There is no way out for you and me now there is only one way out Wu Sangui turned to Xia Guoxiang and Qin Guanglian

Introduction The Son of Heaven guards the gate of the country, and the king dies at the Sheji. This is the oath that the Ming royal family fulfilled with their lives. Even Zhu Pingan, who is the concubine of the vassal king, also has the fierceness and pride that came from Emperor Gao of the Taizu. Shoulder the heavy burden of recovering the Ming Dynasty, fight Fengyang, decide the two Huaihe Rivers, conquer Qilu, conquer Liaodong, go straight to the Huanglong, Dingding, and the world, rush to the crown, become a beauty, leap into a horse, slash the sword, restore the rivers and mountains, and rewrite a hearty heroic epic with my fiery Ming Dynasty.
Chapter 1 Peace It’s Fu Ming Chongzhen’s tenth year in August, the tenth day of August, the capital of Fengyang. There is still a faint smell of fireworks in the air.
Since the eighth year of Chongzhen’s reign, Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong broke through Fengyang.
Although it has been two years, the memory of the flames is soaring. However, it remained in the memory of the people of Fengyang, so that until now, there is still that indistinct burnt smell in the nostrils of people Looking at the high wall of the forbidden wall not far from the foot of the imperial city for a long time, he looked at the moon passing through the clouds above his head, it seemed that the time had not yet arrived, but the chewing sound of his partner seemed to be getting louder and louder. Zhu Pingan couldn’t help but sighed. Can the sound of Shang eating be lowered here? But in the imperial city, you have to lure soldiers and horses to come over to be reconciled? Cao Wushang grinned, his white jade-like teeth glistened in the night, and in a flash a chicken leg was stuffed into his mouth again. Zhu Ping’an turned his head helplessly, his eyes still cast on the high wall of the forbidden wall below, but he asked. Wushang, do you have an ideal? What is an ideal? Cao Wushang focused all his attention on the grilled chicken in his hand and answered vaguely, this is what he wants to do in the future.
Cao Wushang rarely put the chicken leg down.
Suddenly, a charming smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. This smile always reminded Zhu Ping’an of a noun in later generations, “Pretty Man Over Flowers”, but the answer from this Pretty Man over Flowers was shocking.
He has no taste and eats meat every day. It is the little thing that I most want to do.
Faced with such an answer, Zhu Pingan can only bow his head silently.
It has been a year since he came to this era. Zhu Pingan has gradually adapted to the situation of no mobile phone and no computer. The era without flushing toilets just never figured out why I was drunk at the wine table entertaining the superiors, how could I come to this war-torn era in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties as soon as I opened my eyes. A college student, a young cadre who has struggled on the grassroots front for nearly ten years, said that Zhu Pingan is very clear about what the word Chongzhen means, which means that the Chinese nation will enter an era full of barbaric slavery and bloody ideals. For Zhu Pingan in his previous life Some are too illusory, and it can be said to be extremely philistine.
It is nothing more than a package of promotion and wealth.
Unfortunately, Zhu Pingan has never touched a single hair of his ideal until before the time travel. Park Dunhou’s loyalty and filial piety have been deeply engraved into the soul.
Even the cunning, cunning and careful calculation of Zhu Ping’an, the later generation who traveled through time, can’t stop the two souls from being tightly entangled together, slowly merging with each other, and finally becoming one.
This made Zhu Ping’an realize that his ideal was much simpler.
It was simply outrageous, that is, to live with dignity, to live with the pride unique to a Ming citizen, and seven years before the seventeenth year of Chongzhen, this time is enough. Zhu Pingan tried every means to increase his strength, not to mention there was a prisoner in the high wall not far in front who could help him, his grandson, the big dog, they had changed guards, Cao Wushang’s reminder interrupted Zhu Pingan’s thoughts, Zhu Pingan had already warned Cao Wushang has repeated many times, but he still can’t change this title. It seems that this title can make him feel honored. Look at the sky, the high wall guards stationed at the forbidden wall have begun to rotate a group of soldiers wearing simple iron armor.
At the end, a tall man dressed in a small flag held a lantern and swayed a few times in the direction of the imperial city wall where Zhu Pingan and the two were hiding, and then stood still in front of the gate of the high wall.
Zhu Pingan tightened the package on his back again, Cao Wushang Unwillingly, he sucked the chicken leg bone again until there was no trace of meat on it, and then reluctantly threw it away. Zhu Pingan slowly slid down from the top of the wall along the rope tied in advance, while Cao Wushang simply grabbed it. A rope jumped down from the top of the city, and his clothes were blown up by the wind, looking very elegant. His toes lightly tapped a few times on the city wall, and his figure had landed firmly in the imperial city.
The dead eunuch knew how to show off his lightness.
Dao and the two came to the gate next to the high wall. The high wall guards did not look sideways. Only the man with the appearance of a small flag just now turned to Zhu Pingan who was in the dark and nodded slightly.
Zhu Pingan and Cao Wushang took out the The iron claws I carried with me climbed up the wall and successfully entered the high wall. The high wall is the place where the imperial family of the Ming Dynasty imprisoned crimes. These people have a collective name. Once they enter the high wall, they will never see the sun again. This is also the Ming court The most severe punishment for the clan’s children was the eighth year of Chongzhen when the bandits broke through Fengyang and released all the criminals who were imprisoned in it. So now only one clan member is imprisoned in the high wall, and he was imprisoned in the ninth year of Chongzhen.
The man who came in was Zhu Ping’an’s present father Zhu Yujian, king of Tang Dynasty in Nanyang, and Zhu Ping’an knew very well that his father would play a pivotal role in the future history because he was the second emperor in the history of Nanming. Emperor Longwu was also the only one among the emperors of the Southern Ming Dynasty who could still be called somewhat capable, but later died under the butcher knife of the Qing army because of Zheng Zhilong’s betrayal. His tragic life, his family’s tragic history