. He was his junior and his opponent.
Speaking of Guigu Party China Both philosophy and strategy play an important role.
The literature is a historical treasure. Chu Yun moved his brain and rolled his eyes twice. He looked at Han Ling and argued, Master, I didn’t sleep on purpose, but the patriarch entrusted me with a dream last night. I asked me to take a nap in class for a while to teach my disciples the important skills of Guigu. Disciple knows very well that it is disrespectful for the master to take a nap in class, but the power of the patriarch cannot be resisted, so the disciple cannot resist the sleep attack and has to take a nap. Han Ling looked at it with a half-smile He said, “Tell me what the patriarch taught you.
” His eyes were serious. If Chu Yun couldn’t say it, he would be severely punished.
Chu Yun showed a confident smile. He is a top student who is familiar with the Analects of Confucius, Guiguzi and other famous scholars. He understands it very thoroughly, so he said The patriarch taught that the ancient sage of Auruoji was the first to serve all living beings in the world. He recited the first chapter of Guiguzi verbatim. After finishing an article, I found out that Chu Yun fell asleep, so I was very angry, but Chu Yun could recite it word for word.
Could it be that the patriarch fell into a dream and taught him? Chu Yun successfully aroused Han Ling’s curiosity.
The latter’s face was no longer serious. He stroked his beard and said, “The patriarch can teach you the essentials of this article.
” Chu Yun cleared his throat.
The patriarch told his disciples to hold back their momentum when arguing with others, to lure them to refute, and to test their strength.
Chu Yun can speak vigorously, but it is appropriate to exaggerate the truth and make him speak from the bottom of his heart, listen to him, observe his sincerity, and grasp the evidence without leaking. At this point, Chu Yun shook his head, glanced at Han Ling, sighed, and said, “The disciple just wanted to ask the patriarch for the second chapter, but it’s a pity that the master Xianyin woke up. Han Ling’s eyes flashed brightly, and he laughed heartily.
He looked at Chu Yun with a look of approval.
He didn’t believe that Chu Yun was the patriarch entrusting his dream, but used the patriarch to avoid punishment. If he punished Chu Yun, wouldn’t it be disrespectful to the patriarch? He is very pleased with the art of Guigu Zongheng and Qiao Zui, who can talk all over the world Chu Yun has mastered it very well, even he can persuade the princes of the world, who else is he unable to say? Tidy things up, pick up the bamboo slips, look at the small seal characters engraved on the bamboo slips, he feels a headache Watching Yunwu really pass through, his two memories are slowly merging, I feel a little strange that I traveled back to the Qin and Han Dynasties, and I am still a descendant of the Guigu faction, did I let myself overthrow the Qin Dynasty? It’s full of lies, Chu Yun said angrily, he thought of Qin Shimingyue’s anime, and he couldn’t help but smile, that anime adapted from a novel, how can it be taken seriously, there is no such thing as Wei Zhuang in history, your debating ability has improved again, junior, Wang Xu walks away Coming over, Chu Yun looked back at Wang Xu. Chu Yun’s predecessor always felt that Wang Xu was a mysterious and terrifying figure.
His pair of ethereal and deep eyes always hide secrets, making it impossible to see through. Xiaoxu with a sad face, you want me to make a fool of yourself, Chu Yundao, Wang Xu’s mouth curled up slightly, Brother Dao possesses sophistry talents, who can see you make a fool of yourself, Xiaoxu, there are so many capable people from all schools of thought, we can’t underestimate them Others Chu Yundao is like Han Xinxin’s soldiers are like gods, they must win in battle, they must overcome in attack, they have never had a defeat in their lives, like Zhang Liang, they are strategizing and winning thousands of miles.