There is also the freedom to make friends so I can omit this sentence brother you don’t know how to grasp such a good opportunity

Novel downloads can be accessed on mobile phones to access the 80-year-old e-book online Sui Sui Dream Compilation Attached This work comes from the Internet The deserted city is full of smoky red, and the barren land under the afterglow of the setting sun is incomparably dazzling. Running fast for more than an hour in the underground world has cast a shadow over the hearts of the entire Phoenix team members. Let’s go here! Come to support Yang Fan, and you take your brothers first.
A light green tight-fitting camouflage uniform shows off the perfect and seductive figure of the phoenix. The curves outlined are extremely delicate and slightly wild. The navel-exposed attire gives a strong wild temptation. The black one Long leather boots and black stockings tightly wrap those slender and attractive legs. Some stains and sweat on the pretty face still can’t hide the amazingly charming neckline, revealing a touch of snow-white. The pair of towering peaks are undulating and straight Wanting to break through, with that sexy and seductive face exuding amazing charm, the captain wants to go, you go first, or my brothers and I will not retreat first. The error of the intelligence has plunged the entire team into an unprecedented crisis. A seventh-order worm is chasing after them.
It will not take long to catch up with the speed of the iron beetle.
At this time, someone must stay in the rear, otherwise everyone will die together, but this person should never be their captain.
Fenghuang is a beautiful and sturdy woman.
Hum, who else is sure that you can hold down the seventh-order iron beetle? Well, two dark blue flames suddenly appeared in the two palms of Fenghuang.
She didn’t rely on her beautiful appearance. She took the captain’s seat only because she is the only five-star demon hunter in the team, and she is the only one who can hold off the seventh-order bugs. A little time is only a short time. After all, five-star demon hunters and seventh-order bugs are exactly There is a difference of two levels. The difference in strength between each other is too great.
Even though Phoenix is ​​also a famous strongman in all survivor camps, that’s all she can do. Cannibals. After an earthquake that spread to the whole world, countless bugs crawled out from the cracks in the ground.
These bugs were of different shapes, huge and incomparably fearless of swords and guns.
The number of them was endless. They ate people when they saw them.
In a very short period of time, they destroyed the world. In most cities, many survivors escaped by chance and set up camps on the edge of the formerly abandoned cities.
With the appearance of bugs, the profession of demon hunters came into being to protect the safety of the camps. If you still regard me as the captain, leave immediately. Unless you want to see me die in front of you, the voice of the phoenix is ​​sonorous like iron, the face is frosty, and there is no room for any doubts. Shafaguo is no less majestic than any man. It’s the majesty of the captain. It’s only because of the sweat and the blue hair on the face that he carelessly strokes his hair Si’s movements brought out her charm as a woman to the fullest. The captain walked quickly, facing a pair of steel men with phoenix eyes that seemed to spew out flames. With tears in his eyes, Yang Fan let out a low growl, and then took the lead to move towards the surface.
As long as they returned to the surface, they would be safe.
Because of unknown reasons, these high-level bugs in the underground will not easily run to the surface in just a few tens of seconds. Members of the Time Squad feel that several years have passed, and their faces are usually covered with water stains that can’t be distinguished from tears or sweat. A sad breath came from not far behind them not long ago, a violent flame energy fluctuation was so familiar, how could they not know that it was the captain’s famous stunt Phoenix Nirvana appeared in everyone’s sight a few minutes later An iron beetle with gunpowder smoke, two of its three pairs of wings were burnt clean by the fire, and the remaining pair was also burnt and burnt yellow, which is no longer enough to support it to fly.
I am afraid that the team members have already caught up to them.
The team members know very well that if the captain hadn’t risked his life to fight, it would be absolutely impossible to cause such a big damage to him.
They are still expecting the captain to appear in front of their eyes at the last moment. With the appearance of the iron beetle, all dreams and hopes will be shattered. You go first, I will delay for a while, Yang Fan eagerly roared that the time has passed They are not allowed to delay any longer, and the other members of the team looked at Yang Fan silently with a sad face at this time, and then left without saying a word.
They knew in their hearts that they must not let the opportunity that the captain bought with his life go to waste.
After his teammates gradually walked away, Yang Fan cursed fiercely.
In such a short time, the iron beetle was less than 100 meters away from his position. He tried his best to condense a whole body that was more than one meter long. Mo’s metal spear, just look at that, the glimmering light on the tip of the spear is deep and far-reaching, exuding a hint of cool air, which makes people feel terrified. Yang Fan clenches his teeth and throws the pitch-black spear at a speed that is invisible to the naked eye.
The iron beetle stabbed and finished this action.
Before Yang Fan could see the result of the battle, he hurriedly ran in another direction. He knew very well in his heart that maybe for ordinary humans, the power of this spear that gathered the spiritual energy of his whole body was unimaginable, but for seven This level of attack is far from enough for a bug of the first level.
If his ability can be increased by two levels, he may be able to cause a little damage to the opponent. Now all he can do is to irritate the opponent. This is why Yang Fan turned around after sending out the attack. The reason for running is that he wants to use himself as a bait to buy more time for his teammates. The harsh environment in this last world has honed the human will