There will be no results please I didn’t aspire to be a great scientist well Li Qingyuan was a little helpless I was forced to

Chapter 1 Dog eyes look down on people, buddy, let me in, okay, I really have something to do Poor ghosts and dogs in the rich area are forbidden to enter.
The potbellied security guard waved his baton and yelled at the young man in front of him. If it wasn’t for the cameras everywhere, he would definitely give this chattering guy a taste of electric shocks. Three Ten years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi Mo bullied the young man Poor, do you understand? He was treated as a poor ghost and stopped at the gate of the community Now turn into Yuanying and hack you to death. The white security guard angrily opened the smartphone. The scrolling English version of Qidian Chinese website is flashing and jumping. Anyone who is interrupted while watching the highlights will probably have a bad temper, let alone in front of him. This brat wants to enter the community even without a pass, God knows if he is a thief or a liar Brother, if you have something to say, we civilized people don’t do anything, looking at the security guard who stands taller than himself, has a head and shoulders, seems to really anger Li Qingyuan. My heart suddenly trembled.
Of course, the quality of this body is not bad. Otherwise, it would be impossible to hang out in the poor streets and not be beaten to death today. But facing this big man with a murder weapon, I think he will definitely not be able to beat him, and the most important thing is What’s more, the other party is two people.
I am outnumbered and I will definitely suffer. Although the United States claims that democracy and the rule of law are the supremacy of human rights, human rights must be divided. For those gentlemen who live in wealthy areas and pay high taxes every year, their human rights are naturally important. Sacred and inviolable, but for an orphan like him who was born into a black family, is there such a thing as human rights? Why don’t you get out of here? The two security guards stood up together and roared like a dog roaring in hell.
He must not be able to get in. The young man angrily gestured his middle finger at the two security guards who looked down on people, and ran like a wild dog running away.
Could it be that he is stuck here waiting to die? The two security guards chased after him out of breath. After about 200 meters, he returned to his post cursing and continued to read novels.
After running for three consecutive streets, the boy stopped and looked back to see that the two white-skinned fat pigs did not catch up.
Then he stopped. After taking a breath, he cursed at the air, damn old James, can’t you change your wish? Pedestrians on the side of the road all looked sideways at this kid who ran over like a mad dog just now, and now he is yelling at the air again, I’m afraid he is not a fool, right? In a dimension that is invisible to everyone, an old white man wearing a top hat and a tuxedo is bowing humbly.
Sorry, Master Li, I really want to take another look at my family and hope you can fulfill my last wish, but now I can’t even The gates of the community can’t even get in, so what if you do, your family will definitely not open the door to let me in. The young man called Master Li said angrily that the security in the rich area is 24/7. Four hours of non-stop, if I dare to sneak in secretly, I might be regarded as a burglary and shot and killed.
After all, this is a free and democratic America. It is not illegal to kill someone who breaks into a private house.
Hearing him say that James was also a little dumbfounded. Although he was considered a successful person when he was alive, he had contacts in all walks of life, but now for a dead person, the connections and wealth he had before seem to be of no use to him, even his His actions are now limited by the young man in front of him. Old James can clearly feel that if he is too far away from this young man, it will probably dissipate immediately, so he has no choice but to let go of his previous pride and superior attitude and humbly beg this former man. I would never take a second look at the little bastard, the right little bastard Li Qingyuan didn’t know what he did to reincarnate him into this tragic identity. The original owner of this body was an abandoned baby who escaped from an orphanage.
As for why the orphan orphanage is not waiting for a child to run out to make a living, if the story in it is detailed, it will take several days to talk about it.
There is not much nonsense here.
How do you support yourself? Naturally, there is no other choice but to go out to be a thief and a beggar. So before the transmigration, the owner of this body has long been a recidivist in the poor streets of Los Angeles. Fortunately, since he transmigrated, it seems to be because of the soul.
Because of the fusion, he has a special function that others don’t have, that is, he can see the soul that others can’t see, and he can communicate with them.
Originally, the soul will dissipate directly after death, but Li Qingyuan found that as long as he is in the If those souls meet you before they dissipate, they will not dissipate immediately, but will dissipate after a period of time. This is the so-called delay time. Of course, it will only take two or three days at most, but for those dead souls This period of time is really too precious. After all, except for a very small number of people, most of them feel that they still have a lot of things to do after they die.
They always think about completing those unfulfilled wishes and being able to help Li Qingyuan is the only one who fulfills this wish, or else Master Li turned his eyes and thought of an idea, you first hand over the account and password you promised to me, I will go to get the money and change clothes before I come again Although I said to help these dead people fulfill their wishes From the perspective of the so-called reincarnation, it is a matter of infinite merit, but for him, can the merit be eaten or the real benefits of getting it are the real benefits. The guy who got up early promised to take himself home to see the wish