There is no Darcy with a serious smile and said I mean it you don’t even know what reincarnation is all about so you just

Darcy did not propose to Elizabeth, but to a Chinese, a smart and beautiful younger sister who has been ranked for five thousand years. This is simply two people who are completely irrelevant. How did I get one? That’s how I got one. Su Nuan Tian’s story begins with Baoyu’s marriage to Baochai. In order to connect with the timeline of Pride and Prejudice, the part of the Red Chamber is completely empty, especially the emperor’s complete fiction.
The main character Daiyu Darcy in Chang Tianwen The supporting role is Bentley Elizabeth Baoyu Feng and other chapters of A Dream of Red Mansions Pride and Prejudice Chapter Daiyu has been ill since she returned to Xiaoxiang Pavilion that day The people around her said what the ears could hear but the heart did not understand Gradually fell into a coma I don’t know when I heard crying in my ears, and I heard the voice of some housekeeper’s lady, and then I heard Zijuan crying. Why is Zijuan crying? Could it be that she died? Daiyu wanted to open her eyes and look in front of her eyes. It’s pitch black, I can’t tell the direction, I can only feel and walk forward, in a trance, as if someone is coming in front of me, hug me into my arms and start crying, my poor son, this voice is so familiar, Daiyu’s tears are dripping like broken pearls The answer fell down, mother Daiyu thought about her mother, Jia Min, who has passed away for many years, and now see you again, I am afraid that I am no longer alive, but it is a pity that I can see my mother in the underworld. When you heard this sentence, Daiyu, you thought back when Jia’s mother called her like that when she entered Jia’s mansion at the beginning of the year, but in the end, how could she wipe away her tears and persuade her mother not to cry? I understand Madam, don’t cry, you and I don’t have much time to get together with Yu’er.
If it’s important, I quickly said that Jia Min let go of Daiyu and wiped away the tears. Seeing Yu’er, my heart has already been disturbed.
How can I take care of these? The master reminded me very much Is it Daiyu who raised her head to look at her parents? Is her father still gentle, courteous, kind, and mother? Or is she cautious, simple, Shude, and well-spoken? The clothes on her body are more luxurious, and she has never seen it before. I don’t know what is important.
This kind of Jade Emperor knew that Master was an upright and honest official when he was in the world, so he conferred the post of Grand Master in the Heavenly Court to Master, and now Master and I know that you are about to die, so we ask Jade Emperor to come and warn you, Dai Yu listened secretly Thinking about it, this is a testament to my recent situation.
Is it possible that there will be great difficulties? Lin Yuhai sees Daiyu’s expression in the back, and he knows that he has doubts.
As a father, I have always been cautious, so let us tell you a way to crack it. What is the way to crack it? You are only allowed to go to the west. If you go to the west, Daiyu has to ask where Lin Ruhai and Jia Min are still in front of you.
Only Lin Ruhai’s voice came from the air. Go to the west, remember, remember, my family will be reunited in the future, Yuer, remember to go to the west, Daiyu suddenly wakes up, gasping for breath, and Zijuan catches the eyes of girl, girl, Daiyu After making a turn on Zijuan’s face, she moved to Li Wan behind. The sister-in-law is also here, but she had a dream just now.
Daiyu was still thinking about meeting Lin Ruhai and Jia Min just now.
Now that I think about it, I’m afraid it’s just a dream.
It’s really strange why you have to go west by yourself. Logically speaking, you should go south. What can there be in the west? Daiyu couldn’t think of it for a while. Li Wan looked at Daiyu. I’m here to see how you’re doing. Thank you, sister-in-law, Daiyu, for holding on to sit up. Zijuan helped Daiyu to sit up, and then put a pillow on Daiyu’s lower back.
These days, Daiyu doesn’t have the slightest strength to move on the bed.
It takes two people to make it, now Zijuan can do it alone, I can’t help feeling overjoyed, I’m afraid the girl is getting better, girl, but what do you want to eat? Li Wan secretly blames Zijuan for being so young and ignorant. I asked for some porridge and some side dishes.
What kind of porridge would the girl want to eat? Zizijuan couldn’t help but was busy walking outside. If there is a ready-made one, it would be best. Daiyu feels a little hungry now, besides, she needs to eat something.
In the past few days, I haven’t run out of water and rice, so I still have the strength to go west.
I can’t even get out of this bed and out of this courtyard.
Japonica rice porridge was specially prepared for the girl to eat, so this is it, Zijuan asked the snow goose to serve the porridge, and asked the girl for side dishes, so the five-spice kohlrabi came from the south, sprinkled with sesame oil and finely cut into shreds, girl look It’s okay, Daiyu just thinks about the things in her dreams, but doesn’t care what to eat.
The two little girls brought a small table and put it beside the bed.
Zijuan and Xueyan put porridge and vegetables on it. I’m too embarrassed to give it to my sister-in-law, let’s add another bowl. Look at this porridge, it’s okay, Li Wan won’t eat with Daiyu, busy saying that there is something else to do in Daoxiang Village, but I’m thinking about it today. It doesn’t look like something’s going on, but Baoyu still wants to marry Baochai. If there’s something wrong with Daiyu, she can’t take care of it by herself.
I have to let Feng girl know before I can make it happen. Wang Xifeng and Daiyu eat a bowl of porridge with kohlrabi In the past, Daiyu only ate half a bowl of porridge, and now they ate a bowl of porridge.
Zijuan and Xueyan were afraid that Daiyu’s body would not be able to bear it.
After a bit of effort, I started planning to leave Jia’s mansion.
Even if there was no such thing as Meng Daiyu, she still had to go.
Obviously, I can’t live here, but how do I go? I will get up and take medicine later, but Daiyu waved her hand, I will sit down and eat some porridge, Zijuan and snow geese, clean up the bowls and chopsticks