There was a condescending look on his face he looked at the long line of registrations with disdain and pointed his fingers he walked towards

Leading a young man with a physique against the heavens, in order to find his father, he battled through the world and entered the starry sky. In the end, he became the real brother of Thor Standing at the corner of the street and looking at the dark clouds rolling in the sky, he wondered why he persisted in the end. Why has his father left him for ten years? It has been rumored for a long time that his father has passed away. During these ten years, Lei Fan suffered an unbearable hardship for a child.
Painful father is a powerful cultivator.
The entire dusty city has benefited from his father’s strength. Countless strong men once lowered their noble heads under his father’s threat. Originally, Lei Fan was also regarded by others. His talent must not be worse than his father’s. The result is disappointing, his dantian is silted up and there is no room for storing spiritual energy, it is only one-tenth of other children’s. In other words, his dantian is basically solid. Although he is working hard, the gap with others is getting bigger and bigger. Father Although Yu Wei is still there, some people have already started to move around. Some people continue to use various excuses to test the limits of the Lei family. In the school, they were ruthlessly suppressed.
The house was stolen from time to time, and the servant disappeared without reason.
Uncle, father, once best friend, a person who respects his father as a brother and regards himself as his own son, but he has no choice but to pretend to be a fool, God is really unfair, he looked up at the sky that was gradually covered by black clouds, and couldn’t help but compare himself to the sky A middle finger clicked and a thunder exploded above his head, and a thick red lightning bolt lit up the whole sky Thief God, if you have the guts, hack me to death, otherwise one day I will surpass the nine heavens and let the heavens and the earth tremble under my feet Let this perverted world change because of me Lei Fan roared angrily towards the sky and vented his depression, thinking too much is useless, let’s go to the school first, after a long time his mood gradually calmed down, he walked towards the school, stepped into the school gate, and now he is still there Before the class time, a large number of students were chatting in the yard.
A tall student with sharp eyes lit up when he saw Lei Fan, and purposely shouted loudly. They all come to see Lei Fan, this trash is here.
This trash is a shame to live in this world He said that he was beaten to death a few days ago, but he was fatal.
Don’t talk nonsense.
I heard that his father was a strong man, even stronger than the city lord. His father was a short-lived ghost. He died outside a long time ago. He just whispered. Come on, although Lei Fan’s cultivation base is very low, but his hearing is very good, he heard these discussions verbatim, he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, but what can this change? This situation, he does every day. How can I meet anger? I also tried to reason with them before.
Every time I was beaten to death, I could only suppress myself in my heart. My cultivation is only in the early stage of bone and flesh refining, and my physical body is only a thousand catties. Against people, Lei Fan resisted the urge to turn around and leave.
He needs to become stronger and cannot leave the only place that makes him stronger.
In the distance, a boy as strong as a bull saw Lei Fan swaying towards Lei Fan with a big wave of his hand.
This guy is called Liu Wu. However, in the mid-stage of bone and flesh training, his strength is boundless.
He can lift a five-thousand-jin boulder, which is the strength of a tiger.
At this time, Lei Fan’s strength is only over a thousand pounds.
He is the master of the school, but he has no background Anyone with strength will be exploited by him. Liu Wu stretched out his big hand in front of Lei Fan, showing disdain on his face. This month’s extra money, three gold coins, can you give me a few more days, Mr. Wu? I really have no money these days, Lei Fan is strong.
Holding back his anger, there was a helpless wry smile on his face.
He really has no money. Except for the ancestral house, the rest of the Lei family had already been plotted secretly. He knew that if he played tricks, he would be beaten violently. Knowing what kind of rivalry Mr.
Liu Wu has with him, a student can’t help but ask the people around you, don’t you know that someone ordered him to do this for the purpose of Lei’s ancestral house? You are too lawless, Hush, what is your sense of justice? You said you have no money. Liu Wu grabbed Lei Fan’s collar with his big hand like a fan. I really have no money.
There was an evil smile on Liu Wu’s face. If you give your beautiful little sister to the Lord, this month’s extra money will save you from thinking that Lei Fan’s eyes will turn red all of a sudden.
This bastard actually wants to hit Ah Zhu Liu Wu’s words seemed to ignite the explosive barrel all of a sudden, and Lei Fan was gone. The obedience just now was like a fierce hungry wolf, and he swung his fist at Liu Wu’s face. A Zhu was a stray Lei Fan picked up from the street when he was young The two of them have lived together all these years.
Ah Zhu is well-behaved and sensible. At the age of twelve or thirteen, he has supported the family alone. Ah Zhu is his bottom line. He doesn’t care if he is beaten or scolded, but if anyone wants to bully Ah Zhu, he will really do his best. He used to feel that there was another self living in his body, that self was impulsive, irritable and even crazy, as soon as someone touched his limit, that self would break out and replace him Hehe, kid, I knew you would go crazy, but it’s a pity you found the wrong person Liu Wu With a sneer, he turned his head away from Lei Fan’s fist and kicked Lei Fan’s stomach. Lei Fan felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen.
He was kicked more than ten meters away and hit the blue stone steps of the school. Wow, Lei Fan opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, his body was trembling non-stop, his whole face was distorted by the pain, you brat, how dare you shake your fist at me, look at me today, if I don’t beat you to death, Liu Wu will stride forward and kick Lei Van’s head