There are blooming flowers in the flower garden in front of the building and there’s a subtle fragrance of flowers Deng Yue smiled and sat

Copywriter She is the sunshine in many people’s lives, but the sunshine will eventually meet the haze. She is naturally focused and careless, but life will always give people an unexpected turn. I love her with a firm will and a strong heart.
There is only one place in my heart that is the softest.
She changed everyone’s life. The low turmoil subdued in the distance drifts away, and the mottled sunlight falls on the feet through the thick shade of the forest.
The trail jumps slightly and silently.
The small animals that always existed in the past seem to have disappeared.
There was a bewildering but clear ending in my chest, so I didn’t dare to stop, but as if I didn’t have my own consciousness, the strange emotions surged in my chest, and finally stopped. There was a light and crisp click sound behind her, she slowly turned her head, a row of black gun muzzles coldly aimed at her chest, this was the end, but how unwilling she stared at the row of gun muzzles and sprayed almost at the same time The flames came out, Yan Zizhen turned over and at the same time, the floor beside the bed heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, the light came on, she was sweating and stared at Deng Yue on the floor Deng Yue was looking up at herself helplessly, Yan Zizhen took a while to wake up Deng Yue has already pulled out a tissue and handed it to her, she took it and wiped the sweat from her forehead, she was still a little absent-minded Deng Yue went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water and said what was wrong, it was a nightmare, Yan Zi really drank a few sips of water before saying, I don’t know, I’ve been having this dream all the time lately Stunned, she looked at Deng Yue and smiled.
I’m sorry the bed is too narrow and it’s easy to kick you down. Deng Yue glared at her.
I can’t live here all the time.
Are you afraid that you always have nightmares? Living here, I kick you out of bed every day.
It’s even worse.
Deng Yue couldn’t help laughing out loud, but after all, Yan Zizhen didn’t fall asleep again. The next morning, Deng Yue went to work overtime. The iron gate of a courtyard, except for the flat gravel road leading directly from the courtyard, the whole courtyard is paved with lawns. On the left side of the yard, there is a golden osmanthus in front of which is a small peony flower garden. Chairs, rattan tables, and fine and dense golden yucca leaves cover the tables and chairs no matter in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Behind the osmanthus and golden yucca trees is a small two-story western-style villa. The windows of the whole villa are large and bright.
There are light-colored curtains hanging in the scattered floor-to-ceiling windows. Due to the proper maintenance, this villa, built in the 1980s, exudes a touch of elegance in a slightly old way. This is the yard where Yan Zizhen’s grandmother lived before she died. Now it belongs to Yan Zizhen. She stood silently for a while before smelling it. A cold fragrance lingers around the nose, takes out the key, opens the courtyard door, walks around the back of the villa, and sure enough, a white plum and a red plum are blooming by the side of the small lotus pond. It is very comfortable to inhale the clear and icy air in the sky.
The fragrance that has been smelled for more than 20 years really makes my nose sore.
It is very quiet, only occasionally hearing the sound of snow falling on the branches last night. It seems that she is the only one left in the world.
I don’t know how long it has passed in this yard that has lost its owner. Behind it, the glass window is knocked by a tuk-tuk-tuk. Zizhen turns around and almost blurts out.
She was looking at Zizhen in the study inside the glass window with concern, smiling, Yan Zizhen wiped her cheeks and walked to the window, Auntie Sun smiled and opened the big window.
When the study room is cold, Zi really sees the big table next to the desk and the large vase on it is empty. If grandma is in the flower shop, every morning, it will bring flowers in season. This season must be plum blossoms. Grandma’s study room never turns on the heating. If you walk in from the outside, the whole room is full of tangy cold fragrance, which is different from the open-air plum fragrance in the backyard. She looks at the empty embroidered cotton cushion chair in front of the window, as if she saw the humorous grandma still sitting there.
Her white hair is tied in a bun at the back of her head, and the soot cashmere coat mixed with dark brocade is exquisite and beautiful. Yan Zizhen has always believed that one of her goals in life is to be as elegant, dignified, humorous and easy-going as her grandmother when she gets old.
Missing grandma seems to be just yesterday, she was greedy to see the plum blossoms and refused to go back to the house, grinning and grinning It’s such a cold day, grandma, didn’t you specially ask me to come and see the plum blossoms, why did you have to call me in? I saw you standing outside with plum blossoms lining up so nicely that I was so jealous that I called you in.
The mother-in-law and grandson looked at each other with great joy Yan Zizhen closed her eyes slightly and her throat was choked and sore and hurt She was sitting in front of the desk in black The antique fountain pen is still inserted in the marble-carved plum blossom pen holder. Take it down, hold it in your hand, and pull out a piece of paper. After writing it, word by word, she sighed softly. She got half of her grandmother’s inheritance here half a month ago. The remaining half of the gift will be divided equally between the four children of the grandmother. Yan Zizhen remembers that she was so surprised that she couldn’t believe it. The only thing she remembers is that she turned her head and saw her mother’s face next to her. She was also completely shocked.
Yan Zizhen always knew that her life was perfect. Needless to say, the only family member on my father’s side is grandma, of course he loves me like pearls and treasures. On my mother’s side, two uncles and an aunt give her big hugs and smiles every time.
Her face is called Guaibao, who dotes on her more than all other grandchildren. When she was a child, she stayed in this villa the most time. Grandma would hug her and sit on her lap and tell her stories.