They didnt do anything except make trouble it seemed like they didnt look at it like this but my sister didnt believe it as expected

The female partner who was born with a partial birth got a life-saving job, got along like a fish in water in the capital, and accidentally reincarnated as the female partner’s first sister.
She finished the first chapter of this life, recalling the month after the grass-growing warbler flew by, and the March day happened to be a good time for outings.
The sons and daughters of the capital also took advantage of this time to go out with relatives and friends to enjoy the spring scenery. After a year of cold winter, it was covered with snow. The uneven grass that has finally melted has also begun to grow desperately.
When the spring is full of spring, it seems that the outskirts of the capital city have been quiet for several months.
With their travels, it has become lively. But it has to be said that in this beautiful spring time It is a pity that Kang Wang’s only daughter, Princess Changping, accidentally fell into the lake and drowned. The drowned lake happens to be the most scenic place in the outskirts of the capital.
Every winter, the lake is covered with a layer of ice. Just look at it.
Going to the vast expanse of white nature, there is naturally no scenery to enjoy, but in spring, the ice and snow melt and the lake begins to sparkle.
The willows by the lake also sprout buds and green leaves, making the whole branch look very graceful when viewed from a distance.
These aristocratic families basically hide at home every winter, so it is common to be a little naughty in spring, but no one has ever died, so many people go out every spring. This year is different.
Xiqing is the only brother of the emperor in the 21st year. After losing his daughter, he is naturally devastated, but this cannot be exchanged for a living daughter because it is related to the royal family. The emperor ordered a thorough investigation. All the evidence obtained is from Changping County. The master was naughty and accidentally fell into the lake and drowned because of this incident. Nowadays, no one allows the children to go out. This year, people who go out to the suburbs of the city deliberately walk around Goose Lake to talk about this incident. The only person in the world who can benefit is probably the second lady of General Zhennan’s mansion. The second lady of General Zhennan’s mansion was the first to find that Princess Changping fell into the lake, and she was also the first to call for help because she found it very late.
Even if you went to the past, you couldn’t get her back.
It’s just the second lady’s heart. Everyone has seen that Lord Kang, who lost his beloved daughter, gave some rewards after recovering.
It’s because of the emperor’s acquiescence and the addition of it. The extra generosity of Lord Kang’s family has made Second Miss, a concubine, like a fish in water in the capital.
Even though everyone looks down on her status, there’s nothing she can do about it.
After all, the emperor acquiesced to such a person.
Her face is so well-known that the second lady of the Zhennan General’s Mansion actually overshadowed the eldest lady who was born in the first place, which is really embarrassing.
The tragedy of last year has made everyone very vigilant this year, so it is March of the year to go out of the city again.
The people actually went directly to climb the mountain. Before that, they were swimming in the lake, but since the incident of Princess Changping happened, everyone went there without a lot of green clothes and cakes. Coming in from the outside, her face was a little upset.
What’s wrong? This is the person who was reading the military book raised her head and said in a small voice, her slender hands rested on the pages of the book, her slender body was lazily leaning on the soft bed, and as she raised her head, her delicate facial features were also eye-catching. Eyebrows are like distant mountains, eyes are like autumn water, Qiongyao nose, goose egg face, green clothes stagnation, anger is gone Miss, you said that the kitchen is a bully, isn’t it just my aunt who is in charge of the house? In the end, the spring clothes were not made, and the food was simple. The mung bean cake you asked for was not taken.
Song Yijin glanced at the empty food box and frowned. That concubine sister Song Yirou is the benefactor outside who helped Changping princess. On the surface, everyone sees that she went to help, but it didn’t get a good result, but she has a good heart. Although she came from a humble background, she is a concubine who can’t stand on the stage.
Daughter, but because it is not very important to have Lord Kang’s kindness to his concubine, it is considered windy and rainy outside, but who knows that Princess Changping was actually pushed in by Song Yirou. She is not a lifesaver, but a murderer. It’s a matter of a man. Song Yijin doesn’t want to say that she was lucky enough to be reborn on Song Yijin’s body this time.
She was supposed to be the princess of Changping. She will be the eldest lady of the Zhennan General’s Mansion in the future, because she was reborn only a few days ago.
This body was born before.
I was sick, so I was still a little weak, and I couldn’t go out to blow the air. I suppressed the excitement in my heart and didn’t bother Kang Wang’s mansion because it was a very mysterious thing. I didn’t know how to explain it. I knew I couldn’t explain it.
If the time wasn’t right.
What I rashly said to my parents in the previous life would only be regarded as a lunatic. She really didn’t want to make this matter a big deal, so she just hid in the house to recuperate.
It’s all from the same mother, even if there is a conflict, it’s not going to be tit-for-tat.
It’s just that Song Yijin has a bit of a headache after arriving at the Song family. There is no way to take care of it, even if we know that the situation at home is not good, but it is nothing more than some problems that can be solved with money. He has more important things, so he can’t take care of it.
His mother is weak and often stays in bed.
I went to the house, so I handed over the power of Zhongfei to my aunt.
I want to say that this aunt can’t explain it in a few words anyway, so today I saw that I wanted to eat some pastries after taking medicine.