There was a sound of twisting cracking bone breaking Zhou Qiang let out a miserable roar his entire right arm was dislocated Qin Feng obviously

Chapter 1 Free Draw of the Protagonist Halo, Thunder Clouds Rolling in Shanghai City, Torrential Rain, The Wind Outside the Window Is Grumpy Like a Stepmother The popular serial network Qin Feng is male and female, nineteen years old, tall, 1.
78 meters tall, handsome, and has good kidney function. He is still a virgin, except for his identity as a senior high school student.
He is also a well-known Internet writer. Qin Feng’s subordinates have created countless A protagonist who is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, such as Xueba, the genius doctor, the killer, the son-in-law, the soldier Wang Xiandi, and the crooked mouth God of War who is popular all over the Internet, etc., finally got rid of it. It took less than ten minutes for Qin Feng to compel all the more than ten serialized books in his hand Unfinished ending, all the protagonists were written to death by him without exception, that is, the eunuchs in the readers’ mouth. The distortion or the loss of morality.
In short, the readers of course quit.
All of them were filled with righteous indignation and left messages to Qin Feng on the Internet, asking Qin Feng that the protagonist would die too.
Was the protagonist’s halo eaten by a dog? Forget about the unfinished ending, writing all the protagonists to death, it’s frenzied. One day, a knife will kill the eunuchs and dogs in the world. Qin Feng browsed the comments from readers on the Internet.
He just laughed at himself. His delicate face was full of helplessness. There are more than ten books, but Qin Feng put his heart and soul into them.
Of course, there is something unspeakable about the works he created. The reason why Qin Feng wrote all the protagonists to death is because he just found out that he is terminally ill. With half a month left, who still has the heart to write? So Qin Feng wrote all the protagonists of all the works in his hand tonight.
Looking at the ceiling from the chair, he sighed and said with emotion that everything is fate.
It is ridiculous to say that Qin Feng has created so many powerful protagonists, each of which has its own protagonist aura, but he does not have a protagonist aura, so he Had to face the greetings of death. At this time, Qin Feng looked at the calendar hanging on the wall. In fact, tomorrow is still a special day.
As a senior high school student, Qin Feng should take the college entrance examination tomorrow, but now his life is almost dead.
What’s the point of taking the college entrance examination? It would be nice if I also had the aura of the protagonist, but the reality is no, the reality is often more cruel than the end of my youth. Qin Feng was talking to himself while drinking beer, and the whole person fell into a little drunk.
At the same time, he went out of the window The wind was even fiercer, and above the sky, the strange phenomenon suddenly appeared in the dark clouds. Two moons appeared at the same time. The two moons were strange and hideous in color, like blood.
Feng’s sober Most of the time, I took a closer look at the computer in front of me, and it turned on automatically. Snowflakes flickered on the screen, which was very strange. Qin Feng was still a little dazed. Suddenly, an electric current flew out of the computer screen and shot into Qin Feng’s eyebrows.
Qin Feng’s consciousness was hit by the electric current. Becoming confused, a sweet female voice suddenly sounded in my mind, locking the host, binding the protagonist’s halo system, detecting that the host’s health is dying, and passively triggering the automatic repair mechanism of the system, the restoration is successful, and the host’s health has returned to Qin Feng, he heard it clearly. After the system prompt sound in the movie, I was a little shocked and muttered in a low voice, I actually have a system, isn’t this a plot that only appears in movies? I’m not dreaming, right? Then Qin Feng took a closer look at his physical condition and found that he was full of blood.
Strength, no abdominal pain, and thinking of the system notification sound saying that his health has recovered, he guessed that his terminal illness should be completely cured by this magical system. Qin Feng suppressed the excitement in his heart and tried to use his consciousness and mind. The system communicates with the system and the system immediately gives feedback. Master, I am your system secretary. You can call me Xiao Qi.
If you have any questions, I will answer you.
Feeling unbelievable, I forced myself to calm down and muttered, Xiaoqi, my terminal illness is already cured, Xiaoqi, yes, the system has repaired your physical disease. Your current health level is that you can carry ten catties of Chinese cabbage up to the sixth floor to get terminally ill.
Already healed and excited, Qin Feng couldn’t laugh or cry. Xiaoqi, I didn’t expect you to be quite humorous, Xiaoqi. Master, I can also tell the connotations of Guo Degang’s cross talk and Fifty Shades of Grey. Do you want to listen to it? Xiaoqi, you should stop being humorous first.
Let me introduce the function of the system. I am at a loss right now. Qin Feng has a big brain for writing about the Internet, so even when these strange things happen to him, he can keep calm and calmly ask Xiao Qi. The name of the master system is the protagonist Halo. As the name of the system suggests, you can draw protagonist halos with different abilities, and use the protagonist halos to do whatever you want, such as earning 100 million yuan, marrying Bai Fumei, and reaching the pinnacle of life.
Ah, Qin Feng has created so many protagonists with the halo of the protagonist on the Internet in his life. He never expected that the halo of the protagonist fell on top of his head this time. It was fate. After calming down, Qin Mu thought about it It’s all fate’s arrangement.
Next, I should rely on the powerful function of the protagonist’s halo system to embark on the road of changing my life against the sky and live a wonderful life, so Qin Fengbo is not in a hurry to ask Xiaoqi, can I draw the protagonist’s halo now?