Then there was a ray of hope could it be that Luo Fans strength has been greatly improved in this month but why his cultivation

In the east of the Lingtian Continent, there are endless peaks in the mountains, and there are endless peaks that are inaccessible.
In this wilderness, there are loud and clear songs. Oh, yo, the god ape, bring me tea, and the crane, bring me wine, and I step into the nine heavens! I blew away thousands of miles of clouds in one breath, the sky is big, the earth is big, I am the biggest, and I am the king of the world, this song is very loud, if someone hears it, they will definitely say something. The tone is so arrogant, but it is not just one person who sings loudly, but the one who sings loudly A big and strong black cow is bigger than ordinary black buffalo.
The big black cow walks quickly between the mountains with four hooves.
Its two horns are curved and bright. When running, it is proud. Sitting on the back of the big black bull is a boy of thirteen or fourteen years old, his hair is tied up like an adult, he is wearing animal skin clothes, his eyes are delicate, but his skin is slightly dark, his eyes are very bright and full of excitement, the big black cow Don’t sing this song again when you’re outside the Great Wilderness. The grown-ups say that there are many, many people living outside the Great Wilderness. There are many, many powerful warriors. If you sing such an arrogant and arrogant song, be careful to be slaughtered by someone. Hei Niu’s generous back said loudly, hahaha, the big Hei Niu laughed loudly and said, who dares to touch the old cow, Lao Niu stepped on his head with a hoof, bang, it’s like stepping on a big watermelon and trampled it into pieces, hehe, the big Hei Niu left Da Luo How long has this bullshit blown away in the village? I forgot how you were abused in Daluo Village. The strong people outside are much more terrifying than the people in Daluo Village.
What’s going on, Luo Fan, old cow, I’m happy. It’s been so many years, I’ve finally left that ghostly place. From then on, the world is vast. As I gallop, all I can smell is the breath of freedom.
In reality, Lao Niu is not number one in the world. When he sang, couldn’t he be the biggest in the world? Besides, Luo Fan, although we are just small people in this world, one day we will stand on the pinnacle of this world, Lao Niu.
I have awakened the blood of the gods and demons, you possess peerless magic powers, in time, can’t we sweep the world and win the world? Haha, one day the old cow will sing this song in front of the whole world. A smile appeared on the corner of the mouth of the bead, which was slightly bigger than a finger. The big black cow is right.
One day they will stand on the pinnacle of this world.
Donghuang Town is a small town in the east of the Dai Viet Dynasty connected to Dahuang The longest street on the left and right is only a little over a kilometer. There are nearly 20,000 people living in the town.
In the evening, a big black buffalo, which is a circle larger than a normal black buffalo, appeared in Wailuo, Donghuang Town, carrying a boy of 13 or 14 on his back. Fan stretched his waist and looked at the town in front of him with surprise in his eyes, saying that there are many, many people living outside the Great Wilderness. Just after leaving the Great Wilderness, there are hundreds of times more people coming and going here than in Daluo Village. Moo Da Hei Niu head yelled The sound is a normal cow’s bark. Don’t look at the big black cow singing happily in the wilderness.
It looks like the biggest old man in the world, but in human society, it behaves in a well-behaved manner and no longer spits out shocking words. One person and one cow walk into it. The big black buffalo in the town is bigger than the normal black buffalo, and its shape is very rare. It has attracted the attention of many people. Luo Fan sits on the back of the bull and looks around excitedly and curiously. The people here are indeed very different from Da Luo Village Many, but one thing is inconsistent with what the adults of Da Luo Village said. The adults of Da Luo Village said that there are many, many martial arts experts in the outside world, but Luo Fan has observed many people. Most of them have no martial arts aura. They have not practiced martial arts. The number of ordinary warriors is small and their aura is weak. According to Luo Fan’s induction, almost all of them are at the first level of martial arts, which is the same as his cultivation. When it comes to a warrior with the second level of martial arts, this has nothing to do with the strong martial arts. In Luo Fan’s opinion, at least a master of the seventh level of martial arts can be called a strong martial artist.
Donghuang Town is not big. Luo Fan soon came to the only one in the town. Luo Fan took out a piece of gold leaf from his bosom when he booked a room at Donghuang Inn and paid for it.
It’s too big, it’s hard to find, the rent is only 60 cents, it’s hard to find, so you don’t have to look for it, Luo Fan waved his hand, he has never been in the wilderness, he has no idea about money, he has a lot of gold leaves on his body, and it doesn’t matter if he finds money or not, I took the lead With the extra money of the big black cow, he settled it well and served him well. The eyes of countless guests in the inn all looked over to this side.
A young guy turned out to be a gold leaf when he made a move, and he didn’t let him find it. Could it be the young master of some big family who looked at him alone as if he only brought a cow? Everyone guessed in their hearts and looked surprised. The best room in the inn, even the big black cow was taken into the backyard of the inn. Under the window of Luo Fan’s room, the inn specially set up a cowshed for the big black cow to live in. For dinner, Luo Fan ordered the most expensive dish in the inn, big. After a meal, another piece of gold leaf was spent.
Naturally, I didn’t let the change of money make other people’s eyes shine.
Is this the place? I found out his residence and turned it in.
Hey, a brat. How dare the little boy carry the gold leaf with him, he is like a boy who gives away treasures, but it’s not because he has the gold leaf as soon as he makes a move, and he doesn’t let change