There are two more Styx also knows that this remark offends the entire monster race but he is not worried that the sea of ​​blood

The three treasures of chaos are in the hands of one person. It is really a great chance. The great luck is not the son of the Dao. Countless Chaos Demon God appeared to block Pangu Pangu’s giant axe with a wave of the axe, like cutting vegetables and slashing meat, across the bodies of countless Chaos Demon Gods. The primordial spirit of countless Chaos Demon Gods was annihilated, leaving a remnant body left behind in chaos.
The remaining Chaos Demon Gods fled quickly when they saw this, and did not dare to stop Pangu.
Pangu smiled suddenly, and suddenly the world was about to close. Pangu was shocked. At this time, the treasure of chaos, the chaotic green lotus and the good luck jade plate, could not bear the pressure of opening the sky, and turned into countless fragments, scattered on the prehistoric world.
The Supreme Treasure, Taiji Picture, Pangu Banner, Chaos Clock and Immortal Sword, Pangu One finger, Taiji Picture, hold the prehistoric world and earth, water, fire, wind, Pangu Banner in hand to repel the oppression of Chaos Airflow, and at the same time, the Chaos Clock is ringing out to stop the boundless Chaos.
For a long time, he held the sky with his hands and feet on the ground to support the heaven and the earth.
Every time the sky and the earth rise by one foot, Pangu rises by one foot, forming an indomitable giant overlooking the entire chaos.
One Yuan will pass, and the sky and the earth will no longer be squeezed. Pangu finally smiles.
Since Pangu came back, it was smooth and flashed. A young man wrapped in animal skins suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were extremely bright. What does it mean? Does it mean that Pangu can be resurrected again? If so, what does eternity mean? Isn’t Daluo Jinxian eternal? And although it is a picture of Pangu opening up the sky, it is so misty that you can’t see clearly. It’s blurry and seems to hide many young people His eyes were at a loss, although he probably understood the meaning of Pangu’s words, but the meaning he represented was not what the young man could understand.
The young man’s original name was Li Mu, a fresh graduate on Earth, and because he couldn’t find a job for a long time, he went out to drink and was bored.
Relax, drink, relax, Li Mu is ready to go home and sleep, and prepare for the next day. Let’s talk about bang, bang, drinking, fighting and shouting in the next street.
This is a matter of nostalgia, but a voice made Li Mu stop involuntarily.
Langya Lord hand over the national treasure, and I will let you go.
Glancing at Li Mu, the one who spoke was a short middle-aged man with a small beard. Behind him were two sturdy Chinese men staring at the front with a murderous look, but the clothes on their bodies were torn, obviously after a brutal fight.
The blood-stained man staggered with a wooden box on his back. The solemn expression in his eyes made everyone in the country jump in their hearts. Mr.
Langya, please believe in our sincerity. The short man who leads the way stands up straight and sincerely.
Facing a seriously injured man is a resolute man Bowing, Li Mu shook his head, his half-drunk mind suddenly cleared up a lot, he raised his head and glanced quietly, not daring to neglect, took out his mobile phone to dial someone, a Chinese man moved his ear, suddenly shouted in Li Mu’s direction, Li Mu’s hand trembled and almost dropped the phone Luo Xinsi suddenly turned around, the sweat on his forehead covered his whole face, he was extremely anxious, the short Chinese man in the lead raised his eyebrows and signaled the Chinese man who found something abnormal to go and check, what to do, what to do, Li Mu was worried, he didn’t know these things People are afraid of what to choose to confront Langya, but he knows that once these people find out, the confrontation will be broken in an instant, and he may be killed in the first time. The night is very cold and the cold wind blows gently on Li Mu’s back.
With a loose face on Liang Liang’s face, he suddenly calmed down and settled down.
Li Mu put down the phone, straightened his clothes, and walked out of the corner.
Hey, hey, hey, the light on the phone was flickering frequently, but Li Mu couldn’t see what he had already walked out of.
Man, the police officer who answered the phone on the other side was quite depressed, could it be some kind of prank? I was about to put down the phone, and suddenly my eyes widened, as if something terrible had happened. Hurry up and ask the director of the department to come over. There is something important, Xiao Qin, quickly check the area indicated by the signal, and after a while, the police’s reputation sounded, waking up most of the city.
Li Mu walked out of the corner, raised his hands, and smiled.
Passing by, you are busy.
Look out for the leader, see the leader’s serious expression, as if he didn’t see it, and continue to walk forward to feed you, why don’t you mess with my clothes, I’m going to go, your countrymen are disgusting, you’re so hungry, I’m telling you, buddy, you’re a pure man, hey, you do this again I’m going to do it, I really want to do it, the people of the country don’t care, they just searched the whole body and found nothing. They shook their heads at the leader and killed the leader of the country. His words were full of murderous intentions. I’m going. Do I really want to be young? Died early woo woo I haven’t married a wife yet Stop the cold voice of Langya on the neck, let Ru Ruzhuo ice store stop, the leader of the country said indifferently, then looked at Langya Langya to see if he has figured it out Li Mu’s countrymen loosen their hands