Then Johanna and Sirius Blake and Amelia Burns came in and Moody turned around and he stared at them like he thought everyone was a

Chapter 1 The Sorting Ceremony One year before Harry Potter’s entrance, the Sorting Ceremony is brightly lit in the hall of Hogwarts Castle.
It is a clear night and you can see the starry sky through the ceiling Where to go The next student is a rare Asian face. His face is out of place with the surroundings and he doesn’t care. He sits on a chair and puts the Sorting Hat on his head. Slytherin’s huge announcement instantly resounds through the long bar of Slytherin House in the hall.
There was restrained applause from the table, although the young wizards in the Snake Court didn’t know this Asian, but the sorting hat was infallible, probably a descendant from an ancient oriental noble family, but then the student raised his right hand and tapped the hat on top of his head, brother Am I mistaken I’m a Squib Although he thought he was speaking softly enough the whole hall heard what he was saying For a moment all the little wizards were stunned Even the professors were speechless Only the student Still dazed and ignorant, continue to knock on the sorting hat, don’t be silent, buddy, you have the ability to be sorted into the wrong house, you have the ability to speak, I know you are at home, the scene is suddenly extremely embarrassing, the hall is dead silent, all of this has to start from the beginning, that’s right, this swagger The one who declares himself a squib to everyone’s face is the protagonist of this novel, Lu Ke. Although he is only eleven years old and just graduated from elementary school, Lu Ke is no longer a child.
Speaking of time travel It’s also something that Lu Ke can’t understand at all. I don’t know why he was in the dormitory and was about to flip through the last three Harry Potter series that he hadn’t watched. It’s changed back to the time when I was eleven years old, so it’s okay to travel through time.
Anything can happen, but Lu Ke never thought that he would fall into the headmaster’s office at Hogwarts right after time travel.
Luke can’t make a mistake.
At that time, he rubbed his broken buttocks and struggled to get up from the ground. Looking around, a wall is full of portraits of the old man, and each of them is full of surprise.
On one side of an ornate metal shelf sits a magnificent fiery red bird, and behind the table next to the shelf sits an old man with long beards.
It is an old man who looks very much like Gandalf at first glance. His beard and hair are all white.
Falcon-like eyes are hidden behind the half-moon-shaped glasses. He is extremely tall and full of strength, but his expression looks kind like that of Santa Claus. Of course, no matter how kind the old man sees a bear child descending from the sky into his room, it is impossible to maintain his kindness. Looking at the old man Luke with a smile, he stood up, child, where are you from? At that moment, Luke unconsciously wanted to sing a song that caused waves, but in the end he held back.
Archmage Dumbledore looked bewildered. This is Earth. Luke was speechless as to where this place was Hogwarts.
After all, Dumbledore was an elder who had experienced many battles.
He saw the reality clearly and started to solve the problem much faster than Luke.
Do you know this? Luke nodded, you are a wizard.
Luke shook his head. There is no doubt that he didn’t travel through such an explosive thing right in front of him.
If he was a little wizard, his magic power would have exploded.
Dumbledore cannot apparate in Hogwarts. Looking at Luke, he pondered. There is obviously a problem. Luke doesn’t look like a wizard.
He appeared in the Hogwarts headmaster’s room in an instant. Even the current headmaster, Dumbledore, couldn’t react.
It’s more terrifying than Voldemort’s resurrection.
Luke is just watching the first Harry Potter movie. Lao Deng is shocked by the chainsaw here. Luke’s appearance has too many troubles. The simplest explanation for Hogwarts’ magic protection If there is a loophole in the net, wouldn’t it be a catastrophe? Hogwarts is not safe.
How safe is the whole world in Harry Potter? Asluq didn’t notice that after Dumbledore finished speaking, one of the many portraits on the wall became a landscape painting with only the background, and then the protagonist in this painting returned to Hogwarts’ magical protection Still intact no problem Dumbledore breathed a sigh of relief so boy how did you get here Luke shook his head helplessly I didn’t know that Dumbledore cast a spell quietly and it turned out that Luke wasn’t lying Of course at times like this A Legilimency is safer, but Dumbledore is not prepared to go too far with a child.
Where is your home? I should send you back. Dumbledore turns around and opens the door.
Luke shakes his head helplessly. I am homeless. Relatives are not in this world either. Dumbledore was stunned for a moment, a trace of surprise flashed across his face, and then turned into pity.
He used magic again. Luke still didn’t lie. I’m really a little sad, let’s go, kid, I’ll take you to find a place to rest for the night.
After all, facing a child, Dumbledore decided not to be suspicious anymore.
Lu Ke didn’t know what to do now, nodded, and followed out of the principal’s office The moment the two walked out of the principal’s office, an owl flew towards Luke like a bomber.
The bomber still left a letter on Luke’s head, then turned around and flew away. Luke was stunned and opened the envelope for Hogwarts.
Dumbledore looked down at the school of magic and magic. It turns out that you are indeed a young wizard. This is the admission notice from Hogwarts. Luke suddenly became excited. One can explain why he turned into an eleven-year-old child, but Lu Ke thought about it later.