There are many uncles in peace you are light blue like the wind which can make people quiet the big brother has a sharper feeling

Chapter 1 Bitter Meat Plan Accidentally Devours Rest assured Investing Has Been Posted It has nothing to do with Cangliu District forever.
As the edge of the whole city, every night, the rats in the trash can and the sewage flowing out from nowhere are always intertwined on the ground full of cracks.
On the road, a young man was completely wrapped in a faded windbreaker. The towering collar covered most of his face, but those resolute eyes were full of vicissitudes that shouldn’t be at this age. Ah, I didn’t expect that after five years, I would finally have to go back.
This place, Xiaorou, don’t worry, no matter where it is, I will definitely find you.
With his lips pursed like a knife, Rody once again took out a piece of crumpled letter paper from his pocket, and there was a line of small words blurred on it. But I can still vaguely recognize the person who kidnapped your sister five years ago.
There is news that there is a new wrought iron gang leader in Cangliu District. Fat Biao is very similar to what you described, but it is said that this guy is also a player of the dark game and has been eyeing you. Be careful, the handwriting is rather scribbled, it looks like it was written hastily, but Luo Di took a deep look, then carefully folded it and stuffed it into his pocket Roddy, who was still thinking suddenly, was stunned for a moment. On the main road ahead, he saw a girl stumbling towards him, looking behind him while running.
Her rapid breathing led to an unbearable rhythm When Rody looked at her, she also saw the fear on Roddy’s face for a flash, but when she saw Rody’s appearance, she suddenly became happy, big brother, help me! There is someone behind me.
After chasing me, they want us to go to the side and hide for a while, as if we were in a panic, the girl lowered her head and jumped directly into the grass next to the main road. This is the abandoned urban area of ​​Cangliu District. There are many uninhabited ruins around the girl.
I just got into an abandoned stone house, and then subconsciously turned my head towards Roddy.
Big brother came in and hid later. When they came, the girl was stunned. Only then did she realize that not only did Roddy on the road not follow her. Running this way, on the contrary, she still stared at her indifferently with her hands behind her back.
The girl’s voice faded away. For some reason, she felt that Roddy’s gaze was so deep and deep that he seemed to be able to see through everything. There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth, and he shook his head sarcastically.
I said, everyone, you have been lying in wait for me for so long, so let’s stop acting and let’s save you trouble.
No one answered oh, if you can’t come out, then I’m leaving, I put my mouth away in a joking face, but suddenly hahahaha, there was a sudden burst of laughter, and there was a gust of wind, all around A dozen or so people suddenly jumped out of the grass and ruins, the head of which was more than two meters tall, with a bald head and round eyes, and he was unusually ferocious hahaha I heard that in recent years there has been a boy who specializes in following dark players. They can’t kill you, are they talking about you? The strong man’s voice is deep and thick, his face is full of contempt, but in an instant, Roddy’s pupils shrank suddenly, and his eyes couldn’t be controlled, and they gradually became cold and hissing.
I finally saw him.
Five years ago, Luo Di, who was only 14 years old, returned to the orphanage after picking up the scraps.
He didn’t see his little sister Li Yurou, who was lying on the iron gate every day waiting for him to come back. Instead, a broken car that just drove away.
Di went crazy and chased forward desperately, but how could humans catch up with the car? At the last corner, the dilapidated car drove away, but at that moment, Rody still saw clearly the one on the passenger seat, which was enough for him to remember. Fat Biao, a lifelong man, do you still remember that you abducted a little girl at the gate of the orphanage five years ago? Roddy’s voice trembled faintly, and even his breathing was slightly short of breath. Di’s neckline rang, the game reminded the player Fat Biao to issue a challenge invitation to the natural selection dark server.
Open your mouth, you are indeed a player, you are not a player, the game of natural selection is an immersive holographic virtual reality game developed by Maslon based on brain-computer integration technology. Under the frequency stimulation, it gives the brain a completely realistic game experience. Once it came out, it completely swept the lower class of civilians. However, during the five years of searching for his sister, Roddy gradually came into contact with another truly cruel killing game, the natural selection dark suit. Players of the natural selection dark server also need to inject nanoprotozoa, but it is different from the market. These dark version of the insects can stimulate the various potentials of human cells, so that the players have superpowers far beyond ordinary people.
According to Roddy’s investigation, these players seem to be He is not sure who is the spectator while playing a beast fighting game similar to a live-action version, but what he knows is that once the player is injected with this bug, all actions of the player will be monitored in the background all the time, the whole space is temporarily quiet, but suddenly haha Hahahaha Fat Biao, who was still vigilant all the time, started laughing crazily. I was shocked.
I thought you should be a high-level player because you are so famous. I didn’t expect you to be just a piece of trash.