There is a circle around her no one dares to get close I dont know if it is out of fear or respect for her

A long and arduous path of cultivation, a magical but wonderful world of cultivation. After years of precipitation, he walks and sings. He finally holds a sword and looks down on all beings in the clouds of the nine sky.
Chapter 1 Passed away and hit me hard in the early morning. At the intersection, six or seven eleven or twelve-year-old teenagers beat a black-clothed boy on the ground, and a little fat man stood by and shouted, listening to the shouts of the village head’s son, Wang Xiaopang.
Six or seven teenagers worked harder on their fists and feet.
The sound kept ringing, and a cloud of dust rose from the ground.
The boy lying on the ground was tightly protecting the cloth bag in his arms, but his eyes were calm, and no other emotions appeared because of the beating. After a while, I don’t know if it was because of the boy who was often beaten.
If you don’t fight back, it’s boring or tired. The six or seven teenagers around gradually stopped their hands and feet.
It’s the rules, didn’t I tell you to walk around when I saw you, otherwise I will hit you once when I see you, Wang Xiaopang’s fleshy face trembled as he spoke, and the saliva kept sputtering out Hearing this, the boy on the ground raised his head Footprints can be found on the whitened black clothes after hair washing, but they can’t hide the strong figure under the clothes, and the dust on the face can’t hide the handsome appearance of the young man. It’s just because he has been in the mountains for two days, and his immature face is a little haggard.
Let’s start with calm eyes, because of the passing of time, it seems a little anxious and impatient at this time, thinking about the old man at home, Jiu Ge calmed down his inner anger a little bit, Xiaopang beat you too, it’s almost enough for today, my grandpa this time A little seriously ill, I went to the mountains to hunt some wild game to replenish my grandfather’s health.
I’m in a hurry to go home. What can I talk about tomorrow? Thinking about the old man who picked me up to raise me, Jiuge’s tone became more and more serious when he was seriously ill.
I’m in a hurry, oh, there’s still game, leave the things in the bag in your arms and go back, or else you know the consequences Wang Xiaopang’s face was full of fat and his flesh was trembling After finishing speaking, several teenagers around gathered around Jiuge to watch Just because I am the son of the village chief and I bring the children who are about the same age in the village to bully me, it’s fine to not let the old man in the family be disappointed and worried. It’s over now, thinking about all the usual Jiuge, I’m completely impatient, I said these two hares are for my grandfather’s body, I want to eat them and hunt them for you another day, now I can’t, I have to go back in a hurry, frown and stare Looking at Wang Xiaopang, he pursed his mouth and licked it. Grandpa, you bastard with no father or mother, that old bastard who would die if he ate anything. I have to eat it today.
If you don’t give it to you today, don’t even think about going back.
You can’t get up, I’m Wang Xiaopang, your surname is Wang Xiaopang, with one hand on his waist and one finger pointing at Jiu Ge, roaring domineeringly, Jiu Ge stood up immediately when he heard it Some people don’t respect the elderly, but they can’t do it.
Listening to those words of disrespect to the elderly, I can’t help but suppress the anger for a long time Standing aside, Wang Xiaopang punched his eyes with fists, and his shouts were a little hoarse, ah, ah, ah, hit me, he screamed like killing a pig, and the pain on his face also made Wang Xiaopang hysterical. Hearing the shout, the young man rushed towards Jiu Ge without hesitation, dust flew up, Jiu Ge mixed with six or seven young men, squandering their fists and thighs, and from time to time there were screams and the sound of fists hitting Wang Xiaopang. His father is the village head of Wangjia Village, and he is also a big family in the village. These six or seven teenagers usually run errands with Wang Xiaopang every day. Where is Jiuge? With the dust all over his body, he ran back to his home one after another.
Jiu Ge turned around and walked towards Wang Xiaopang with an angry face.
Don’t come here. What are you doing? Fatty backed away slowly, yelling in horror, his eyes were full of fear because he was afraid that the fat on his face didn’t even shake, Jiu Ge ignored Wang Xiaopang’s roar, and kicked Wang Xiaopang to the ground with indifferent eyes Riding on the body, he slapped the face that looked disgusting for a long time, and then calmed down, picked up the cloth bag on the ground, patted the dust, pointed at Wang Xiaopang with his right hand, and shouted loudly.
Keep it clean, otherwise it depends on who cleans up who. Wang Xiaopang’s whole face on the ground has been swollen.
Tears and dust on his face are mixed together.
Looking at Jiu Ge’s indifferent eyes, Wang Xiaopang’s lips trembled slightly and didn’t say anything. The panda-eyed man got up slowly and ran towards the house, his fat buttocks wobbled while running, looking back at Jiu Ge with a little fear, and after running for a short distance, he was sure that Jiu Ge could not catch up, and then he cried indistinctly. Shouted Jiu Ge, you wait to go back and tell my dad that this matter is endless, and then ran away quickly, regardless of Jiu Ge’s reaction Although he lost his temper, he thought that if he beat Wang Xiaopang, his father would definitely not give up Jiuge felt a little heavy in his heart. The good mood he had hunted in the mountains to hunt two hares was gone, so he walked to the door of his house with his thoughts in a small courtyard, an adobe-brick house next to the adobe-brick house surrounded by wood There are a few pigs in the fence. Although the house is relatively simple and shabby compared to other houses in the village, it is my own home. I have lived in it for 12 years. It brings me warmth.
It smells the familiar smell of grass and soil in the yard of the house. The smell of pig manure came out Zhao Jiuge’s mood improved inexplicably, leaving behind the unhappiness just now