The woman is the victim Leng Niancheng is the horrible arbiter Chairman Can we get out of here Li Fei tried his best to control

On March 6th at 8 o’clock in the night, the night is not quiet. A piercing piano sound cuts through the dark night like a crow’s crow. Why doesn’t my piano skills improve? Play it well for me, don’t play the broken sound again, be careful of that strange woman next door coming to smash the door again.
Lu Rong has just come out of the bath, the beauty is surrounded by water mist and she is possessed by a thin skirt.
Suddenly, two big almond eyes appeared.
The evil little Ming who climbed out of the water, his round face suddenly darkened, remembering the strange woman at the door, he hummed timidly, a piano lesson, a famous teacher charges 300 yuan, and buying a domestic Guangzhou Pearl River piano costs tens of thousands of yuan Buying an imported piano such as Steinway & Bösendorfer can’t afford it without eating or drinking.
Lu Rong tightened his belt and bought a Nissan Yamaha piano for his son. I don’t have any spare money to make sound insulation for my child’s piano room. It’s strange today.
Why didn’t the strange woman at the opposite door knock on the door? Did you fall in love? Did you change your sex? Did you win the lottery? The window opened the window and yelled a few swear words with genital organs.
At this moment, Lu Rong was a little confused. She blamed the woman’s thoughts.
She was wearing thin clothes.
Wu Qiudong, Lu Rong went back to the bedroom honestly, put on a set of pink thermal pajamas, wiped his hair, and sat beside Xiao Ming to practice with Xiao Ming.
Xiao Ming’s condition today was very poor, and he played a few broken notes in a row, scaring Lu Rong was startled, the first cracking noise was the woman probably didn’t hear the successive crackling noises, she must have held up the slippers and was about to slam the door in three seconds and scold angrily, the living room clock was ticking, Lu Rong couldn’t help it There was a thud, and the blame woman is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Don’t look at her on the live broadcast, Yuruan Huarou’s gentle and charming appearance. In private, she blames the woman, but she is an extremely angry master. She is the owner of the whole building. We all know that this woman is not easy to mess with. A very popular short video was born out of nowhere. Lu Rong also fell into the trap. He swipes his phone every day for several hours. No one can escape the directional push of big data.
In the short video, I saw the account of the strange woman.
She found out that the strange woman is an Internet celebrity nicknamed Big Stomach King.
Eat and broadcast Wenwen. Every night at ten o’clock when fans are hungry, she will go live and eat live on time.
Although Lu Rong publicly taboos on her But in private, she secretly followed her account. After following her attention, she found out that the strange woman really has two brushes.
Don’t look at her, she looks like a tender branch, and she eats food without twitching like a tiger preying on it. Although the two of them are because of their children.
Practicing the piano is a holiday, but Lu Rong likes to watch her live broadcast and even bought a lot of Internet celebrity snacks that she planted in her live broadcast. Wrinkle easily eat into the stomach Challenge ten packs of Korean perverted spicy turkey noodles in one pot, put them in a huge basin and eat them in less than 20 minutes.
The bright red pot of perverted spicy turkey noodles all ate into the stomach of a strange woman. While lamenting the iron stomach of the strange woman, one day she suddenly discovered the secret of the strange woman not gaining weight by eating lightly It was almost midnight and Lu Rong closed the live broadcast window.
The cat leaned over and put its ears on the iron door, eavesdropping furtively. Curiosity killed the cat. Lu Rong felt that he might have been a curious cat in his previous life.
The sound of vomiting bursts through the iron gate, Lu Rong seems to be able to smell the rancid smell of acid reflux in the strange woman’s stomach Except for her temper, she has no tolerance for the strange woman, but she works very hard at work.
The video works are constantly updated daily and the live broadcast is also very diligent.
Maybe we can be friends with her Kuang Kuang Kuang Xiao Ming played a few more notes that shook Lu Rong’s heart. Hush, you play with dim sum, you are not afraid of blaming women for knocking on the door again! Aggrieved and crying, Mom, I don’t want to practice the piano today, I’m out of shape today. Lu Rong has always been kind-hearted and kind-hearted, but she’s a standard tiger mother. Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky got his mother’s acquiescence Xiao Ming ran back to grandma’s bedroom with a sigh of relief, picked it up and started playing Plants vs.
I don’t care if I’m a person, go online first, log in to Ai Pai Lu Rong clicks on the profile picture of the strange woman Next to the profile picture is the notice of the live broadcast of the strange woman at 10 o’clock tonight After swiping for a while, the cookie-cutter circle of friends is full of post-babies, micro-businesses, house sellers, car sellers, and insurance sellers. It’s boring. Five minutes later, Lu Rong clicks on the home page of Weird Woman’s Food and TV and enters the live broadcast page. It’s strange that there is no strange woman It’s impossible to make such a low-level mistake as being late when you go online with such a popular traffic like her.
For a live broadcast, she has to bring tens of thousands of products for the food factory and even sign a military order. One can imagine the kickbacks and contracts. Today is The bonus period of Internet celebrities is bursting, but any well-known eating and broadcasting will not be easily interrupted