The young man counted the time and wanted to come here Zhang Xiaofan Tian Buyi’s new disciple right Zhou Xuan thought about it for a

Chapter 1 Dreaming back to eight thousand years, Taiyi, near the sky, mountains to the sea, white clouds, looking back together, green mist, seeing no distinction, the peaks in the wild, cloudy and sunny, many valleys, wanting to go to the shelter, asking the woodcutter across the water, the mountains overlap Folding trees are lush and green, flowing among the mountains, and the unpredictable clouds and mists are in harmony with the rising incense.
The first ray of purple air between heaven and earth shrouds the solemn and solemn Chongyang Palace, making the whole Chongyang Palace like a fairyland. It is the ancestral home of Quanzhen Taoism, Zhongnan Mountain Cave, but what no one knows is that in the depths of Zhongnan Mountain, hundreds of miles away from Chongyang Palace, there is an unnamed Taoist temple, a small courtyard, a main hall, two huts, and a mouth Shenjing, a stone table and an old tree make up this simple Taoist temple. It is different from the solemnity and solemnity of Chongyang Palace, but it has a sense of simplicity.
The bluestone floor and the dust-free stone table in the Taoist temple It explains the cleanliness and tidiness of people in Taoist temples. In the upper Qing Dynasty, Zixia Xuxu, the emperor, Taishang Avenue, Yuchen Jun, lived in Ruizhu, and made seven characters scattered and transformed into five shapes. In the Ming Dynasty, the god Gai Tongzi gave birth to purple smoke. It is said that the jade book can be carefully studied and chanted.
It is more than three days and a thousand disasters.
In the main hall, there is a long transmission to the distance.
In the center of the main hall, there are Taiqing Daotian Zun, Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun, Shangqing Lingbao Tianzun, and three statues of gods. Under the lingering of incense, the statues are full of spirituality, as if they are really alive. Sitting cross-legged on the futon under the statues A young Daoist boy with a handsome face wore a somewhat whitish and simple Taoist robe on him, but it fit him perfectly. I saw the mouth of the little Daoist boy opening and closing, so it turned out that the aura-filled chanting sound came from him. The voice gradually stopped.
Xiao Daotong, who had finished his morning class, slowly opened his eyes.
A ray of vicissitudes that did not match his age flashed in those eyes that were as bright as stars. It seemed that he had survived countless years.
Naturally, I didn’t expect that Qingxuan would have such a great opportunity. Zhouxuan, a little boy of good fortune, muttered to himself, Zhou Xuan’s eyes flashed a complicated complex mixed with resentment, remorse and strong excitement. He is just now. It was reborn after more than 8,000 years and returned to his peaceful and stable year of dancing elephants. He was abandoned at the foot of the mountain just after he was born. An old Taoist priest took him back to the Taoist temple and taught him to raise him since he was a child. This year, his master who adopted him and treated him like his own son had just passed away. He was heartbroken, and after finishing his master’s funeral, he was going to go down the mountain to go to university, but none of this mattered.
Changed the laws of heaven and earth, generated aura, revived, and the end of the Dharma-ending era, the entire Kyushu somehow inexplicably traveled through time and space, returned to the ancient times, and merged into the prehistoric continent. At this time, in the prehistoric desolation, the huge catastrophe of the Lich has not yet ended. The human race has not yet become a space between heaven and earth.
The main character is still at the bottom of the ten thousand races, let alone the Kyushu human race whose physical fitness is not as good as the ancient human race. The human race lives in precarity every day.
Maybe tomorrow he will become the blood food of the demon clan, maybe he will die the day after tomorrow under the influence of the great supernatural powers. Fortunately, the nameless Taoism that Zhou Xuan practiced since childhood has become a spiritual energy recovery after coming to the Great Desolate Continent. The celestial formula that can be practiced, Zhou Xuan relied on this formula to practice diligently all the way, survived the Lich catastrophe, and became a heavenly immortal with a long life. It is a pity that relying on Zhou Xuan’s aptitude is not enough to prove gold After all, the fairy fruit position is Kyushu.
The human race is not as good as the ancient human race.
In order to be able to break through the realm of immortals, Zhou Xuan actively participated in the development of the human race to protect the emperor’s cultivation.
Breaking through the realm of the celestial fairyland, attaining the Dao fruit of the Golden Immortal, and achieving the immortality of the Golden Immortal, perhaps it was destined. Three hundred years after Zhou Xuan broke through to the Golden Immortal, in the blessed land of the Immortal Mountain where he practiced, a magic orb of innate quality was born.
All the Golden Immortals among the many sects competing for this innate magic orb have come to explain and teach.
Even the quasi-sages came, four demon masters, Kunpeng human religion Xuandu great mage Xuehai Styx leader Jujiao Duobao and even saints lowered their holy thoughts to pay attention to this competition for innate spiritual treasures Zhou Xuan knew that if he could win This innate spiritual treasure orb, his path to becoming a quasi-sage will be smooth, but he himself has no background and no strength to compete for this innate spiritual treasure orb, but he is unwilling to let him give up this great fortune.
He decided to put his life on the line and take advantage of the confrontation between the golden immortals.
Zhou Xuan used his mana to roll up the innate spiritual treasure, the magic bead, and the magic formula to burn his life’s essence and blood.
He wanted to escape, but who knew Zhou Xuan underestimated the west.
Sage Jiaozhunti’s thick skin was directly pressed down with a palm, his body was smashed to pieces, and his soul was about to be captured. At this moment, a blue light rose from the shore of the East China Sea, and a fairy light that seemed to have the same origin as Zhou Xuan The divine power of the Zhunti saint stopped him and saved him.
At the very moment, the innate spiritual treasure orb protected Zhou Xuan’s primordial spirit while the blue fairy light was entangled with the divine power of the Zhunti saint. The crack took him back to more than 8,000 years ago, back to the Kyushu Continent, before he merged into the Primordial Continent, since rebirth existed, then there was its own fate.
If you return, you will be at ease.
Zhou Xuan slowly calmed down his excitement.
After coming down, the primordial spirit reluctantly began to operate, observing the weak body.
Even though there was no trace of mana in the body, the primordial spirit was injured and hidden, but he was an immortal golden fairy after all.
The simple inner vision can still make it feel so weak.
It is good between heaven and earth. My aura has begun to recover, although I can’t become a fairy before the big era comes