There is also the soulstirring brilliance of the stars always wanting to show you the fireworks the voice is magnetically low and slightly hoarse his

The words Happy New Year are so plain that I can’t hear them, but I almost never hear this extremely ordinary blessing.
The strange events that happened in the past two years are as ambiguous as dreams. Everything started from that afternoon on that day. It was a bright Friday afternoon, and I found an excuse to slip out and find a sofa by the window at the appointed cafe.
I ordered a latte and waited for someone.
After the waiter left, I glanced at the wall next to the mirror seat, which was lined with diamonds.
Behind the black wrought iron carved panes is a bright and clear mirror, so it looks like the person is sitting side by side with me across the window. That’s when I stopped.
I saw Kou Zhengting and saw clearly.
I also recognize Avatar, probably just got out of a meeting. He was wearing a navy blue suit and looked tall. He was walking through the indoor atrium.
Leopard is very eye-catching when viewed from a distance.
It’s not because I pay more attention to him. People like Kou Zhengting, even if they are mixed in the crowd, they will definitely be him at first sight.
Even I can’t deny that he is I didn’t bring anything with me, and I didn’t have anyone.
When I passed the window of the cafe with strong steps, he unexpectedly looked at me sideways and smiled.
My heart skipped a beat, and then I immediately comforted myself.
He didn’t know you. What’s more, I was surprised.
Thought Kou Zhengting disappeared, but saw him push the door and enter, blocking most of the outdoor light, why is he here? The wall lifted the curtain and walked straight towards me. The first thought that popped up in my head was that it was terrible. I didn’t have any makeup today. The second thought was that today might be a little troublesome. The third thought was to return to normal thinking.
What’s going on? I looked at him. Walked over without saying hello, just sat down, the air around the two thick eyebrows and the high bridge of the nose was shrouded in his eyes, it felt oppressive, I didn’t know the situation at all, but the expression was still calm, that is to say, there was no expression, and I looked at him coldly I don’t like uninvited guests even if he is Kou Zhengting, you are Tao Xue, hello Kou Zhengting is holding the car keys in his hand, the brown leather key case is printed with delicate debossed patterns, and the four small circles are neatly arranged together. I know he’s never even seen me I just glanced at him but how did he know my name and Lao Chen? The person I made an appointment with was already a minute and a half late, and I decided to tease this person, you mistaken me, I’m not Tao Xue, it’s impossible Kou Zhengting sat down, his legs looked very long, leaning on the sofa, his arms resting on the armrest of the sofa, the whole person looked Very confident and relaxed.
Sitting opposite, he began to look at me as a matter of course. Lao Chen told me to find a coffee shop directly. The most beautiful girl in the cafe is right.
Who else is there besides you? Old Chen just gave me your mobile phone number.
I don’t think there’s any need to verify it. I didn’t answer and looked at him calmly. I’m Kou Zhengting. I smiled, that smile was very dazzling, I frowned, I was a bit sunburned by that smile, and I don’t like being stared at like that, I returned my gaze to him, he found it didn’t work, Kou Zhengting didn’t feel uncomfortable in his eyes, but faced him instead Look into my eyes, I know you, I say it word by word Oh, the smile on Kou Zhengting’s face is even brighter We’ve met you, you must be a reader of Nanhai Metropolis Daily, isn’t that an architect or a fashion gentleman, today I have more than one Fans, his gaze still stays on my face and there is no line on my face. I almost sneered. I finally held back my words, but I’m not too polite.
The person who asked me out is the same whether it’s Lao Chen or you.
When does Lao Chen come over? I don’t want me, everyone is already here Kou Zhengting personally invites you, are you satisfied? I looked into his eyes blankly.
There was some misunderstanding. On the back of the sofa, you still can’t take your eyes off you. You should make a gesture with the waiter and give me a cup. The afternoon sun is so fierce that it hurts my eyes.
I lowered my eyelids. How can I see that your eyebrows are very well-shaped? Don’t wrinkle anymore. Kou Zhengting suddenly said otherwise you I have seen your works, you should come, we are among the top three in China, we all know that I can provide you with the best platform and treatment, and the annual salary is not a problem. I feel angry, so I smiled and the other party also smiled. You should smile more. Don’t be a boss. You look good when you smile. You are very generous.
The conditions are good, but even if you give me two million, I won’t go. Of course, I’m not pretending to be noble or trying to get me. Any one of my reasons can be the only one that can’t be changed.
I decided not to save face for him. As far as I know, there must be another reason.
I heard that there is an urgent need for business expansion recently. I want important people, but not everyone wants them.
At present, the intentions I have received have exceeded the demand by several times. I have only talked about two in person. One is you, and he is quite frank.
Come here, my antipathy has eased a bit.
I thought about the words and quickly answered yes, but I’m afraid I’m not good enough. If I say yes, I’ll be in charge. You don’t have to worry about the route and corporate culture that are not in harmony with mine.
Will there be conflicts? Conflict, conflict, let me resolve it, I put down the glass