There is no sound at all the martial arts powerhouse with five qi and dynasties has fallen and it has been discovered whether a junior

Young master, young master, you can go back to your soul for a while, old slave, I know you are suffering, and you also know that you are regretful, but you can’t be so bad, you have to take care of your health, Miss Seven is such a good person, she took us in this time, and let us be the gardeners of the medicine garden Don’t complain, don’t go to Xiuzhu Pavilion anymore, you should save some money to marry a wife, now that the Lu family is in ruins, the Qian family has retired the marriage With the help of you, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get along with others. If you can’t find a wife, don’t hang out with those cronies and friends. Don’t gamble anymore. Our Lu Mansion is your gambler. Walking outside the door, the chattering old servant smelled the scent of flowers and plants.
Lu Xun’s face was very complicated. Lu Xun, the richest man in Beixiang City, the head of the Lu family spent less than half a year in taking over the Lu family, walking dogs, drinking and fighting cocks. Not bullying men and women, but the dandy has done everything that the dandy should do. Not only did it, but it is better than all the dandies. A little gardener under the fence.
Three days ago, Lu Xun had nowhere to go and had problems eating.
After seeking help from many relatives and friends to no avail, he took refuge in Seventh Sister’s house. The hungry Lu Xun saw the table full of delicious food, but he burped his fart.
Only then did Lu Xun become the present Lu Xun since he opened his eyes and accepted the reality.
This is the first time that Lu Xun walked out of the door to experience the extraordinary Dazzling Spirit Continent. Birds, beasts, vegetation, spirits and monsters, there are legendary elves, beastmen, and Western legendary gods. People who travel through time are either artifacts or golden fingers, grandpas, or emperors and princes.
I, Lu Xun, have a grim face just after crossing.
You have become a pauper with nothing. God, you play with me. When I was six years old, Lu Xun was sent to the martial arts academy. When he was tested, his meridians were full of stagnation. He didn’t have the foundation of martial arteries, and he couldn’t even complete the most basic aura operation. In order, they are innate, three flowers, five qi, martial arts, martial arts, golden pill, martial arts, martial arts, martial arts, and Lu Xun, who can’t even operate the most basic aura. He is doomed to be an ordinary person in this life. Trampling hard on the flowers and plants planted in the garden, I found out whether the primary plantation has been turned on, and a mechanical voice rang in my head. It’s like changing from a beggar to a Nine-Heaven God Buddha suddenly.
Lu Xun finally realized the exciting feeling of being suddenly on the ground and in the sky. It doesn’t matter where it is or whether there are people around.
It doesn’t matter what world it’s in, this fate counts Saved the Super God Demon Plantation system, started to fuse, 156% and 100% sorry, can’t fuse with the mechanical sound of the system, Lu Xun’s heart beats wildly, the Super Plantation System sounds impressive when you hear its name, Lu Xun When Lu Xun fantasized about punching the world’s supreme god and kicking the world’s head of the devil, he was fantasizing about his own system in his hands and holding the world in his hands. Drunk and lying down The system fusion failed when the beauty was kneeling. What the hell is this? Why did the sky’s strength come to me and the fusion failed? Lu Xun is full of disappointment. This is the hope. The greater the disappointment, the more countless fantasies in his head.
At this moment, it suddenly shattered. Because the host level is too low, the minimum fusion conditions cannot be achieved.
The mechanical voice replied.
Lu Xun’s level is too low, I want you to be angry because of my high level, Lu Xun, this is purely bullying newcomers, which one of the protagonists in the book was a master when he got the system, he was either a waste or an ordinary person without a little bit of strength, so may I ask you What kind of system is the system called Super Demon Plantation System? As the name suggests, the system can plant demons and demons. Lu Xun can’t turn his head around. He carefully asked if demons were planted, of course not super demon plantations. In theory, anything can be done.
Planting gods and Buddhas in the heavens and worlds, as long as there is anything in the body of these gods and demons, such as cut hair, fingernails, clothing or clothing fragments, weapons, as long as there are things related to this god and demon, they can be used as seeds in the super god This god and demon can be planted in the magic plantation.
Lu Xun’s eyes widened and his heart was overwhelmed. This is so powerful, it is so powerful that it is against the sky. So, like Monkey King Town Yuanzi Sanqing Patriarch Tathagata Buddha As long as there is something related to them Being able to plant a scene appeared in Lu Xun’s mind. After walking on this continent, he was followed by a lot of fairy boys. Lu Xun is the bait, no matter how courageous he is, he never dared to think about Patriarch Hongjun and Great God Pangu because their levels are too high, but where do I go to find things related to them? I am still in a different world, even if I am in their world.
With the current strength, not to mention the clipped fingernails, I don’t have the ability to get them. Lu Xun suddenly remembered a very realistic thing, that is himself now