There was no slowing down calm and calm everyone looked at Roger stepping on the execution platform kneeling and sitting on the execution platform Roger

Chapter 1 Lucifer Carlos Sea Circle Years Over the years, the southern Iron Island of the West Sea is sunny and cloudless, and the sea breeze is warm and blue. The boy is wearing black sunglasses with a piece of green grass dangling from his mouth. His legs are tilted up. His dark eyes are hidden under the sunglasses and he is staring blankly at the sky.
My name is Lucifer. A small leader under the family, the Mike family is one of the affiliated families of the John family, the five major mafia families in the West Sea. This mafia family has great influence on the island of Iron Island. It is the same as the iron island branch of the Navy Iron Island Division Iron Self-Defense Luo. Forces The Iron Self-Defense Force is subordinate to the iron city lord.
It is a local force whose main responsibility is to maintain the order of Iron Island and protect the interests of local officials and residents. The Navy Iron Island Branch does not intervene in the daily management of Iron Island. Their main responsibility is to Crack down on pirates around Iron Island.
The reason why this island is called Iron Island is because the island is rich in iron ore. Needless to say, the value of iron is so huge that various forces are secretly spying on them and want to get a piece of the pie.
Thoughts are flying in the sky, gradually recalling the past, in fact, he is not from this world, but from the earth. His original name is a bit shameful. His original name is Qiu Xiaochi.
When he was born, it was the time when gambling movies in Hong Kong were popular. His last name was changed. Father Chou named him Chou Xiaochi.
This name didn’t matter whether he didn’t say it or not.
In short, it brought him some trouble and shame.
As for how he came to this world, it’s a long story.
All kinds of action movies, martial arts movies, martial arts novels, hot-blooded comics, etc. In a word, as long as they contain fighting, he likes to watch them.
He has been mischievous since he was a child, and he likes to fight with his friends. His partner was beaten so badly that his nose bleeds, and because of this, he was beaten by many parents since he was a child, but he never changed his mind after being taught repeatedly. When it was time to make a move, he still made a move.
His parents had no choice but to spend money to find a relationship and send him to Shaolin Temple to practice.
There are four members in his family. Apart from him, he also has an older brother.
His personality is completely opposite to his. He quietly likes to read.
The two brothers have completely opposite personalities. He is used to getting up earlier than chickens, going to bed later than dogs, and losing his temper. However, after experiencing the beatings of the society, he calmed down and gradually got used to it. To lay the foundation of martial arts, he mainly practiced Golden Bell Jars and Eagle Claw Kungfu, which has been practiced for fifteen years.
In addition to martial arts, there are also chemistry classes in Shaolin Temple.
His parents specially paid for him to go to university in the future to hire someone to teach him to practice martial arts every day. What a day. It’s too fulfilling. After 15 years, he doesn’t want to do anything but sleep. The golden bell jar, which he majored in, has become pure In the entire Shaolin Temple and even in the whole of China, there is no one more powerful than him, so he went down the mountain and took the local college entrance examination nearby.
The difficulty of the college entrance examination paper in Henan Province is really a lie. Afterwards, he opened a martial arts gym, and he usually kept practicing until he was twenty-five years old.
During the Chinese New Year, he drove home to celebrate the New Year.
The rain can’t even see clearly. For safety’s sake, he pulls over and prepares for the rain to lighten up.
Then he leaves. He plays music in the car, listens to a song called Lifetime Passed by You, plays with his phone, and finally feels the world brighten up. If he hears a deafening thunder that deafens his ears during the day, he will not know anything. When he wakes up, he will be in this world. Why does he travel to this world? He still feels a little scared when he thinks about it.
Fortunately, the screen saver of his mobile phone is One Piece instead of an antenna. If the baby was a Teletubbies, he would travel through the past, the scene would be indescribable.
Just imagine him, a big man full of hormones, transforming into a childish and cute Teletubbies, it would make people shudder and feel ashamed. In fact, he has been in this world for five years. Over the years, Haiyuan has transmigrated to this ten-year-old boy named Lucifer Carlos. This year, he was fifteen years old. When he came, the original host was quite miserable. He fought with others and was beaten to death. After merging the memory of the original host, he I know the experience of the original host very well.
Before the age of ten, Carlos lived a fairly happy life. Although his parents are not big figures, they still have a bit of status.
Both of them are managers of a chamber of commerce.
The money they earn every year makes the life of the family very good. However, there was an unforeseen event. When the Chamber of Commerce was transporting important goods, the cargo ship of the Chamber of Commerce was targeted by several groups of pirates.
The escort ship of the Chamber of Commerce bravely resisted and bought the ship where his parents were on a certain amount of time to escape.
However, due to the strength of the number of people In the end, the difference in factors didn’t last long.
The pirate ship followed behind, chased and intercepted, and finally because of panic, the ship deviated from the course and drove at full speed. It accidentally hit a reef.
By the time the pirate ship arrived, most of the ship had sunk, except for a few big names in the merchant ship.
They were all drowned.
His parents were regarded as middle-level members of the chamber of commerce, not high-level officials. Naturally, they died without their parents’ pension. Because the chamber of commerce suffered heavy losses and was exploited layer by layer, Carlos’s hands were very small.
It didn’t take long to spend After all, the house was squeezed out, and the money given to him was pitifully small. Although Carlos was not a spoiled child, he never had any hardships since he was a child, and he was not too young to find a job.