There is no shortage of these peaches but the invitation represents a kind of identity but it is worth going to see the serious Jiutianxuan

Chapter 1 Incense Burning Body New Book for Collection The dawn is dawning with the rays of the rising sun in the morning, countless creatures emerge from the deep caves and sigh at the same time.
The Lich catastrophe, which lasted for thousands of years, has destroyed the entire prehistoric area.
Whether it is the protagonists of the war, the demon clan and the witch clan, the innocent human race, and the larks who were used as cannon fodder, most of them are ten rooms and nine empty. Fortunately, with the death of the two demon kings and ten ancestor witches, the whole prehistoric world finally calmed down after the catastrophe. For the rest of his life, countless beings sighed at the beauty of life, but the vacuum of power made countless powerful masters start to move.
In the wilderness, an eight-hundred-mile mountain range faces the sea, surrounded by mountains, undulating and lush.
Below the mountain, there are rivers intersecting. A personal tribe.
Dotted all over the surroundings, at this moment, a man, three women, and four figures are standing in the air, staring at this mountain with a radius of 800 miles, especially the round sun god stone on the main peak.
Saluting haha, this is what a teacher should do, and it is also a blessing that you Yunxia clan should have.
Your elder brother has a deep fortune to find such a treasure.
Is it true that this mountain was transformed by a mysterious tortoise from the North Sea? The girl in a green skirt followed her master’s gaze and looked at this mountain, Xuaner asked curiously. Cut off the mysterious tortoise from the North Sea and take its four legs to make a pillar of heaven The young girl also joined the discussion. The middle-aged man touched the short beard under his chin, and the Taoist robe stretched in the wind made him look more immortal. As soon as they had a chance, the girl in red who had always been reserved heard this and looked at the huge boulder on the top of the mountain. The man in red and green clothes shook his head slightly when he saw this, waved his sleeves and said, let’s go. You have plenty of time to get together in the future.
The three sisters nodded I glanced at the Sun God Stone again, and followed my master to drive eastward, leaving only a mountain of 800 miles and a round boulder on the top of the mountain.
Empress, you are going to be the master of the demon clan! A boy in golden clothes is kneeling in the hall of the palace The face is full of anger and the eyes are shining fiercely. It is obvious that the anger has reached the extreme. Xiao Shi, although your parents and brothers were plotted by others, everything was caused by the catastrophe. I can’t do anything now. From now on, your practice will be very smooth, so why bother to live with right and wrong? After the veil, Empress Nuwa’s kind voice sounded, apparently trying to persuade the tenth prince of the Golden Crow to calm down. Empress, my Golden Crow clan was so glorious in the past, but now I am the only father left alone. Wang and the others don’t say it, but the eldest brother and the others are obviously immortal, but they were suppressed by Lao Tzu, the leader of Tongtian and others, and exchanged their souls for souls.
It is to seize the luck of the demon clan and cut off my eldest brother’s chance of resurrection. Isn’t this going to destroy my Jinwu clan? The voice of Empress Nuwa and the heavenly sage went cold in vain Conceived in nature, you will surely get what you wish, the voice of the Empress Nuwa becomes kind again, the surrounding temperature returns to the original ten princes, it feels like a dream, only the melting ice on the robe proves that just now is by no means illusory, this fairy-killing gourd is I used the purple and white gourd that your uncle gave me to fight against scattered witch-killing swords to refine it.
Let me send it to you today.
If you can completely refine this treasure, you will not be far from proving the way. I respectfully thank Empress Nuwa for withdrawing from the Wa Palace.
The engraved hatred, powerless desperation caused the once infinitely beautiful ten princes to fall into deep pain. After a long time, the ten princes finally made up their minds to look up to the sky and howl in the sky. Daoist Lu Ya will not avenge this revenge, vow not to prove the Tao, a thunderbolt from the blue sky follows the oath of the ten princes, as if to witness the birth of Daoist Lu Ya, the drizzle is like silk, the wind is blowing, and the distant mountains are like daisies. The whole world is blurred.
It’s like Zhao Lang’s mood is a little ignorant now, he stands motionless on the top of the mountain, quietly feeling the slanting wind and drizzle, the rivers and mountains are picturesque, of course he is not enjoying the scenery, but is trying his best to absorb and refine those useful memories, because at this time his mind There are a total of three memories that are merging together.
First, he was the Golden Crow Prince and soared, and then he was shot down by a golden arrow and fell on the mountain and turned into a boulder. Then, he was the body of Qingfeng and fought to the death with a sky witch to protect the three younger sisters.
Exhausted, blew himself up and died together with the other party, and then turned into a successful businessman in the future, enjoying all the glory, but inexplicably a thunderbolt came here, the last three figures merged into one, and became himself in the Sun God Stone.
Finally, Zhao Lang confirmed that he had passed through and was still a person Conferred Gods and Celebrities, that is my own great God of Wealth, Zhao Lang, Zhao Gongming. It is great to travel through the prehistoric world. Zhao Lang will not be pretentious and wants to go back to the North Sea.
The fly in the ointment is that Zhao Gongming was killed by Lu Ya and Jiang Ziya in the conferred gods.
Since then, the divine soul has been conferred as the god of the heavens. At this moment, he decided to use his time-traveling advantage