Then he took a long sigh and said angrily okay dont be poor its getting late go to sleep no one can come into my

Under the rule of the world, there is hidden inhuman filth and intrigues.
There is also no lack of sympathy and true nature. He fights with a pot of blood and wine, fights the world, wields a sword, and smiles infatuatedly. Why don’t you abandon the bloody battle in the world? Yu Beast Xiejun takes you into a wonderful world where immortals and monsters coexist On the shore with lush vegetation, he settled down and exhausted all his strength to climb into the woods in the mountain. He didn’t know how long he had been climbing, his hands were already dripping with blood, and his stomach was gurgling with hunger. A line of tears fell from the corners of his eyes.
The responsibility of the descendants of the family is on the shoulders, remember to save your life and live on.
Father’s words have been lingering in your ears for a long time, grabbing the weeds on the ground and stuffing them into your mouth frantically. The bitter taste stimulated Shen Yun’s taste buds.
Survival is the only goal now. A faint fragrance suddenly rushed into his nostrils. He smelled it coming from the ground and hurriedly dug it up with his hands. Not long after, he saw two small crystal clear fruits lying quietly in the soil. This alluring aroma lifted Shen Yun’s spirits. Although he didn’t know what it was, this little fruit must be a hundred times stronger than these weeds. He swallowed the two fruits without hesitation.
Just after swallowing the two fruits, he felt a burst of pain in his body. Immediately after the heat, every joint in his body began to ache. The pain seemed to melt his own bones. He couldn’t hold on and rolled on the ground in pain, faintly feeling a breath in his body. Running at a high speed, from feet to head and back to every organ of the body, if anyone was present at this time, they would definitely be terrified by this scene.
All the veins in Shen Yun’s body exploded, and there was a trace of evil blue light, a huge impact. When the force rushed to the eyes, he felt that the eyes seemed to be about to burst. The extremely strong pain had already surpassed his limit. After a few breaths, he fainted again. He opened his eyes, and the moist air had already wet his clothes.
At this moment, he couldn’t feel any hunger.
He said in his heart, this little fruit is really overbearing.
He even ate only two pieces to fill his stomach, but his body couldn’t bear that kind of food. After the pain, I don’t want to eat any more.
I want to continue climbing to the mountains to find a dry place to rest for the night, but I feel a sense of sensation in my legs.
The sudden sensation makes Shen Yun startled.
A burst of ecstasy appeared in his eyes. His hands trembled. Slowly propped up his body, his teeth were clenched, his breathing became rapid, I stood up, and a long howl echoed in the unknown mountains and forests. The night descended, and a vigorous black figure galloped at top speed in the dense forests of the deserted island, accelerated, accelerated and sank again.
Yun tirelessly ran towards the mountains, felt the gust of wind passing by his cheeks, and felt an indescribable joy in his heart. Ever since he could remember, Shen Yun had been watching other children running and jumping in the streets and alleys.
The feeling of freedom in jumping made him envious. Now he can finally move across the world like them.
The heart that has been suppressed for so many years and has been submerged in the bottom of the sea suddenly surfaced. The backlog of emotions until he couldn’t run anymore, he leaned on a towering tree, bent down, took a deep breath, the bean-sized beads of sweat slipped down, and his mood gradually calmed down, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, and the meridians were blocked in the past, so he couldn’t cultivate Father Any spells that he taught himself, and now he at least has the capital to practice anyway. Thinking of his father hitting a beam of icy blue light into his mind before he died, his mood became frantic again.
What kind of secret technique can our Shen family make? He tried to feel that spiritual consciousness, but he could only dimly perceive it hovering quietly in his mind, there was nothing else. Shen Yun thought in his heart that this spiritual consciousness must bear the weight of my Shen family.
The secret technique on my body, but I don’t have any skills on my body, so I’m destined to be unable to open it. I still have to find a way to solve this problem. Suddenly, there was a sudden noise from the front, which made Shen Yun startled. Could it be that there are still people living on this island? Strongly curious. His heart led him to walk forward cautiously, and slowly approached the high point of the hillside. Shen Yun looked down the hill ahead, and a huge palace-like building appeared in front of him, but it was slightly dilapidated, except for the main hall and a few neighboring buildings.
The rest of the small palace is full of dilapidated walls, and now the sky is gradually darkening. Fires gradually appear one after another.
Suddenly, a person falls from the sky and carries a girl on his shoulders.
When this person appears, Shen Yun’s heart is instantly turbulent. The man in the clothes is carrying Song Ningxin on his shoulders.
Seeing the man in black and Song Ningxin’s Shen Yun’s expression, a burst of trance and intermittent memories flashed in front of my eyes. Daddy is my eighteenth birthday tomorrow, and it’s my mother’s death day, I think. I want to see Uncle Shen in Qiuluo sea, I want to go too, you can take Xiner with you too, otherwise brother Xiaoyun is so boring, isn’t it daddy, what kind of fish is this so ridiculously big, it seems to be bigger than our cruise ship Doubling this, I’m afraid this one can’t be called a fish, it’s a giant-bellied monster, everyone, hold your breath, don’t make any big noises, see if it will let us go after we show weakness, haha ​​let you go, then how about I I didn’t run this trip for nothing, Shen Bai, you made it hard for me to find it.
It doesn’t matter if I die, but you can’t insult the Shen family. You claim in vain that people in the Buddhist sect did such despicable and shameless things. Now that you know my name as Thousand-Handed Buddha