There was a man reclining on the top propping his head up to see her Yurou was startled his mouth was open enough to fit

As for her mother who resolutely resigned from public office to become a housewife after his father Chuchu was able to support the whole family, the reason is that Xiao Yurou’s life was refined, and the studies that took up more of her first half of her life were more important.
She was played to the fullest by her parents. When she was in kindergarten, she was the cutest girl in the class. She was well-behaved and sensible.
The teachers liked her, not to mention that her mother’s handkerchief happened to be the principal of this kindergarten. It was following her target, she entered the elementary school smoothly, the whole family took action, found her father, classmate and wife’s sister-in-law who just happened to be leading her class. After the goal was determined, no one could stop Yurou. Parents’ love for girls, the homeroom teacher was unable to resist, and was directly captured and became her sister-in-law. In junior high school, her sister-in-law sent her to her brother’s class, so she had another uncle in high school. There is no need for outsiders.
Her uncle is right there. He is the number one gold medal teacher in Qi County.
Under his name, he has brought out countless champions in the college entrance examination. Before Xiao Yurou came, he had already led the high school sprint class for many years.
He was forced to live for his niece. She was relegated to being the head teacher of the first year of high school, crying to death the parents of the third year of high school who went after him at the same time, exhausting the principal and laughing to death dozens of her classmates who were taken care of all the way to the big Yu Rou lived and studied almost They are all under the microscope of their parents, not to mention eating, drinking and playing, just making friends and talking to boys, and they will be questioned all the time. If they are replaced by ordinary people, they will be annoyed, especially when they are young, they have to do a few outrageous things to get angry But Xiao Yu is soft and calm to Xiao Yu, as gentle and kind as water that cannot be boiled, and absolutely obedient. These characteristics of her make all those who love her love her even more.
Everything that helped her was set aside for her in every possible way. Apparently, when God created man, she was also given special care.
She was blessed with the advantages of her parents. She spontaneously formed a combination and grew into a beautiful and beautiful face, and then passed by her the day after tomorrow. Mother’s meticulous care. All the qualities that young girls should have have been brought into full play in her. Even if it’s not a good point, Wen Tun is also unique in her age group. She has become a model of quietness that everyone admires among the parents.
The most important evaluation is the grades, the appearance, the personality, the grades, the grades, and the ability to walk sideways in the school. After entering high school, she has always been in the top ten of the class.
Even entering the sprint class of the third year, she can still maintain this grade. Before the college entrance examination, her uncle told her parents such a sentence. Outside, she wouldn’t take a wrong step. At that time, her parents laughed and passed away. They were their darlings.
How could it be so bad? In fact, her uncle also had good intentions, because her parents had decided for her early on. The destination of the university is determined to be a local university, but even though this local university is not ranked in the entire national university circle, it is more than enough to apply for this school according to the top 20 in the sprint class led by her uncle.
It’s a pity that her parents didn’t take this issue, and her uncle couldn’t help it. The Xiao family, including Yurou herself, treated the college entrance examination very smoothly. Yurou completed herself very seriously. To be honest, her parents are more interested in what she eats that night than the results of the college entrance examination. After taking her home, she had a good meal and let her go back to her room to rest without asking a word.
The next few days of waiting for the results Their family has not changed from usual, so her uncle checked the results of the college entrance examination and brought them directly to her home. Her uncle was very excited because Yu Rou directly broke through the top ten and got fifth in the exam. This result is several miles away from a book.
It’s a pity that this doesn’t include Yurou, her parents, they just said in front of her uncle, daughter, you really gave our parents face, and then there was no more, causing her uncle’s blood to be extinguished by cold water, and he couldn’t sit for five minutes before returning Not only did my uncle come to fill in the application, but at the decisive moment, my sister-in-law also brought some news that there was a relative in the city, and the relative was not far away, but her uncle had been abroad.
Having worked in education all his life, he is also well-known. Being rehired as an honorary professor by the university, Yu Rou is not a big problem.
The old professor has been living in the school and can take care of her more or less. This university is so different from the local university in every aspect. People have sharpened their heads to get in. Are they going to miss this opportunity for nothing? Squat at home or come back with gold plating? That is the question. Seeing her aunt wear out her lips, she said that she must not delay the child’s future. Later, her father was a little bit tempted, and her mother didn’t agree or object because of my sister-in-law’s face. The matter of Rou filling out the local university is now considered over, but after returning to her room, Yu Rou took out a new application form from the drawer and filled in the first application form clearly.
Her uncle received her application form the next day. I didn’t feel surprised, but I felt it should be taken for granted. The days before the admission letter came were peaceful and comfortable. Yurou didn’t like to go out in summer and stayed at home.
She was so comfortable, but in the end that day came. Yurou’s mother collapsed like never before and cried on the spot. The hoarseness was so low that he could pass by just a little bit.
When Feather’s father received the news, he drove for three hours and returned home only to find that the house was already packed with relatives.