There is joy in her eyes clearly she sees the man in front of her as everything in her life there is nothing else but

Chapter Zero The first time I met a ghost, there are always many weird and unexplainable things in this world. You who are reading this article, you, you, and you, hello, my name is Yebuyu, I am a man who often encounters strange things. I have encountered many incredible things, such as the Chengdu zombie case in 2010, the Fengshui case of broken corpses, and the strange and spooky games I have experienced, and there are countless strange and spooky games.
Perhaps it is because I was born in June of 2011. That year was extremely ominous and hostile until now. He often chattered to me, brat, when your baby was just born and yelled, the river behind the house swelled, no one was fine, but the water poured into my house, it’s a strange thing, but it’s in my memory The first time I encountered a strange thing was more than ten years ago, and this incident directly led to me being taken away from my hometown, Ye Village, and came to the city. I was just five years old at that time. Such a stupid thing is done Lao Li secretly dug a pit in the depths of a valley enclave outside the village where the elders in the village had passed word of mouth that living corpses should never be buried, and buried his daughter’s body. Since then, the whole family has been restless.
In the middle of the night, the old Li’s family suddenly heard strange sounds of people living in the main room, but when they opened the main room door, no one could be seen.
Feng Lao Li thought that he must have closed the door before going to bed, but who opened the door? There are many superstitions in the village.
Every night, this strange thing spread among the villagers. The Li family asked him if he had buried his daughter’s body in the enclave outside the village without authorization. How did you know? Seeing that the village chief was in a hurry, he had to answer forty days. Forty days.
Forty days.
Your mother, Lao Li, you are deaf. My ancestors said that no living corpses should be buried in that enclave. The village chief didn’t dare to delay and left without saying a word.
Tonight, find Mr. Yin Yang, you go with me to that dirty land Mr.
Yin Yang is in a small village with heavy superstition, especially in Ye Village, where the ancestral precepts are so weird. There is only one Mr. Yin and Yang in Ye Village, whose surname is Zhou. The Zhou family is a family of Yin and Yang. The taboo about the valley enclave is very clear. For a thousand years, it is said that it is the inheritance of the Zhou family that makes Ye Village and that ghost land live in peace.
But once How to deal with taboos broken In the end, Zhou Yinyang has the final say.
Zhou Yinyang is about fifty years old.
He once had children, but both of them died, and he was already blind. In order to continue to pass on the night village taboos, he adopted in the village. an eight The 8-year-old stepson usually helps him when there is a program. The village head who just arrived at Zhou Yinyang’s house hastily told the story of the Li family’s burying of the living corpse in the valley enclave. Zhou Yinyang, who was drinking tea calmly at first He was so scared that he sprayed a mouthful of hot tea on the face of the village chief, the fucking son of a bitch, Lao Li, who has been crazy for forty days, and actually kept it a secret for forty days.
I’m afraid that Lao Li is going to kill us all. I also think that the nearest village is not peaceful. People often say that pigs, dogs, chickens and ducks have been stolen, but there are only a few people in the village who know which one is stolen. The village chief sees it. Zhou Yinyang’s expression was not good, and he became even more uneasy.
I checked several children who had the habit of petty theft, and they never stole you. Do you think the stolen livestock and poultry might be related to this incident? The anxious look on Zhou Yinyang’s face You’ve changed a few times, you idiot, the village has never told me about such a big thing, I said it earlier, I started to suspect something wrong, he glanced at the sky and saw that the setting sun was already slanting towards the west, and the fire was burning like a red cloud The blood is dark and red, it’s an ominous omen, I can’t do it, the sun goes down tonight, youngest, you gather all the Zhou Yin and Yang in the village, count all the pigs, chickens, dogs, and dragons, between the ages of 20 and 40 Year-old man This year, the year of the horse, these people are the ones with the most vigorous yang energy, I hope they can overwhelm the vicious viciousness of the Li family girl who was buried in the dirt The eight-year-old boy hurriedly ran into the peach house to prepare his father’s sacrificial tools.
He saw the village head staggering to gather suitable villagers.
Zhou Yinyang stood by the window and died with his remaining eye. He stared at the sinking sun without moving for a long time, he was so panicked, his right eyelid kept twitching, his left eye twitched, his right eye twitched, and he said, “What terrible event will happen recently? You fucking bastard, Old Li, he forgot all of a sudden.” I learned the old ancestor’s ancestral teachings, who ever buried a living corpse in the enclave would end well, damn it, the whole village would probably be killed by him, so as soon as the sun disappeared among the mountains, hundreds of men of the right age were in the village Led by Chang and Zhou Yinyang, I hurried to the valley enclave outside the village. At that time, I was only five years old.
The enclave was far away from the east of the village by a hill. I was small and curious, so I followed the adults on foot The dirt road in the village is walking towards the restricted area of ​​the village.
Just past the hill, everything has changed.
On the back of the hill, weeds are overgrown. There are no farmers or even the smell of human beings. On one side there are still many big trees and shrubs but on the other side