The young man was startled his expression suddenly became extremely funny and said Master and apprentice suddenly remembered that there is something else at home

A fire brought a young man to a magical world where everything is an ant and all living beings can only gain powerful power by visualizing gods.
However, what the young man visualized was not any gods but chess pieces brought by crossing.
Let’s see how this young man can do it.
This little chess piece has achieved a great reputation, Volume 1, First Entry into the Other World, Chapter 1, Possession, in a small dark and slightly damp room, there was a soft crashing sound, whoops, accompanied by half pain and half complaint A young man in his twenties jumped down from the attic. He painfully rubbed his head that had collided with the wooden frame and looked around helplessly. This is a stationery store that has been in operation since his grandfather’s generation. For decades, the many elementary school students in front of the store have been the main consumer groups in the store.
Although the business is not booming, it is still more than enough to maintain the household.
But all this is in the past tense. His parents passed away in a car accident, and he didn’t want to guard this shop for the rest of his life, so he had to package it up and sell it. Now that the price has been negotiated, he just came to do the final tidying. Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar environment around him, he felt a little strange for some reason. Reluctantly, he played here when he was a child.
He has deep feelings for the things in the shop. He used to play with the things in the shop cheerfully all day long.
He didn’t feel bored, he seemed to see a small shadow playing here carefree, and he didn’t know how long it took, he was suddenly awakened by a loud noise, and when he looked up in surprise, he suddenly saw bursts of Thick fog rises from all directions, and sporadic sparks can be seen.
It is not easy to catch fire. He suddenly got up and was about to escape, when the beams of the roof had already been smashed down, and he was crushed under the eaves. At the last moment, only I had a thought, how can I be so unlucky? Young Master Yu, wake up, wake up, a burst of urgent cries seemed to come from an extremely distant sky, his eyebrows trembled a few times, and finally Yoyo woke up and turned into a white man in his eyes.
The old man was looking at himself anxiously. He didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until he woke up. Mr. Yu, you finally woke up. You really scared the old man to death. The young man was stunned. But he can 100% guarantee that he has never seen this old man before, and he called himself Mr.
Yu, who is so old, why has someone called him that? Maybe he saw the pain in his eyes.
The old man quickly comforted Mr. Yu, rest at ease and everything There is an old man here? He said angrily that it is unreasonable to want to take advantage of Ms. Yu’s absence.
The young man was about to speak, but his eyes suddenly became straight and he stared at the old man without saying a word because he suddenly found the old man.
The clothes on his body are extremely weird, and they are not any clothes that he knows. If he had to say it, he might be in a costume drama Have you ever seen it before? The old man stretched out his old arm full of age spots, rubbed the young man’s chest a few times, and softly comforted him, rest assured that Miss will definitely come back. The young man reluctantly twitched the corner of his mouth, his mouth firmly Shut it tightly, for fear that if you open your mouth, you will let out a scream that will make you terrified The young man’s eyes flicked, and there was a bang in his head. Countless memories flooded out like a flood. Yes, he has a completely unfamiliar name here, Yu Linghe, and he has lived in this land for sixteen years. In a year’s time, this is a world of gods, a magical world full of star power filled with geniuses chosen by gods, and he has a talented older sister who single-handedly raised him after his parents passed away, but now this older sister has entered a dangerous place somewhere. Participated in the trial for half a year without any news.
It is said that once he enters that dangerous place and loses contact for a month, he is basically doomed.
Although he does not want to admit this fact from the bottom of his heart, almost everyone has already believed that this talented woman has already fallen. In that dangerous place, following the disappearance of his sister, more malicious eyes were cast on him.
Yu Linghe took a deep breath and forced his elbows to sit up abruptly from the bed, but he immediately felt the pain from the past.
The groaning sound from his body, accompanied by the severe pain, almost knocked him down, the old man’s expression changed slightly, and he hurriedly supported him, saying, Mr. Yu, be careful, Yu Linghe smiled wryly, and said, Bo Mao Sanfan is right there Let’s go outside, this old man is the old servant of one of my sister’s friends, that friend went into a dangerous place with my sister, let Fubo come here to take care of him when the trial is coming Just when Uncle Fu entered the city, Mao Sanfan brought people here to force the buyer to buy the more than ten acres of good land.
Yu Linghe naturally refused, but suffered a terrible meal and passed out on the spot.
I don’t know why. The soul of the young man entered into this unconscious body and he came to his senses at this moment.
Fu Bo hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, Mr. Yu, take a rest here for a while, let the old ones send them away, and shook his head lightly.
He Huan said, Uncle Fu, I always want to go out to have a look.
He straightened his chest and moved out step by step. Although his body was still in unbearable pain, after all, it was just a pain in the flesh, not a real injury. The young man’s body is very good, but he can hold on. Forbe hesitated a little behind him, but followed him with a sigh. The door slowly opened.