Then he threw a black armband embroidered with an iron cross to himself this is Licorice asked strangely this is the armband that was newly

In the whistling wind for the first time, a handsome young man with black hair sat on the seat and tried his best to curl up his body and grasp the armrests beside the seat with both hands, listening to the wind and the loud cries for help. Slowly sinking into memories, recalling his whole life, young people feel very confused.
Growing up in an orphanage, he always feels that he seems incomplete, and at the same time, his life is very ordinary.
Everything is pale and ordinary. When young people grow up and understand, it begins The life of doing odd jobs and studying at the same time can be lived with my not-so-stupid head and hardworking hands, otherwise, this kind of thing would not happen. In recent years, young people have been looking everywhere for things like themselves. The meaning of life may not be because even he himself does not know what he wants and what he is looking for.
The inner emptiness makes the young man feel that he has nothing but life, so today he boarded an international flight and listened to the netizens. It is recommended to prepare to travel to other world-famous scenic spots.
I never expected that just after the plane ascended to the stratosphere at an altitude of 12,000 meters, two saints walked into the middle of the cabin and shouted, and then directly detonated the bombs on their bodies.
The threat was not discussed. Everything was so decisive.
The young man was not injured because he sat in the front seat and was blocked by the rear seats and debris, but this is not the point because the plane was directly caused by the explosion under the huge pressure difference. Overrun disintegrated, the plane broke into several pieces and began to fall. Under such circumstances, no one could escape with a parachute, and they couldn’t even get up. Those who didn’t press themselves on the seat had already been scraped out of the plane.
What awaited them was freedom at an altitude of 10,000 meters.
Falling body As for the survivors who are still in the plane, can they survive God knows the bastard’s security check, who can tell me how these people brought the bomb onto the plane? Is the life you have also lost? If you don’t have anything, how can you talk about losing? The only thing you lose is life.
Wake up, the young man feels as if someone is calling him, am I lucky that the rescue team arrived? The young man opened his eyes, only to find that the surroundings are pure white. He looked around for a while. This is a closed space, and there is a man with short black hair next to him. He has a clean face and is wearing a gray-black sportswear. He should be very sunny, but his mouth is bent and his eyes are squinting. A lazy middle-aged man is shaking himself.
Where is this? Didn’t I crash? The young man’s dark eyes are full of confused questions.
I don’t know where this place is, after all, I only came here a while earlier than you, but this place is completely closed, and you suddenly appeared, did you see those people? They are also like this The uncle lazily pointed in one direction and answered the young man The young man with the problem looked in the direction the uncle pointed and saw a large group of people gathering in twos and threes We are constantly discussing something together.
The expressions on our faces are different.
Anxiety, fear, confusion and confusion. They are also confused about why they are here.
We met for the first time.
I’m Chen Hao, what’s your name? Uncle squinted his eyes and asked me softly To be honest, my memory is a bit fuzzy for that meaningless name without looking at the ID card. Anyone who knows me calls me Licorice. You can also call me young man.
After recalling, he replied that when the two were talking, a beam of light fell beside him. A place not far away attracts everyone’s attention. When the light fades and falls in everyone’s eyes, it is one cat after another. It seems that everyone is here. Meow, let me introduce myself, I am Schrödinger’s cat.
Sure enough, don’t use that.
This cat looks at me like an alien cat. I don’t care about science.
After being rescued from the box, I beat Schrödinger and then went to the space of the Lord God.
The fat cat with yellow hair raised his head and said This speech stunned everyone, but the focus is completely wrong.
The cat can talk is the point! You can talk, and the way you appear is so special Licorice thought for a long time and came up with this sentence.
The main god space is also known as infinite space. There are infinite possibilities and the Lord God is omnipotent. You can get everything here, but only if you can survive Schrödinger’s cat.
While answering the question of licorice, it stretched its front legs forward, arched its back, stretched its waist beautifully, and lay down. On the ground, you can get everything.
When Licorice still wanted to continue asking questions, Chen Hao next to him said that Schrödinger’s cat was just a thought experiment and didn’t really put a cat in a box.
But since you said that and the situation here, then I boldly assume that there are parallel worlds and different events happened. The timeline has completely diverged, but these are not the focus for the time being. Let’s talk about the main god in detail.
This should be the purpose of your appearance here. Meow, I like talking to smart humans the most. Those people in the past were so stupid that they would waste a lot of time explaining to them.
With this time, I can sleep well and go back to the cage.
What is the main god? What is the purpose of the main god? Why did you come here and what do you need to do? Just these four questions. This is a handbook for newcomers jointly compiled by some powerful apostles of the Lord God. It is certified by the Lord God to be 100% true and effective. All the questions you want to know are here. The original price of the answer is reward points. I will charge you to order one. How about a copy? Meow, Schrödinger’s cat is lying on the ground, squinting lazily, and a book floating in the air suddenly appears beside me. Reward points I don’t have these now kind of thing and I don’t know how to get it, Chen Hao replied