Then lets see the real face of our distinguished guest Yang Yi stepped forward and took off the stolen veil revealing a very familiar face

A strange and beautiful encounter, a magnificent life Chapter 1 The blood-stained jade talisman A special group in the wealthy society They are high above them but they are everywhere They are no different from ordinary people They are on TV, newspapers and the Internet at any time I can see the information of these people. They are the pioneers of the era and the trendsetters of the era. This is an era in which everyone can become a wealthy family. As long as you achieve certain goals, no matter whether you were a beggar or anything, you can become a wealthy family. Enter the circle of wealthy families and get The wealthy medal issued by the wealthy association Enjoying the resources of the wealthy association Becoming a wealthy is the yearning of many people. I don’t know how many people are struggling to pursue and strive hard to achieve that goal, but how many people can achieve that goal in their lifetime? Some people take several generations to reach that goal and it took a hundred years to complete it. It can be seen that becoming a wealthy family is difficult. Although the road to becoming a wealthy family is difficult, there are still countless people working hard towards the goal of being a wealthy family. Graduation means unemployment. Yang Yijue’s sentence The words are so fucking reasonable. Yang Yi didn’t realize how correct this sentence was, but when Yang Yi walked out of the campus for a few months, he really realized that Yang Yi wanted to say this sentence now.
The person who said it worshiped him.
This is the truth of life that can only be realized after many setbacks. It has been three months.
During this period, Yang Yi has been looking for jobs and submitting resumes.
Looking for job advertisements on the street, Yang Yi is still full of energy for the first month. In the next two months, Yang Yi began to feel dazed and dazed.
Yang Yi, who was so dazed, felt as if he had spent several years. He really missed the carefree life in college.
Yang Yi didn’t know that his classmates were now What is the state of life, I don’t dare to call to ask the other party, and I haven’t called. It seems that I lost contact, but Yang Yi knows who’s phone number in the phone book has changed.
Yang Yi took out a dry wallet and took out a dollar I bought a bottle of the cheapest mineral water and drank it.
I didn’t drink any water for a day.
I was really thirsty. Today I met a middle school personnel director who chatted with him all afternoon. It’s been three months since graduation Apart from being dismissed from work, Yang Yi can hit a wall everywhere.
There are many reasons why you are not suitable.
The main reason is that you have no work experience. I have work experience, isn’t work experience accumulated? You didn’t even give me a chance. Where can I get work experience? Go to Yang Yi and look at the last ten-yuan bill in his wallet. This is his last fund.
Inside Yang Yi’s heart For the ten yuan, I will buy ten bags of instant noodles for one yuan. I can eat two meals a day and one bag can last for five days. I hope to find a new job within these five days, and then pay a month’s salary in advance. A limousine with steamed stuffed buns is passing by Yang Yi. Yang Yi’s eyes are envious of him. If he is a rich man, then he won’t have to look for a job. Yang Yi must cheer him up. To become a rich man, I should have known that I would not charge the phone bill a few days ago, so I would be fine.
Yang Yi soon returned to reality.
Wanting to be rich is not so easy, Yang Yi sighed secretly in his heart. One day, Yang Yi felt very tired and planned to go back to the rented house and get a good night’s sleep.
Tomorrow, he continued to look for a job.
Fortunately, the landlord is not bad.
Yang Yi’s rent for a few days is of course the most important thing is that the rent is cheap, only 1 yuan per month.
Yang Yijue’s head was a little dizzy, and Yang Yi felt a bad feeling in his heart. Could it be heat stroke? It’s not good.
How can he have money to see a doctor now? Go back to the rented house and have a good sleep, I hope it’s not heat stroke. This is what Yang Yi hopes most now, his head is getting more and more dizzy, Yang Yi’s feet start to sway, and he even wobbles to the middle of the road. In an instant, Yang Yi woke up a little bit, but it was too late. Yang Yi felt as if he had been hit by a mountain. At this time, Yang Yijue felt sober like never before.
Cracking sounds rang out from all over his body, and gusts of warm liquid came from his mouth. Unprecedented pain flowed from his nostrils, as if Yang Yi would be torn apart. Yang Yi knew that he was hit by a car. Yang Yi felt that he was flying. Indeed, at this moment, Yang Yi was indeed flying.
Through bloodshot eyes, Yi saw that he was hit by a super luxurious sports car. In a trance, Yang Yi saw that the driver was a woman.
As a rich man, after I die, I should be able to compensate my parents with enough money.
If I had known there would be a car accident, I would have bought an insurance policy.
This is Yang Yifei’s true thoughts in the air. Bang Yang Yi fell to the ground like a rag.
Most of the screams are women’s voices, it’s not good, someone committed suicide, Yang Yi, who was still sober, suddenly spewed out a mouthful of dirty blood, I’m not going to commit suicide, but the process of the accident passed quickly in Yang Yi’s mind The situation was really similar to committing suicide Yang Yi’s heart suddenly became colder.
If he was convicted of committing suicide, his family members would not be compensated. Hey, he’s a good kid.
Why can’t he think about it? Young people nowadays just can’t think about it, an old man muttered That’s right, a young man jumped off the building opposite yesterday. Today’s car crash is really the young man’s work, right? A middle-aged man raised his glasses and wondered if normal Dao can’t wipe it. The blow was too big, right? A young man pointed at Yang Yi, whose face was covered in blood. Yang Yi still had a sliver of consciousness. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t stand up, Yang Yi would have pointed at these people and yelled.