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How do entrepreneurs face WTO access? Author’s Reading Hall Contents Introduction Self-development requires independent face of all aspects of development.
After joining, how does China’s private enterprises take care of themselves? What is the government’s attitude in the face of risks? Law will be an indispensable pillar for private enterprises It is stated that this book is collected and produced by 80 e-books from the Internet. It is only for preview, exchange and learning.
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The sudden emergence of world-renowned private enterprises is also facing severe historical challenges brought about by the integration of China’s economy with the world economy. China’s accession to the WTO has made private enterprises face the challenge of tariff concessions and the loosening of non-tariff barriers. Some private enterprises are facing the challenge of being squeezed out or lowered. We also have to face the challenge of intensified contradictions between supply and demand of foreign exchange, the challenge of price fluctuations, and the challenge of how to improve the professional quality of factory directors, managers, technicians and workers as soon as possible. In the face of such a situation, private enterprises must constantly analyze themselves. Avoid harm, improve resilience, promote the accelerated development of China’s private enterprises, achieve a new historic leap, enhance the awareness of WTO accession, study international rules, take precautions and prepare ahead of time. To publicize WTO disputes and relevant international business laws and regulations and the countermeasures we should take to enhance the awareness of joining the WTO of all cadres and workers.
The second is to strengthen the training of relevant leaders, factory managers and managers by holding seminars, training courses and reports. In order to improve the level of participation of private enterprise leaders in international economic and trade exchanges, the third is to train a group of foreign economic and foreign trade professionals through all plans of schools and colleges, so as to improve the competitiveness of China’s private enterprises in the world business war and improve the development strategy of private enterprises Make clear the direction of development, be sure of what you know in your mind, and be steady and steady.
Adhere to the policy of actively supporting reasonable planning, correct guidance, and strengthening management. Market and strive for maximum benefit as the purpose, further emancipate the mind, increase the intensity of reform, accelerate the pace of opening up, optimize the industrial product structure, improve product quality, increase the variety of designs and varieties as the focus, boldly use talents, actively attract talents, vigorously cultivate talents, and resolutely protect talents as the foundation Rely on scientific and technological progress, give full play to scale advantages, develop a diversified economy, create all favorable conditions, mobilize all positive factors, find a path of high-speed, high-efficiency, and long-span development, adjust the industrial structure, improve product grades, and form structural advantages that meet market demand. Joining the WTO means two major international and domestic The integration of the market determines that we must adjust the industrial structure according to the needs of the two major international and domestic markets, improve product quality and increase the variety of designs and colors.
Therefore, we must quickly grasp all kinds of relevant information in the domestic and foreign markets and compare them with our own actual conditions. Plan to adjust the industrial product structure of private enterprises in a purposeful way Seize the leading products and establish enterprise groups to form a scale advantage that adapts to market competition From the perspective of the international market, national monopoly trade and regional trade are increasingly strengthened From the perspective of the domestic market, state-owned enterprises gather talents With advantages in technology and capital, greater strides have been made in the transformation of mechanisms. Facing the situation of increasingly fierce market competition, private enterprises must adopt a group operation method in order to get rid of the weak situation and form a scale advantage that adapts to market competition.
Raising funds through multiple channels to raise investment efficiency.
At present, lack of funds is an important constraint factor affecting the accelerated development of private enterprises. Therefore, we must do everything possible to open up channels and raise funds from multiple sources. Increase investment growth rate and investment efficiency. The second is to seek foreign loans to develop foreign-funded enterprises and introduce foreign funds. The third is to raise funds from the private sector through the issuance of bonds and other forms.
The fourth is to give a little money through finance.
Squeeze a little out of the management fee and take some of it for yourself. Establish a private enterprise development fund.
Fifth, you can increase the depreciation rate of fixed assets of the enterprise to allow the enterprise to withdraw new product development funds.
The method of linking loans conditionally relaxes the loan policy for private enterprises. Emphasizes science and technology and relies on scientific and technological progress to vigorously promote the strategy of revitalizing enterprises through science and technology.
It is necessary to equip full-time scientific and technological cadres to strengthen governments at all levels, especially the governments at the prefectural, county and township levels