Their kebabs are delicious they are different from what we usually eat you still eat their food Ji Wushuangs eyes suddenly became severe Ji Xiaoe

The mysterious man with glasses in front of the computer stared at the completion on the screen, showing a mysterious smile, and finally completed my ghost valley, took a slow breath, the mysterious man pinched the secret seal with his hands, and followed the operation of the ground formation. The figure gradually disappeared and the light and shadow flowed. When the mysterious man opened his eyes again, he was already in the world of Guigu Bahuang. Hahaha I succeeded. Labor and capital are still the same genius.
The mysterious man named Zhang San didn’t belong to the world of the blue planet, but when he died, his spiritual consciousness crossed the boundary wall of the plane by chance and coincidence. A world of self-cultivation wandered to the blue planet. In the original world of self-cultivation, Zhang San was a genius who attracted the attention of the people.
With a lot of luck, he was the pride of heaven in that world. However, the most dangerous thing in the world of self-cultivation is not ferocious monsters.
It’s not the weird and unpredictable ruins and secret realm, and it’s not the tribulation thunder that contains the brilliant power of heaven, but the people’s hearts.
It wasn’t until Zhang San’s body died and his way disappeared that he deeply understood this truth. Zhang San of the blue planet secretly vowed in his heart that one day he would return to his own cultivation world to recover his blood debt from those people.
With such an ambitious wish, Zhang San’s consciousness did not delay too much, and he quickly chose a family he liked. After being reincarnated, Zhang San was thriving day by day when he was about to start practicing, he suddenly found out that there is no such thing as heaven and earth aura in this world. How to return to the world of comprehension and go back to the peak to recover the blood debt? Zhang San, who was fatally hit, finally decided to find another way after a period of dejection. Who the hell told you that without the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, there is no way to cultivate immortals, so Zhang San started. A bold idea was brewed in my heart, since I can’t use the aura of heaven and earth to cultivate, then let them help me to cultivate.
Hey, until today, Zhang San has worked hard for many years and finally completed the construction of the world of Guigu Bahuang. Zhang San looked around the Tianyuan area surrounded by Nether Mountains, frowning, Zhang San murmured, “No, no, no, it’s too boring to start in the Tianyuan area. It doesn’t fit the status of a genius.
It’s too difficult, old master.
” It was once said that cultivating immortals in a greenhouse is not advisable. The road to cultivation is so bumpy.
How can a sword that has not been polished be sharp? Look at the handsome and unparalleled readers. If you have a higher vision, understanding and savvy, you still choose a novice like nanny mode.
How can you better improve yourself and break through yourself? Zhang San wants to Go back to the world of comprehension to avenge blood hatred. If you don’t treat yourself harshly, try to improve yourself as much as possible, then go back and avenge yourself.
In today’s world, just eat and wait to die. With a thought, Zhang San’s figure was quickly teleported to Baiyuan District of Yongning Prefecture.
Standing on the top of a peak in Baiyuan District, Zhang San was in the ring After looking around at the surrounding barren mountains and mountains, he nodded in satisfaction and said yes, that’s it. Although it’s not a prehistoric difficulty to start, at least it should be hell difficult to start here, right? After muttering, Zhang San suddenly shouted to activate the system Ding Zongbahuang system is starting to activate Binding host and host Zhang San binding successfully Zonghorn Bahuang system activation successfully releases management rights Start Bahuang evolution Zhang San opens lightly The system prompts that you have lost management rights Management rights have been released and Bahuang evolution is complete Completed the start, Zhang San shrugged indifferently, because only in this way can he really start to practice in this world. Although Zhang San is the creator of the entire ghost valley and eight wild worlds, he must hand over the authority to the world itself so that this world can simulate independently.
The evolution of the cultivation world works like that. After losing power, Zhang San is no different from the others in the world of Guigu Bahuang. Maybe he is not as good as some other monsters, so in order to show his specialness and ensure that his road to immortality is safe.
San had already prepared for himself a vertical and horizontal system that existed like a human being.
After all the preparations were completed, Zhang San opened his mouth and said that the system began to build the Zongmen here. The system reminds Zongmen that the construction function can only be used once. Once used, it can no longer be modified.
Cancellation, whether to confirm the construction, confirm the construction, a few minutes later, the initial sect has been established, and the specification is the ruins of the sect.
Although Zhang San had already prepared in his heart, he glanced around at the ruins of the sect he was in, and he was helpless.
The corners of the mouth are too ruined. There are a few dilapidated and dangerous buildings, plus some broken walls and bricks. Even the Zongmen Square is full of potholes and a lot of scattered rubble.
Forget it, who let me choose the hell difficulty start? Now is not the time to worry about this. Now that the evolution of the eight wildernesses has started, hurry up and strengthen your own strength before the others.
Zhang San comforted himself by talking to himself. Fan System, please name the sect Dao Ji Zong Zhang San said without hesitation that this Dao Ji Zong is the name of the sect he was in in Zhang San’s original cultivation world Following Zhang San’s answer to the broken stone tablet outside the sect The three big characters of Shangdao Jizong slowly appeared on the upper system, congratulations to you, Daoji Zongzong, Zhuan San, your sect has been established, do you want to start recruiting disciples immediately? The disciple system is recruiting disciples