There is also Ling Zhou although the two have no contact now the future is uncertain after all they are in the same city she

A man, a woman, and a woman are tightly entangled on the luxurious big bed. The woman lies on the man’s body, her limbs arched like a seductive Persian cat, sticking out its tender red lilac tongue to lick the man’s body.
The soft light from the wall lamp hits the woman’s face inch by inch.
She presents a woman’s delicate and beautiful silhouette.
The woman is very beautiful.
Even on the bed, her makeup is neat and even her hair is not messy.
The man enjoys closing his eyes and letting the woman make trouble on her body. Chu Ying looked up at the man with her eyes closed, filled with lust.
There was a flash of sarcasm in her eyes, but she opened her mouth to enclose the ferocious parts of the man, first the head, and then slowly grinded and licked the man who never kissed her but liked the mouth job the most. Usually Chu Ying tried to avoid these things as much as possible, anyway, some men are more than women She is so skilled, she is just the most inconspicuous one in this man’s huge harem, but today she has to please him because she has something to ask him Chu Ying just hugged Zhou Zihan suddenly opened her eyes Han Ying’s eyes instantly lingered The strong seductiveness and lust made Zhou Zihan think that the sudden desertion just now was his illusion. This woman has been with him for almost a year. There are not many women who have been by his side for more than three months, let alone a year. In the entertainment circle full of beauties, she is not considered top-notch.
Women who are prettier than her and more charming than her are like a crucian carp in the river, but there is one thing about this woman. Even if the two meet, she can calmly pretend not to know each other. Speaking of which, this woman is really talented in acting, but she is not an actor under his banner. She is just a small employee in the finance department who has worked in the company for more than half a year.
I didn’t notice her.
After all, even though they are in the same building, there are sixteen floors up and down. It’s impossible for every employee to know her.
The first time I noticed her was at the company’s annual meeting last year. The young lady is holding the lottery box Zhou Zihan still remembers her appearance at that time.
A red cheongsam tightly wraps her perfect figure. She is not the skinny bone spirit type nowadays. It is protruding at the back and is enchanting and charming. It is the first time Zhou Zihan feels that a woman can wear the essence of the cheongsam. Her makeup is very heavy, her facial features are quite beautiful, her lips are painted with bright red lipstick, and her eyes are flowing like a coquettish and charming dancer in an old Shanghai ballroom. The smell makes Zhou Zihan want to put her under him immediately.
In fact, he did. This woman is quite Before the annual meeting was over, she was sent upstairs to the president’s office. Half of the top floor’s president’s office is used for office work and the other half is Zhou Zihan’s usual resting place. Sometimes he doesn’t want to move, so he stays here overnight.
Zhou Zihan had to admit that this woman is a stunner all night. It’s not uncommon to be beautiful in this circle. It’s really not a problem to spend a few dollars to think about it. But the body can’t fool anyone. Chu Ying’s skin is fair and translucent, and it feels great to the touch. She is like touching a piece of the best Hetian white jade, and she is obedient and makes her do whatever she wants.
It is clear from the first day that it is a purely physical transaction. She wants money and he vents his desire. Chu Ying is by far the most sensible woman around Zhou Zihan. She never pestered the sensible Zhou Zihan. She felt a little weird at first. At first, she really thought that this woman came up with a trick to attract him. After all, it is for the sake of fame and fortune.
There is no bottom line in the circle like this. To be honest, he was vaguely looking forward to it, just like looking forward to the answer to the mystery, but it has been almost a year, and this woman still hasn’t taken any action, but today Zhou Zihan had a hunch that maybe the result of his one-year wait came. Zhou Zihan suddenly caught it. As soon as she turned over, she pressed Chu Ying under her body, and her body was completely submerged, and she shrugged violently. Chu Ying tightly closed her eyes to cooperate with his movements, swung her waist, her arms clasped his shoulders, and her whole body was almost suspended by him. Hanging on him, she has to conserve her energy properly. She knows how good this man’s physical strength is.
He can’t be satisfied without tossing a few times a night, and every time he can be with him for a long time.
Chu Ying can’t wait to spend a month on this man’s bed. Too much energy, Zhou Zihan sent her to the first climax, quickly turned her over, made her kneel on the bed and entered Chu Ying from behind. When she felt that she was about to be tossed by him, the man sped up and let out a muffled grunt. Ying waited for him to exit for a while before jumping out of bed and going into the bathroom to take a shower.
She has been here several times.
It is one of the apartments under Zhou Zihan’s name. The man’s real estate is unknown.
There are three places where Chu Ying has been.
Chu Ying squeezed toothpaste, stuffed the toothbrush into her mouth and brushed for half an hour before the nausea subsided. She took a fighting bath and changed herself.
The clothes he brought came out. Zhou Zihan had already taken a bath and was leaning on the bed smoking a cigarette.
Seeing her coming out, his gaze passed by her still delicate and perfect makeup, and he frowned slightly. He stared at her and asked directly what he wanted. Chu Ying couldn’t help laughing, and she said This man is very good Chu Ying came over and said yesterday, I fell in love with a jade bracelet in Zhong Yuxuan Zhou Zihan stared at her for a few seconds and said, let Assistant Xu buy it for you tomorrow Chu Ying knows that this man never lets women Staying overnight is ruthless and heinous.
He really treats them like prostitutes. He pulls up his pants and chases them away.
At first he didn’t even let Chu Ying take a bath with him. He has a weird cleanliness but lives such a loose life. This is what happened later.
He has the benefits of taking a bath after a long time.
This man is a cold-hearted, cold-blooded animal, but he is not much better. In short, everyone asks for what he wants. She stuffs the cheongsam that was torn by him on the ground into her bag and hangs a flattering Zhou Zihan leaned over to kiss his lips with a smile, but Zhou Zihan turned his head away, and Chu Ying didn’t force it. Good night, Mr.
Zhou, turned around and walked out, counting one, two, three in her heart.