There are more than a dozen people so he deeply knows the horror of people who know martial arts so Luo Dazhuang hurriedly knelt down

Zhang Junbao had a dream in which his new book Martial Arts Live Room had just been on the shelves within three hours and sold over 10,000 on the first day, and he himself was able to get rid of his status as a street writer by virtue of this book of Martial Arts Live Room. Zhang Junbao turned over and the glass fell to the ground and shattered. It made a crisp sound and awakened Zhang Junbao from his sleep. What happened? He looked around blankly with his misty eyes, and then his eyes focused on the place where the glass made a sound when it fell to the ground. The cup I just bought last night, Zhang Junbao, woke up instantly.
He hurriedly got out of bed and cleaned up the broken glass. Feeling restless, he finally succeeded in proving the truth in his dream and woke himself up by himself. Zhang Junbao cleaned up the glass debris on the floor while sighing. Zhang Junbao routinely rinsed his mouth and washed his face, then took a piece of dry bread, put it in his mouth and sat down. In front of the computer desk, the computer is not turned off, and there is Zhang Junbao’s unfinished manuscript last night.
Numbled that today is the weekend and the 29th, and after writing this chapter, Zhang Junbao’s 120,000 words for this month will be enough.
In the next few days, he won’t have to worry about coding.
When the cells in the body became active, Ding, the martial arts revival system started to bind, and a mechanically indifferent voice sounded in Zhang Junbao’s mind, “What the hell is the martial arts revival system?” Zhang Junbao immediately widened his eyes because the voice appeared directly in his In his mind, he naturally wouldn’t think that he was insane, so the sound system was successfully bound and began to detect the host’s physical condition. The mechanically indifferent voice sounded again, and suddenly a three-dimensional chart appeared in Zhang Junbao’s mind.
Host Zhang Jun Bao gender, male, martial arts aptitude is extremely poor, no martial arts realm, no kung fu, no martial arts points, zero overall combat power, how could I possibly be the fifth scum of war, you made a mistake, right? The systematic assessment of combat effectiveness is based on the evaluation method of Marxist philosophy.
The probability of a specific analysis being wrong is one in a hundred billion.
This voice is still mechanically indifferent. What is the combat effectiveness of a normal adult Zhang Junbao unwillingly asked an ordinary adult. The average combat power of a person is Zhang Junbao. Looking at his thin body that lacks exercise due to years of coding, he opened his mouth and finally he didn’t say anything to refute. Hey, you found me. Did you just want to laugh at me for fighting the five scum? Zhang Junbao It is not the purpose of this system to just change the topic. It is to revive the martial arts of this era under the leadership of the host. The glory of the martial arts system is inexplicably a little excited. Zhang Junbao looked at his body, small arms and legs, and couldn’t help asking. Hey, why are you looking for me? According to what you said, my combat prowess is scumbag and my qualifications in martial arts are also extremely poor. Speaking of which, Zhang Junbao couldn’t help but protest a little. What does the test mean? How could it detect me so badly? The energy consumption of the limit system is too large, so the energy is not enough to break through the body protection of normal adults, so we can only find a weak host.
Of course, no matter how weak the host is, it doesn’t matter. With the assistance of this system, even a husky can become a martial arts master. What are you? Comparing me to a husky, you look down on huskies too much, right? Zhang Junbao protested for huskies. After a long and meaningless wrangling, this martial arts revival system finally explained to Zhang Junbao completely its purpose and mission as a martial arts revival system. Yes, and what benefits Zhang Junbao should do? Well, what you mean is that every time I guide a person on earth to step into martial arts, that is, what you say has a sense of aura, I can get a martial arts point, and martial arts points can be exchanged for various The proficiency of this kind of kung fu, as well as the improvement of martial arts realm and martial arts qualifications, Zhang Junbao suddenly widened his eyes and so on.
Why is this setting so familiar? Well, you are right, this is the setting of your martial arts live broadcast room The similarity with this system is 90% The system’s mechanical and indifferent voice replied Zhang Junbao One of the reasons why this system chose you is because it detected that you wrote the martial arts live broadcast room, otherwise, according to the theory of probability, your physical fitness will be counted No matter how bad this system is, the probability of choosing you will not be higher than Zhang Junbao, one of the billions of trillions. The corner of Zhang Junbao’s mouth twitched.
It’s such a coincidence that a random setting in my novel coincides with the function of this inexplicable system. Zhang Junbao’s test I asked, then you are also made by that old man Zhang Sanfeng, right? In Zhang Junbao’s martial arts live broadcast room, the martial arts live broadcast system is the system made by Wudang ancestor Zhang Sanfeng out of boredom.
The mechanical and indifferent voice replied that it is not this system. Zhang Sanfeng, who was made by the great master Xu Huang, how can such a small martial god create such a powerful system? Master Xu Huang, who has read countless articles on the Internet, said that he had never heard of this great master, so he couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. Is my knowledge too narrow? No wonder I haven’t become a master of web literature. Since you said you are a martial arts revival system, then I also have that strength if you revive martial arts, right? Now that your strength is so weak, shouldn’t you use the system to be cold? This system has 98,706,543 martial arts cheats.