There is a faint smile on the face you are finally here I know you will definitely come I will give this to you Su

This is an era when entertainment was backward, with memories of previous lives, a world with countless classic songs, and in this world, he opened the dream story of becoming a big star.
From a song, Chapter 1, Rebirth, Parallel World, Su Cong’s mind was blank, and he was lying there. Looking at the ceiling from the bed, the sunlight coming in from the window seemed a bit dazzling, but at this moment Su Cong didn’t care at all whether he had traveled through time or not? It took Su Cong not to react for a whole day. In the previous life, Su Cong was just a wandering singer. To put it nicely, he was a singer. To put it badly, he was a singer who sold at subway stations.
His daily income was in a first-tier big city, but he just supported himself in his previous life. It can be said that Su Cong has completely given up on himself without any achievements in his thirties, but this time he actually crossed over, and even crossed over to a young man named Su Cong. I don’t see it as their loss. One day, Xiao Cong, you will become a world-famous big star. Mom, I believe that the door of your room was opened, and there was a nagging sound. Su Cong in the room looked at the middle-aged woman who came in and wanted to say mom I know, but because of my choked up voice, it was just a sentence in the end. This familiar and strange middle-aged woman in Su Cong’s mind made my heart have a very special feeling.
This is not the earth from the previous life. It’s a parallel space.
In my previous life, my parents passed away when I was twelve years old.
With the help of my grandparents, Su Cong started to go out to work after finishing junior high school. After a few years of mixing and matching in the society, I gradually learned to sell and sing. A guitar, an influence, and a microphone are all that he lives on. Subway stations, bus stations, city centers, Times Square gates, etc., leave their footprints in some places with more traffic, but because he is a monk halfway, he has not received systematic training and In addition, I am too young to learn, and I don’t feel much about singing, so few people are willing to give money. I didn’t sum up some of my own skills until I sang for many years. The bitterness of this practice cannot be expressed in just one or two sentences, maybe Su Cong’s bad luck has never been discovered by Bole, maybe Su Cong has given up on that dream of being a star and just wants to live day by day until the end of the day After the performance, when I came out of the subway and crossed the road, I was directly hit by a car and died.
However, it may be God’s pity that I was reborn in this parallel world where I am now.
This world has exactly the same parents.
I am twenty-two years old.
At the beginning of this life, my family was not bad, and I still maintained that star dream. My parents didn’t die, but I lived in this world.
The well-known art school just graduated last year, but after graduating from the art school, I couldn’t find any job at all, entered the entertainment industry, found an artist company to sign an album, those were all dreams, because the dream was shattered, the reality was cruel, Su Jiu in this world began to give up on herself. Everyone has been wasted for nearly a year, shutting themselves at home every day, and the whole person has become extremely depressed.
The situation at home has also become heavily in debt because he went to art school. As we all know, no matter which world art school you go to, it is basically a bottomless pit. One hour of make-up lessons by a professional teacher is hundreds of thousands of slightly famous teachers. Biting the tip of his tongue, he brought himself back from memory to reality.
Su Cong got up from the bed. To seize this opportunity to be a big star was my dream once and it is my dream now. As for those artists, entertainment companies, let him go to hell. It turns out that Su Cong went to an entertainment company for an interview for the last time before Su Cong was reborn. He deleted it, there was no chance at all, because of this, Su Cong was lying at home, completely disheartened, already depressed, he suddenly had the idea of ​​suicide Because of this, in the middle of the night, Su Cong suddenly went into shock, and Su Cong was born again. He climbed up the window, opened the window, and a warm sunshine rushed towards him. He walked out of the room, took a simple wash, and Su Cong ate something casually. Things, and then went back to the room without saying anything, and turned on the computer. Flying Music is a software under the name of Flying Music Group for the purpose of developing the music market.
Almost everyone in China can find music on Flying Music, even the music in the world.
Ninety percent of them are here.
The Huaxia Kingdom in this world is different from the Huaxia Kingdom in Su Cong’s previous life. Piracy is rampant in that Huaxia Kingdom, but the Huaxia Kingdom in this world pays attention to copyright protection and patents. There is almost no piracy.
All songs on Flying Music All downloads cost a dime a time. In this regard, Flying Music takes 30% of the fee for channel promotion, labor wages, etc. The rest is all allocated to the person who uploaded the song.
That is to say, the person who uploads the song can get 70% for a download. The download currency obtained by paying for a song will be displayed at the end of the song. As long as you have accumulated 1,000 Huaxia currency, you can apply for withdrawal. The application is very simple. Generally speaking, as long as the source of the song is legal and the download currency meets the requirements, the money will arrive in less than an hour. It took two days to get less than 5,000 downloads. The two songs add up to less than 10,000.
I only have one week, which means that at this speed, I can only get 10,000 to 20,000 yuan after a week.