The world feels more and more rejection towards me as if the greater the impact I have on the world the stronger the world’s rejection

Rebirth in Tianwu Continent Huaxia Kingdom Qingfeng City Since there was no war hundreds of years ago, this is a world where science and technology have developed abnormally. Many modern technologies emerge in endlessly, but weapons and the like are only developed to some cannons and firearms, and even missiles have not been heard of. At most, if the country develops a machine gun, it can be regarded as a fighter jet.
At this time, a few college students who are about to graduate with beards and pimples are playing the game Dream Zhan Tian with excitement. This is one of the most popular games nowadays. Upgraded it again, add attack, defense, blood bastard, you are a mage, you dare to sell me, you are a bastard, and let people sleep, you howl until I haven’t slept for seven days, and if you howl again, I will tell my brothers to kill you, Lin Yun.
The panda eyes roared, I was tired from reading novels during the day, I couldn’t sleep at night, I’m so mad, I’m so stupid, I was killed, brother, brother, don’t, ah, ah, I can’t take it anymore. Boom The next day, a certain newspaper published a newspaper of a certain college The college student dormitory played games continuously for seven nights and disturbed people in their dreams.
People around them rushed to open the door in anger and started a fight, resulting in one death and more than ten people were seriously injured The otaku was beaten badly, and then he was hit on the head with a computer, and he was dizzy and dizzy, time slowly spinning, and his whole body vibrated, Lin Feng stood up in fright, a man wearing black-rimmed glasses The teacher is talking about the change of a certain quadratic equation on the podium like a magic voice piercing his ears. The students in the middle of the class are listening carefully, but the students in the front and the back are playing with mobile phones or sleeping, which is obviously polarized. In the last group, the boys in the last row stood up and stared at the teacher on the podium, almost jumping up with excitement on his face.
Sitting in the corner, no one paid attention to him. Naturally, no one knew how happy this was.
He actually responded.
I went to high school, a place full of hope, struggle, and youth, but I didn’t get crushed to death, but returned to high school.
It’s great. Since the gods let me come back again, I must work hard and at least get a third grade. In his eyes, he quietly sat back in his seat and pretended to be serious about listening to the class, looking at this is not a review course for the third year of high school, etc. What the hell is the countdown to the college entrance examination on the blackboard? I also forgot all my knowledge, what I came here for, maybe I won the lottery, but I never remember lottery stocks, etc. I am just an otaku who reads books and plays games.
After looking at it, he became dizzy and almost fell asleep soon, but it turned out that he didn’t have any supernatural powers such as a photographic memory, Lin Yun’s face was ashen, but he could go back to the past when he was in the college entrance examination, not to mention the big things like composition topics He can still vaguely recall the question, which is a small advantage for him, Lin Yun, what are you doing, let me read the novel happily, Zhang Jing, who was sitting next to Lin Yun, glared and said sleep well Don’t turn the pages of the book and stand up for a while, so I thought you were going to sleepwalk and scare me to death. En Lin Yun came back to his senses. Sure enough, it wasn’t just Zhang Jing. Some students around were woken up by Lin Feng, and stared at him fiercely. I’m afraid there will be some hand-to-hand combat in class.
Ding Lingling finally made it to the end of class.
The bell rang, so tired.
I can finally go back to eat.
Zhang Jing put away a white miscellaneous mobile phone and asked Lin Yun. Would you like to go together? Lin Yun put the books on the table I stuffed it into the desk and grabbed it. The broken brand phone stood up and shook my head. I have to go back. Hehe, I see you want to treat your goddess Bai Mengqi to dinner. Hearing this name that he misses a bit, he thought with emotion.
I remember that at this time, I often invited this person to dinner and gave gifts to confess my love, but the result was still unsuccessful.
After graduating, Lin Yun looked at Bai Mengqi who was still packing things in the classroom and smiled. It was walking out of the campus alone, inserting the key into a motorcycle, starting it, and then quickly heading home.
The wind was blowing all the way, feeling the noise of cars and horses around him. Only then did he feel the reality of the world, which made him believe that all this was not a dream.
He parked the motorcycle and looked good. Looking at the rows of four-storey villas in front of me, I felt nostalgic.
I walked into a villa and looked at the familiar plants and trees, as well as a few little turtles basking in the sun in a turtle pond at home. Lin Yun felt inexplicably moved.
In this life, I must become strong and I will never be as decadent as in the last life.
Lin Yun secretly swears that the young master is a good housekeeper.
I have practiced advanced swordsmanship in the swordsmanship class and haven’t come back. Lin Yun’s previous life was still very happy at this time, and his family had quite a lot of property. Although the family only had a small company, its annual net profit was also in the millions.
However, after more than two years, Lin Yun was about to graduate from university. At the age of three, everything changed when his father suddenly disappeared from the company.
After the police officers investigated to no avail, he directly canceled his household registration and treated him as death.
From then on, Lin Yun began to suffer from a setback, and Lin Yun’s mother left when he was very young.
At that time, the disappearance of his father, who was the only support, was a blow to him. Naturally, Lin Yun’s younger sister, Lin Yueer, was very mysterious when she was a girl, studied very well, and participated in many strange activities, so she often saw no one.
After her father disappeared, she also disappeared.
Lin Yun clenched his fists when he thought of this, what should he do? Escape from here and hide his identity elsewhere? By the way, there is Lan Xuening in this life. I will not let you down again.
Lin Yun thought of his sister missing in his previous life. She is addicted to games and various animation novels, but Lan Xuening still persists. Based on the clues from her previous life, the disappearance of her father and sister seems to be related to him.