The world is dark and cold as if boundless loneliness black mountains black water black trees this world is extremely silent this is your space

User-uploaded content begins. The Zombie Queen of the Apocalypse arrives.
The author’s blood-stained maple wakes up after a thousand years. The sky is dark and the city is gray and dilapidated.
The ground is a mess.
Occasionally, a few slowly shaking figures walk back and forth.
The bloodstains on the two-colored ground have turned into black.
Some grizzled and disgusting residues on the street are even more shocking. This seems to be a dead world. I was dreaming again. Thoughts? That’s because Huayao is being imprisoned in this body at this time.
Apart from being able to think, this is a large-scale scientific research base. This is a medium-sized island. There are no other islands within a radius of a hundred miles.
It should be an international scientific research base. There are races from all countries, and the place where Huayao is located is the most closely guarded place in this scientific research base. All kinds of precision instruments are densely covered with all kinds of tubes that cannot be named. The white test bench is filled with various brightly colored liquids. The whole room The white room is about 200 square meters.
On the east wall, there is a huge glass vessel filled with a dark blue liquid, connected to various large or small tubes of different colors, and floating in it is a figure whose face cannot be seen clearly.
On one side of the wall is a high-precision instrument with twists and turns, piles of incomprehensible data flickering continuously, the sound of footsteps gradually becoming clear, and then the sound of data checking. After a while, the door opened and a man in white clothes The man walked in. The man is about 1.85 meters tall, with a slender figure covered in a large white lab coat.
His facial features are three-dimensional, deep and chiseled.
Some are pale, bloodshot eyes, extremely tired, standing in front of piles of instruments, looking at all kinds of zigzag lines inside, holding the white test bench with both hands, eyes glowing with fanaticism, it’s almost time.
In response, Lin Xiu clenched his fists excitedly, clenched his teeth, and occasionally looked at the dead figure in the container with a crazy look in his eyes. Three years ago, the base transported a well-preserved body from Huaguo.
The female corpse is not just a sleeping woman, a woman who can drive any man crazy.
She looks extremely beautiful, as if no adjectives in this world can describe it. She quietly closed her eyes as if she was sleeping, and her rosy complexion was nothing like a normal corpse except There is no body temperature. It is said that this was found in a large mausoleum. The strange thing is that the limbs of this female corpse were penetrated by a metal-like iron chain of an indescribable material and nailed into the ground.
The pipe was made of thousand-year-old peach wood.
The man’s coffin and the entire mausoleum are even more luxuriously arranged, and there are many organs inside. The national archaeological team spent two and a half years spending a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to open it.
According to archaeologists, the tomb is likely to be from the Yin and Shang Dynasties. It’s just that from the layout of the mausoleum, it is impossible to see any male corpses that have already been turned into bones and female corpses, but they are still there.
After being completely preserved, it was transported here through special channels.
All researchers are very interested in why this female corpse can be preserved intact for thousands of years and still not have the slightest corruption after it was unearthed. He is even more a lunatic, a lunatic who fell in love with a female corpse. Lin Xiu is a genius in the field of scientific research, so he has great privileges here. In the past three years, he has given up all kinds of research and devoted himself to studying how to resurrect the female corpse.
Three years ago, despite the opposition of all parties, he took the female body that was supposed to be sent for autopsy under great pressure, and then plunged into the laboratory.
He continued to force all kinds of knowledge into her brain.
The brain has been continuously stimulated for three years, but there has been no improvement. Other researchers in various countries and scientific research bases are already extremely dissatisfied with this, and he is even more exhausted, but these did not overwhelm him, but made him even more crazy.
This female corpse will be handed over to Laboratory No. 3 for an autopsy. Lin Xiuzong, no matter how talented he is, is still not enough to look at in the face of absolute power, so he made a crazy decision. Yes, this experimental base is extremely strong, even if it is bombed from the outside.
It’s hard to hurt, but every base has an internal self-destruct device, I will protect you, how can I let them dissect you, I will die with them Lin Xiu stared madly inside, his eyes closed, like a sleeping woman, her eyes scarlet and her face full of madness Hua Yao doesn’t know how it appeared here, and all kinds of knowledge are often forcibly stuffed into her head.
Although it is very uncomfortable, it allows her to understand the current world very well.
Looking at the muttering outside, she seems to have gone crazy. Hua Yao, a man who has become a demon, has a complicated look. To be precise, it is indeed thanks to him that the blue liquid outside makes her feel extremely comfortable and almost drowsy.
Her brain is connected to all kinds of things. All kinds of knowledge are constantly coming from the line, so she is in a coma most of the time.
Every time she wakes up, she will spread her spiritual power far away.
She really wants to see this world.
There is no war, no king Zhou, and Ji Fa in this world. Feeling a little sleepy again, every time she falls asleep, she will have the same dream. Well, it’s been almost a year since she woke up.
She doesn’t know what kind of existence she is now, but she definitely won’t be a human being.
She remembers back then. Yin Shang defeated King Zhou and committed suicide while she was seriously injured.
Jiang Ziya led all the soldiers to besiege her. Because she was a member of the Huashen clan, he couldn’t kill her, so he pierced her heart with the Soul Eater sword and sealed her in a peach wood coffin.
The soul is pierced through the bones, the limbs are nailed, and the limbs are suppressed in the extremely dark place