Then he walked towards Li Danxin with a smile on his face Li Danxin showed a warm smile little brother I can’t find anyone else

Here is the most grand view of the world Here is the most passionate battle Let’s explore the mysterious and vast universe and fight until the end just for a sentence I come from the first chapter of the galaxy Come and hurt each other The air that just rained on Xingzhou Avenue in Nando Province There are few pedestrians on the noisy pedestrian street in the past with a hint of cool air. A BMW series black car drove up from the entrance and stopped next to an unnamed bookstore.
The door opened and two young and beautiful women came down, one of whom was wearing sunglasses.
The woman in black formal attire looked at the bookstore and frowned slightly.
Her exquisite face looked even more charming under the sunglasses. At this time, she lightly opened her lips and said to the petite woman next to her. Li Shixiong is really wearing a tracksuit here, and she looks very cute.
Smile, Senior Sister Wang, I checked this in advance, how can I be wrong, go in quickly, I heard that Senior Brother Li is very fierce, why don’t I accompany you, Senior Sister Wang, who is tall and tall, chuckled lightly, no need to be his own senior brother, he can still eat I’m not Senior Sister Wang, it’s hard to say, you know, Senior Brother Li’s great reputation is spread throughout the martial arts world of Xia Kingdom, he is moody and fierce, even ghosts are afraid of him Li then took a deep breath and said, “Don’t get fined for the car, don’t get fined.
” Then, her eyes showed firmness, and she walked into the bookstore with two slender legs. Separated on both sides, a big book is placed in it. Most of them are books that some young people are not interested in, such as the compendium of Materia Medica, the eight poles, the essence of internal energy, the general history of ancient times, etc.
The bookstore is not big. After two rows of bookshelves, there is nothing.
There is extra space at the end of the bookshelf, and there is a staircase leading to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, there is a solid wood desk.
Behind it, a pale young man in a white shirt is holding a book of modern medicine.
He is fascinated by the woman who opened the door. The woman looked at the young man with a hint of doubt in her eyes, then she went directly to the desk, pulled the chair next to it and sat on it.
The young man raised his head and looked at her suspiciously without speaking. The woman spoke with a crisp and smart voice. The vitality of youth is rippling. Li Danxinnan is 25 years old. Both of his parents died since he was a child. At the age of 22, he defeated famous masters in two years. After returning to Xia Kingdom, he even practiced Bajiquan to the peak state. After gathering the strengths of hundreds of schools, he became the youngest pseudo-grandmaster in the martial arts world. Although his strength has reached the master level, his heart is not good.
But there is no grandmaster’s temperament, striving for strength, victorious, joy and anger, all in one thought.
By the age of 24, he killed twelve famous masters and shocked the martial arts world. But since that year, Li Danxin suddenly disappeared and even did not attend the funeral of his master Wang Daoyi.
You have let down Wang Daoyi’s upbringing by pretending to be a master of eighth-level boxing Li Danxin, do you have something to say? The more the woman talks, the more excited she becomes.
In the end, hazy mist rises in her eyes.
A pair of beautiful eyes are looking at the young man as if she wants to see through him. Who are you? His voice is a bit hoarse and his pale face makes women feel a kind of illusion that this man is weak. It must be an illusion.
A well-known martial artist is weak in his prime. How can a woman think of kingship like this? One is my father, I am his daughter, Wang Annan, Li Danxin nodded, put down the medical book in his hand, and said softly, I heard that the old man has a daughter who doesn’t like martial arts since she was a child, and has been living abroad. If you meet me like this, I still want to thank you. Tell me, what is the matter with me? Wang Annan looked at the man in front of him who had been indifferent from the beginning to the end, feeling a sense of helplessness in his heart. Let me call you brother Li.
His father passed away.
If you don’t come, close your eyes, my father. Still thinking about you all the time, don’t you have any guilt now? Li Danxin was silent for a while and said the old man’s kindness to me.
Danxin will remember it all his life. After I go back, I will accompany me to the old man’s grave.
Wang Annan said lightly, you can’t go by yourself, Li Danxin The answer was to ask again that my junior sister traveled thousands of miles to South Dao Province to find me.
What is the matter? Wang Annan sorted out his complicated mood and said slowly. My Bajiquan school is being suppressed, I want to ask my brother to go back and revive my school’s reputation to deter Xiaoxiao, Senior Brother Li, if you don’t go back, no one in my Bajiquan school can carry the banner.
If this continues, Bajiquan will eventually become one.
Small school, I don’t want to see the things that my father cares about all his life being trampled on by others. What’s more, the situation like today’s is also your responsibility, brother.
My father passed away and you were misrepresented as a guest and died in another country, which led to other genres attacking me from the Baji genre.
Brother Li, I know you are not a person who is willing to spend your time in such a small bookstore. Senior brother Wang Annan’s words are justified. According to the clear regulations, Li Danxin couldn’t find a reason to refuse.
I’m sorry, sister, have you heard of aplastic anemia? Li Danxin’s hoarse voice sounded.
Wrong, I was diagnosed with aplastic anemia when I was 20 years old.
Thanks to my strong body and good medical conditions, I lived a few more years, but unfortunately, the condition has become more and more serious in the past year.
It is no longer martial arts and modern medical technology.
can save me