Then go out and harm others Xiao Mi and the two returned to the bedroom Gu Yifei took out a miniature baseball cap from the

Chapter Chapter God or God Stick When we were young, many of us felt that we were different and loved to have unrealistic daydreams. Xiao Mi is such a person. When she was a child, she fantasized that she could change when she was watching Sailor Moon.
When watching Doraemon, she fantasizes that she owns an omnipotent doraemon. These colorful fantasies are like colorful soap bubbles dotted with her brilliant childhood career. As we grow older, although we are still Can fantasize but knows the difference between daydreams and dreams. The same is true for Xiao Mi.
Since she was sensible, she has clearly understood that she is actually an ordinary person, so she never thought that she would embark on a road of reorganization of three views in the future.
Our story Let’s talk about the year when she was twelve years old Xiao Mi’s parents both passed away.
She was adopted by her uncle’s family and lived a life of dependents.
All the property left by her parents fell into her uncle’s hands in the name of escrow The reason why she didn’t live as miserable as Harry Potter’s childhood was because that year she suddenly appeared out of nowhere, an uncle Xiao Mi and her uncle’s family had never heard of her mother’s family having relatives before, so when her uncle came When he came to the door, her uncle was going to beat him out on the spot, saying that he was here to cheat money, but no one thought that this uncle Xiao Mi was actually a god, this scrawny-looking middle-aged man was as relaxed as Lu Zhishen Song Song uprooted a peach tree in the courtyard that was as thick as a bucket. Her uncle and his wife were terrified at the time, but it didn’t end.
In the shock of everyone, her uncle stomped on the trunk and clicked the tree.
The thickest part was directly split in two. Her uncle’s family was almost scared to pee.
Under the shock of such a strong force value, her uncle had to shake her voice and express that she would definitely treat Xiao Mi as her own daughter in the future, of course.
Later, it turned out that it was definitely impossible to have a daughter or something, but at least she didn’t dare to go too far on the surface.
In the six years since that day, her uncle came here three times in a row, and each time she stayed for a meal. Make sure the time She didn’t live like a little cabbage in the black-hearted uncle’s house.
When Xiao Mi was eighteen years old, she got the admission letter from Haicheng University, which is the number one prestigious university in the country.
Her cousin, Xiao Mei, is the daughter of the uncle’s family, and her nose turned out of anger when she saw this notice. She also passed the exam, but it was completely incomparable with Haida, so Xiao Mei and the uncle wanted to find fault.
When her uncle came to visit suddenly, Xiao Mi was very happy and took her uncle out, and the two of them went to a nearby restaurant. After Xiao Mi entered, she looked into the lobby.
At this moment, there were not many people coming to eat early.
I was going to find an empty table to sit down, but my uncle grabbed my arm. Niece, let’s go to the private room.
Xiao Mi was surprised that you got rich.
Her uncle, Chong Yang, has always been poor.
I believe she thinks he is a qigong master, otherwise how can he easily uproot a big tree with his skeletal body? Don’t you work every holiday to make money? As an elder, you are so arrogant to let a junior who is still a student treat you to dinner. Is it really a man? How long has it been since I haven’t been hungry? After taking a few bites, I put down my chopsticks. The rest of the food was wrapped up by her uncle alone. Xiao Mi calmly drank the juice and waited quietly. Anyway, it’s not the first time for her to have such an amazing appetite.
Seeing Chong Yang, after eating, he picked up the cup and poured himself a cup of tea. His movements were skillful, elegant, and clean. After taking a sip, Xiao Mi felt that his every move had a bit of a sense of immortality, which made people completely unexpected.
It was actually just a few dozen yuan a catty of tea as a gift from the hotel. I have a lot of emotions. In a blink of an eye, you are so old and a sensible girl. I can no longer hide your life experience from you.
This is the plot of the popular idol drama Brilliant Life, which is currently on the air. It is a classic and must be chased. Let’s start with your mother. Your mother is not an ordinary person, but a cat demon who has practiced for five hundred years.
Chong Yang said here and paused.